Saturday, March 8, 2008



Photo by Derrick Chang

Hantu Laut 06 March 2008

The tiny constituency of Senellang in Malaysia covers a small portion of the northern Borneo mainland and a number of outlying islands in the coastal waters of the Sulawesi Sea. It has 12,998 registered voters, mainly ethnic Bajaus and Suluks of the Islamic faith, traditional fishermen who eke out their livelihood from the sea.

In the days of the British North Borneo Chartered Company and later under formal British colonial rule, this was one of the most pirate-infested areas in the region. As recently as the early 1990s, attacks on remote villages were still being reported. With better roads and accessibility to bigger towns and enhanced security along the porous sea border with the Philippines, however, the threat of pirate attack from the sea has diminished. Read more.....


Anonymous said...

It's a tight contest, but I think BN will remain in control. I predict that BN will lose the Sandakan parliamentary seat to DAP. The main reason being that the independent candidate is financed by UMNO to fight against LDP's candidate. Musa is apparently not happy with the faction in control of LDP at the moment.
ps. you should have seen the way people lined up on the street to get handouts this morning. The money comes from a 'friend' of Musa, handed out from the office of that 'friend' and in the name of the independent candidate. Who says this election's got no drama?

Gulam Robani said...
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