Sunday, March 9, 2008


Hantu Laut

Malaysians will cast their votes today. Local and foreign analysts predict the BN to retain its two-thirds majority.

In Sabah there are 60 state and 25 parliamentary seats up for grabs.The BN won 2 state and 2 parliamentary seats uncontested, giving it 4 seats lead before polling day. There are some vulnerable seats in KDM and Chinese areas. The parliamentary seats hotly contested are Keningau, Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan. The state seats that will see hot contest with the oppositions are, Merotai, Tanjong Kapur, Banggi, Kuala Penyu, Tambunan, Sri Tanjong, Karamunting, Tempasuk and Karamunting. However, BN is predicted to tip the scale in many of the areas.

The state seats of Banggi and Tempasuk which have always been considered safe seats are rumored to being sabotaged by followers of UMNO incumbents who were dropped in favour of new faces. The two constituencies have seen very little in term of progress and development.

In spite of a burgeoning economy, dissatisfaction among the electorates are still widespread over price increases of fuel oil, essential goods and corruptions.

There are strong feeling of uncertainty among voters whether to keep the old shirt on or get a new one. The pundits have given BN the edge over the oppositions and it looks like Malaysians may have to carry on using their old and smelly shirt.

Visit this site tonight for live update of Sabah and National results.

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