Friday, March 7, 2008


Hantu Laut

PM sleeps, EC sleeps, AG also sleeps ?

From the sublime to the ridiculious.

If there were anything more absurd coming from the EC, this one takes the top prize for the biggest and stinkiest stinker of all times. Where were all the legal experts and the AG ? Were they sleeping on the job and woke up only 5 days before polling day and realized the indelible ink could become their No.1 enemy. It takes a moron to believe in this concocted story and takes an even bigger moron to think all morons buy the story.

Legal implications ! My foot ! Didn't the EC seeks legal advice before they decide to introduce it ?

Read the story.

Election 2008: It's ink in the face for EC
PUTRAJAYA: The Election Commission yesterday came under fire from most political parties for its decision not to use indelible ink to prevent multiple voting this general election.

Breaking News:
Splattering red paint over somebody's house is no laughing matter.
Some very unhappy people have decided the EC Chairman actually needs indelible red paint for his house.

Very naughty and very stupid who ever did it.


supa said...

An excerpt from International Herald Tribune:
"Bread and butter issues have been essential in all the constituencies," said Bridget Welsh, a specialist in Malaysian politics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in Washington.
This week, Malaysia's election commission unexpectedly rescinded a decision to use indelible ink on voters' fingers to prevent people from using identity cards of deceased voters and casting votes several times. Opposition parties have long complained of "phantom" voters - dead people who have never been struck from the election rolls.
The election commission claims that 8,666 registered voters on the election rolls are more than 100 years old, including two people who are 128, which seems unlikely in a country where life expectancy is 72.
Welsh says the monitoring of vote counting was made more difficult after a ruling by the election commission to allow only one representative per party in counting centers.
"Changing of the rules at the last minute undermines faith in the electoral system," Welsh said.

Zawi said...

Who knows all these things were in the grand design right from the beginning? First make a popular decision and at the eleventh hour rescind it. Smart eh?
They are really desperados.

Hantu Laut said...


That's why they renew Rashid's contract as EC Chairman.He play ball with the ruling party.

Hantu Laut said...


Nobody believe they didn't foresee the problems, if any.What you say is correct.I think they suddenly realised it's against their interest.

I think the EC should be put directly under Parliament.

SM said...


EXACTLY why BN does not want the EC to be put under Parliment control!
Those who threw the paint must have been really frustrated but it was an act of stupid desperation. This just gives the Police, the EC & BN extra ammunition for making more excuses.
Of course this was planned. These guys have made Election Rigging a Science! They are the best at what they do for the worst of reasons!
You can bet there will be bus loads of Phantom Voters now. Every seat that they think will be closely faught & every seat that a BN leader is under "threat" will see these Phantom Voters.
Fair Elections? My foot! I'm sad to say it will be a shame to Malaysia & Malaysians.
However, I will still fly back to KL to cast my vote!
God help us!