Tuesday, October 2, 2007


(A Secularist and Pacifist)

"Never underestimate the destructive power of stupid people I'm happy to report that we at Pedestrian Infidel are continuing to get under the skins and piss off Muslims. The honor is ours!"

That's the opening paragraph of an anti-Islamic blogger who was irked by my article 'Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Are we in compatible ?'

The article is not an affront to Judaism and Christianity and I had not the slightest intention to insult or desecrate the two religions. The article merely stated the history of Jewish persecution over the past two millennium by the Romans and later Christians. For those who don't have the stomach to digest history and accept that the human race irrespective of race, colour and creed are capable of committing injustices, atrocities and genocides, are either pretending to be ignorant or living in a state of denial of the crimes committed by their forefathers.As the Bible teaches all Christians " Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" NEW TESTAMENT, John,VIII,13.

Men of all creeds had, over the millennium, forsaken religion and God to pursue personal glory through expansion of territory, ideology and sphere of influence.Hegemonic control of countries and the people had always been through forceful means.No conquest had been achieved without bloodshed and atrocities committed on the vanquished. Alexander the Great had conquered many territories as far east as India.He had no need for such vast stretch of land, needless to say, he did it for personal glory. The Roman empire covered most countries in Europe and those around the Mediterranean. This so called civilisation had, in pursuing the expansion of its empire, committed untold atrocities on the people defeated and conquered by them.Jesus Christ, a Galilean Jew, a central figure in Christianity was accused of sedition against the Roman Empire and was crucified. He died in the most horrible way. The persecution of Jews and Christians went on for a few centuries in the Roman Empire.After 313 CE, Christianity was legalised and had become the official state religion.

When Hitler became the 'Fuhrer' in 1934 he had a vision of a great German Empire that he perceived should cover half the globe, ruled and populated only by people of unadulterated Aryan blood. His madness brought great destruction, massive loss of human lives and mass extermination of Jews in most part of Europe.In Russia, at about the same time, Stalin, killed few millions of his countrymen in the 'Great Purge', anyone who opposed or perceived to oppose him were either killed or sent to the Gulag, a forced labour camp where prisoners worked like slaves under most atrocious conditions.In Cambodia from 1975 to 1979, Pol Pot, another mad man, senselessly massacred about 2 millions of his own people, many professionals were killed to satisfy his whims of turning the country to an agrarian society.In 1994 the biggest genocide in recent time killed almost 1.0 million ethnic Tutsis in Rwanda, mostly hacked to death by Hutu militiamen in 100 days, the most efficient killing spree ever recorded. In Iraq, Saddam Hussein massacred few thousands Kurds after an attempted assassination on his life. Genocide in Darfur and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Don't you see the similarities in all of them.None of this atrocities and wars were for religion, they were for the greed of men.

I will further show how the West, which are mostly Christian populated nations were so embroiled in hypocrisy,they forgot what they preach, they don't do what they have preached.

There had been many genocides in the world where the Western powers and the United States, the self-proclaimed global policemen had closed their eyes to. The genocide in Combodia, the genocide in Rwanda, the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and the current genocide in Darfur. Where were the morally upright and caring American? Why didn't the President send his troops to stop the massacre of innocent civilians by invading the country and bring the leaders to trial and execute them like what they did to Saddam Hussein. Do the Americans love the Iraqis more than the black African ? Or was it Iraqis' oil that they love ?

America pick and choose where they want to be. Its priority is America's economic interest not human lives.The American administration don't give a damn, even if there were another holocaust as long as it does not injure the American economy.

To take the criminal actions of Osama and other terrorist organisations that shouted jihad as, teachings of the Koran, to inflict violence on Jews and Christians, is nothing but bad intention of the anti-Islamic groups to rile up the Muslims even further.Osama is not the typical Muslim, he is an outcaste, a pariah of the Islamic ummah, a mad man, who, not unlike George Bush, perceived violence as a solution to stop violence. To equate violence to Islam is a complete lack of profundity. A Western chauvinism and a misplaced self-fulfilling doctrine of superiority, the dogmas of the Western nations.

The days of miracles are over, God doesn't speak to men any more. It is man who speaks to man to do evil things.The person who strapped bomb onto his body and blow himself and other innocent people up were the product of evil man, not evil religion.

How would you, yes you!, the one that find honor to piss off Muslims and insult Mohammad, the sacred prophet of Islam, benefited from your action. Don't you think your malicious actions could worsen the problem? What do you hope to achieve by doing such derogatory task of insulting other religion ? Do you think you are any better than the mad Muslims that you are trying to incite?

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