Sunday, September 30, 2007



The controversy surrounding the VK Lingam video will soon be a top earner at the box-office.Anwar Ibrahim has promised a second part or, in cinematic term, the sequel.

Is Anwar throwing cautions to the wind by openly implicating the Chief Justice, Ahmad Fairuz as the person at the other end of the line. In a forum held at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur on the 29th Sept attended by 250 odd crowd, Anwar promised a second part of the clip. In the forum titled 'From Nurin to Chief Justice:A collapse of law and order' he said he would like to see Ahmad Fairuz, who had vehemently denied any involvement, defend himself at the trail.Is there going to be a trail ? How can he be so sure it was Ahmad Fairuz.Has he ever considered, no matter how remote it is, the possibility that the video conversation could have been VK Lingam's play acting to show how influential he is, to impress certain people.

The snake in the grass, whoever he was, probably realized the value of the spurious video to the opposition to gain political mileage. Why was the man in a slumber for so long before waking up and found the good fortune the video would bring him ? Why didn't the video surface during the last general election ?

Another angle that Anwar may be, too blinded to look at, is the possibility that the whole thing was staged by people with an axe to grind with the Chief Justice or to embarrass Badawi's government.

Fabrication and lies are not unknown in politics. The recent doctored picture of Najib, which unashamedly, was the handiwork of his man, Chief Information Officer of PKR, Tian Chua was a disgraceful attempt to mislead the people. Anwar seems to condone and encourage this kind of unconscionable action within his party. Whether Najib is guilty or not is not the point, the point is why stooped so low to try gain political mileage.What kind of message are you sending to the people ? Can you form an honest government when you are prepared to use underhand tactics.

Nobody would really know whether the man was Ahmad Fairuz, unless the case goes to court after investigation. Is it fair to accuse the man without substantive evidence ? I thought the law in this country says "You are innocent until proven guilty".

Do you think the people would believe him after the 'Najib' incident ? This could be just another ploy to discredit the government.Surprisingly, the law fraternity, presumably inspired by their learned friends in Pakistan, had without any hesitation, decided to join in the circus and marched from the Palace of Justice to the Prime Minister's office to submit a memorandum. Like Anwar, have they decided that Fairuz is guilty ?. Do you really need 2000 lawyers to submit a memorandum to the Prime Minister ? Are they showing the way to the people how to conduct demonstration, protest march and civil disobedience ?

The authenticity of the video seems doubtful.The sound is much too clear to be picked up by cellular phone microphone. The man, VK Lingam, if that was him, was using a cellphone and moving about all the time, but surprisingly the voice is still crisp, without any distortion whatsoever, making it more like a voice-over and dubbing work.

Has Anwar and PKR reached a bridge that's difficult to cross to continue their journey to the seats of government. The general consensus is that PKR might not do well in this coming election and are desperately in need of a new formula to boost its popularity.

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