Friday, May 9, 2008

Another One Bite The Dust

Hantu Laut

I have always been sceptical about the so-called national service from the day it was launched.Was it done in sincerity for the benefits of our young generation and the nation or was it just another exercise to fill the pockets of those in power? There are millions to be made from this anomalous national service. Supply of uniforms, shoes, food, drinks,transport, campsites and many other things that can bring megabucks.

There are many camps given to bumiputras but ended up in the hands of Chinamen who supplied almost everything the camp needs.Might as well give it direct to the Chinamen, at least you can reduce the cost to the government by eliminating the bumiputra as a middleman or Ali Baba.

What kind of discipline and skill can you instill in those young minds in a short span of three months? Do you have sufficient skilled, responsible and disciplined trainers and camp commandants to guide this young and impressionable minds.

Going by the number of deaths so far it is obviously clear those entrusted with the responsibility are useless, irresponsible and should have been sent to the loony bin instead of national service camps. We should be ashamed to call it national service.It is more a holiday camp run by morons.

The government should come down hard on those responsible for the death of so many of those young people.Thorough investigation should be conducted in every death to ascertain whether there is case of negligence by the camp commandant or those entrusted with the job.Those guilty should be punished according to the law.

There were too many deaths and it can only happened through negligence and couldn't care less attitude of those entrusted to do the job.

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. said...

You know what?

The one who must take the biggest blame for this is not the bumiputra alibaba, nor the chinaman suppliers, not even najis and his botox wife.

The ones who must take the biggest share of blame are the parents !!!


Worse than bodoh !

What is the number one thing parents _SHOULD_ do for their children?


Nope. The above are all essentials but they are NOT the number 1 item.

The numero uno thing is .... drum roll, please ....


Back to the bodoh parents in Malaysia.....

1. The NS program ain't for integration, nor for national defense, nor for anything else but for Najis raking in billions more.

But you ask the parents ... nooooo... they don't know that.

2. There have been deaths upon deaths occurring. Since its inception till now, at least 16 young Malaysians have needlessly died.

In fact, the NS camps have turned into death camps !!

But to the bodoh parents in Malaysia .... yeah, they knew that .... but they _STILL_ send their children to the death camp.

YOu ask why?

Hmmmm.... some will tell you the "integration" thing. As if they really REALLY believe in that lie.

Then there are those who will tell you ... "you know, I'm worry sick. I don't want my child to die, but ... I'm afraid the government might sue me mah!"

Yeah, you hear that right !!

The BODOH Malaysian parents are sending their children to death camp because they are AFRAID of getting sued.

What's that again???

You mean, if you put getting sued on one side, and sending their own child to die on the other side, the BODOH Malaysian parents will send their children to die !

You read it right !!!

The BODOH Malaysian parents do NOT care about their children at all. To them... hey, if my child die, die lah !! As long as I'm not getting sued, they can die 100000 times also not my business.

Sssshhhheeeesssshhhhh !!!!

That's Malaysia to you, man !!!