Tuesday, July 31, 2007



Would you believe it, the Prime Minister allowed such article to be posted on his official website ? I don't think our PM deserved this kind of insult.

Come on Raja Petra, I am not convinced and Malaysians are not the idiots as you wish to believe they are. I am surprised it was someone from DAP that discover the seditious article. Did somebody tip him off? Was the article planted ?

How come with your Deep Throats planted in every branches of government and you as Sherlock Holmes with very impressive sleuthing skill didn't discover the disparaging article much earlier. It was there since 14th November 2005.

I would like to give our Prime Minister the benefit of the doubt. Being a busy man I don't think he has time to personally read his website and I doubted that the article was there since November 2005.Anyone with the correct password could have posted the article internally or from outside.A good hacker shouldn't have a problem getting in too.It is obvious this is a case of sabotage.

The police should get to the bottom of this and with today's technology it wouldn't be too difficult to trace the source.


Mat Salo said...


The mozzies are quite manageable, thank you. As long as I have my Dunhills lighted when I'm out at the rear deck playing with my handphone..

Aaah, Niigata. Sir, I'm willing to bet that if you hung around long enough, you will eventually get it back. That's the impression I get of the Japanese in general. Honest to a fault. I lost my car keys at a restaurant (but managed a spare from the office) and a few days later it showed up at the restaurant. Things like that. Something to do with 'Waa' I reckon...

Back to your article. I'm in agreement here HL, the article seemed planted. The police SHOULD get to the bottom of this - and expose the evil DOER. The problem is, what if the DOER is someone from UMNO, as RPK suggests? That's what's wrong here, it's ok for UMNO to do the perpertrating (when it shoudn't of course) because they won't convict their own kind. Only if the police is truly impartial will we get fairplay and justice. We don't want to abide by two different sets of rules, of course.

But to use their own cyber-troopers for investigating this? Naah... what if one of 'em is the culprit? You think they'd hand over one of their own? So SOMEBODY has got to be responsible, and the bucks gotta stop somewhere. If not there's just cover ups, spins and more cover-ups.

But HL.. your article should really be read by a wider audience to stir the debate. How about letters to Editor in MT? Just a thought, Sir.

BTW, enjoyed the Biking Adventure. I'm into outdoorsy Mtn Biking and I have visited their site. Cool wish to take up that 4-day thingy one day...

Hantu Laut said...

Mat Salo,

I know the Japanese has a penchant for honesty.Well, I didn't stay long enough to try get it back.I am sure it must be hanging at some police station or the railway company's office waiting for the claimant.

On a more serious note.Yes, I agree with you, it could have been anyone, from UMNO or from external source.Don't forget, there are also people in UMNO who wanted Badawi out.Sometimes, I kind of pity him,there are too many unkind words said of him, that seem unfair and unjustifiable.He is also surrounded by many insincere and untrustworthy people.

The PM should get the police to do a thorough investigation and nap the culprit, irrespective of whether they are from UMNO or elsewhere.Their action is totally irresponsible and could cause racial tension in this country.They are playing with fire which could engulf the whole country and create another racial clashes and unrest.

I am apolitical,not a member of any political party and are equally concerned about corruptions and misdeed in government just like any other good citizen of this country.

We have every right to criticise the wrongs that we see every day without fear.However, how we go about doing it is equally important.If you feed demagogic literature to your readers can you expect an intellectual discourse and responses or you would merely be seen as muck-racking. In everything we do there must be certain amount of responsibility.There is no such thing as obsolute freedom.Freedom come with a price.That's why laws are made, to curtail excesses.

I am very new to blogging but I learn fairly fast.You may be surprise that I have to tell you what I have discovered about the sorry state of blogging in this country.

I do not wish to stereotype and lump everyone in one basket, but I couldn't help but noticing that many bloggers in this country would only post reader's comment that only sounds euphonious to their ears.If you disagree or put forward an argument that makes them sound foolish than they would either not post your comment, removed it if it was posted automatically or banned you from the websites.These are the very same people who constantly criticise and accuse the
government of being undemocratic, dictatorial and stole our freedom of speech.To me this is hypocrisy of the highest level.For goodness sake,practice what you preach.

I have also made comments on bloggers websites in the West.They have different attitude altogether, certainly not the 'I scretch your back, you scretch my back' type that grows like weed in our backyard .Infact, they prefer you to differ.

Just go to any of the popular blogs and see the apple polishing, balls carrying, curry favouring or call it by whatever name you wish, it makes you want to puke.

Call it affirmative actions or NEP,whatever, it's certainly not healthy.

Hantu Laut said...

Hi, Mat Salo,

Many thanks,I forgot to tell you, thro your blog I went to a blog named 'Galadriel'.I don't know who she is but she certainly writes well.