Sunday, November 4, 2007


I notice most popular blogs are promoting the march on 10th November.I think, that's probably taking the wrong direction and a dangerous one, if I may say.

To inflame the Agong to interfere in the administration of the nation is trying to incite a coup on a democratically elected government.It would be an exercises in futility and a stain on the clean sheet of the nation's democratic history.

Are the bloggers ruled by the head or the heart in this matter.My guess is, the heart speaks, not the mind.Any sensible person would know it is pointless to drag the Agong and all the other rulers to intervene as they don't have any executive powers to do so. They are expected to be apolitical and they should stay that way.It is also against the law for more than five people to assemble without a permit.Countries like Malaysia and Singapore had been free of demonstrations, civil strikes and rioting due to this law, which at times seems draconian, but plays a role for the greater good.

Civil disobedience would be a better alternative to demonstrations,civil strikes and rioting.For example if you are deadly against corruption in government, than you can refuse to pay taxes, as the money collected goes to government revenue.Most corruption money are paid out of this revenue, the taxpayer's money.If you do decide to take this option, be prepared for nasty civil retribution from the government.So, taking this course of action is a personal sacrifice you make to stand by your principle.

Civil disobedience is a form of protest without resorting to physical violence.It has, in some cases, worked more effectively in changing government policies and attitude.Ghandi's campaign for independence and South Africa fight against apartheid are examples of the success of civil disobedience.

The organisers of the forthcoming march should have their heads examine if they honestly think they can control the sentiments of each of the 100,000 people estimated to turn up on the 1oth Nov. Many peaceful march in other countries had turned ugly resulting in bloodshed and deaths.Crowd can become unruly, aggressive and uncontrollable.What happened at Batu Buruk can happen again on the 10th Nov and, maybe, on a bigger scale. If it occurred, the government shouldn't be blamed only the organisers should carry the guilt and punishment for the calamity.

What shocked me most was how some bloggers openly promote and encourage people to come to the march without caring for the consequences. They appear to be more uneducated than the uneducated.

My educated guess is, there will only be a couple of thousands of gullible Malaysians going.


Zawi said...

This is the most sensible thought that brought me to my senses too. It will only give an excuse and opportunity for the authority to provoke the crowd and later put a place The Mageran again.
How i wish the organizer will abort this march. They will be taunted by the agent provocateurs and hell will break loose. Some untold damage to properties and perhaps some lives will be lost.
How do you stop a mob of 100,000 people? Even the police of the FRU maynot be able to stop it once started.
Afterall the GE is already near so lets try the election as a mean to change those in power. Only the failure of such a mean will necessitae any other actions.

Hantu Laut said...

I am sure many Malaysians are just like you.Trouble can come from anywhere, agent provocateurs or even the oppositions can do the same.Both sides can be the source of trouble.

Demonstrations and civil strifes are not part of our culture and we should ensure it stays that way.

Thank you for your comment.Much appreciated.