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The claims by HINDRAF for compensations from the British Government for the economic miseries of Indians in Malaysia, can only be the imagination of a man suffering from an extreme form of psychosis. A man, a lawyer, an educated fool who gives false hope to his community and an attempt to gain popularity at the cheapest and shortest possible way.A cheap shot at stardom.

Being a lawyer he should know better how vexed and insurmountable the problem is. In spite of the odds and improbable chance of victory, he has no qualms, to lead his fellow Indians up the garden path and used them to fulfill his own selfish agenda.

Meet the Pied Piper of the Indian community, P.Uthayakumar, the man who is going to put US$2 million in every Indian's pocket.He has brought a class-action suit against Britain for bringing Indians to Malaysia as indentured labourers and exploiting them for 150 years and abandoned them at the mercy of the Malaysian government. Would anybody, let alone a lawyer, attempt such complex,vexatious and impossible to win legal action against what happened 150 years ago.

The grievances are against Britain, why demonstrate on Malaysian soil, why not take his fellow Indians to London and demonstrate in front of Buckingham Palace or No.10 Downing Street, after all each Malaysian Indian will get US$2 million and they can well afford the fare and the stay in London.It would also be a good opportunity for them to meet their former masters.

Did P.Uthayakumar ever asked himself whether the Indians were better off if they were to stay in India with the kind of poverty that existed in India at that time?Did he ever consider the fact that Indians are still coming to work in Malaysia, in spite of what he contended? Was he such a lousy lawyer than he can't earn a decent living and felt discriminated and deprived of the good things in life because his forefathers were indentured labourers then?

To fan racial sentiments is dangerous to the peace and harmony of this country.To take to the street using race as an issue should not be tolerated and must be stopped.I hope the Indian community are not easily fooled by this selfish man.

Is this the work of a depraved mind?

Going to the streets to vent your anger and frustrations are not going to help resolve the problems.It may cause civil unrest. I am getting sick of all this talk of freedom that some Malaysians think they have been deprived of by the government.

The ex-Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir Mohammed should come out and defend the government policy against street demonstrations unless he agrees that Malaysia needs this kind of culture now as things had changed from the time when he was at the helm, when such behaviour was not tolerated at any cost.

Anwar Ibrahim of PKR has given his qualified support for the rally to go on.


Pak Idrus said...
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Hantu Laut said...

Pak Idrus,
Those in our age brackets and those who has discipline and self-restraint would probably be true of what you say. I am not sure of those with political agenda, on both sides of the fence, and some of the younger generation.As matured as we would want them to be, sometimes, an impetuous act of bravado can ruin the cake.

To bring racial issue to the street is highly sensitive and inflammatory.The issue brought by HINDRAF although against Britain, is actually directed at the Malaysian government for the poor treatment of Indians in this country.The lawyer,P.Uthayakumar, knew the legal suit had no chance of success, yet he went ahead just to embarrass the Malaysian government.You don't need 10,000 people just to hand over a memorandum.

Pak Idrus,I will explain to you why I am against demonstration and street rally or anything of that nature.Being a pluralistic society, Malaysia can't afford to have demonstrations based on racial or religious issues.It can incite hostility and racial clashes.That's what trigger off the May 13th tragedy.

The Malays do not feel threaten by the recent demo due to small minority of Indians in the country.I would like tell you, the story would be entirely different if the Chinese were to go to the streets, demonstrate and demand the NEP to be dismantled and equal rights for them.I hate to say it, but the Malays are not going let it pass by without throwing down the gauntlet.That's why we need to be alert as not to rock the boat.

If the government had given the permit to HINDRAF, thankfully not, be prepared, the next one would be some Chinese associations asking for the same.There would be no end to it.It will only spell trouble.

I presume the Chinese would be more level-headed and wouldn't resort to something that foolish, where they would be the bigger loser.

Pak Idrus,thanks for you comments, much appreciated. I must say it make sense and would be an ideal situation if it can be done in Malaysia.

Watch out for my next post, it's more hard hitting.

Zawi said...

Hantu Laut,
I am not totally against street demonstation if it is well organized by responsible leaders and with the cooperation of the police but not when the police is instructed to stop it whatevater cost. That is trouble itself.
The problem is the Police deemed it fit to give UMNO youth led by Khairy to do a similar street demonstration against The US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. That can be considered as double standard.

Pak Idrus said...

Hantulaut, you are making too much assumption. Thanks.

Hantu Laut said...

Zawi and Pak Idrus,

I agree the government was wrong in that respect.When I say trouble can come, it can come most likely from the ruling party by putting agent provocateurs in the crowd or opposition political parties who may also want to take advantage.I don't think the ordinary people would want to cause trouble.Trouble always come from people with vested interests and my assumptions are based on historical facts and what transpired in the political arena.

Every government has double standard, ours is more obvious because they are arrogance and doesn't care about peoples opinion.They ruled with impunity.

As a civil society,I still think the ballot box is the way to go to chose the government we want.I believe, Malaysia is not ready for free demonstration, my assumption may be wrong,but I wouldn't want to risk it.

Differences of opinion is healthy and I would take it in my stride.

Hantu Laut said...

From reader's comments in various blog it appears that my assumptions weren't wrong.