Saturday, July 19, 2008

Buying A Pig In The Poke

Hantu Laut

Let forget about Anwar for a little while and indulge in some of life unpleasant surprises.Sometimes, things don't work out the way you want them to.Sometimes,it your own fault,sometimes it's other people's carelessness and stupidity.Sometimes, you want to get angry and bash up that someone who screw up the normality of your every day existence.

Last night I was getting ready to go to a charity dinner and show.My wife and I always attend the annual charity dinner and show, without fail, every year for the past eight years, for which she was one of the founding members of this very noble organisation that look after people with terminal diseases, particularly cancer.The organisation has grown substantially since its inception and is fully financed by public donations from generous Sabahans.That's not where my problem is.

My problem, which occurred three days ago, without me even knowing it until last night when I wanted to use my newly bought pair of shoes.Taking the pair of shoes out from the shoebox, I couldn't believe my eyes, it's like my vision has gone haywire.I don't know whether to laugh or get angry with that little Malay boy whom I remember served me when I bought the shoes from Parkson at Wawasan Plaza.I feel like running back to the shop and give the chap a good punch on the nose but than time was not on my side because my dinner is about half an hour away and I live about 30 km from town. When I showed the shoes to my wife she had a good laugh and said " You deserve it,maybe your should punch yourself on the nose, not the boy's, because people like you never checked what you bought before you took them home"

I bought the one on the right. I am going back today and hope that little nitwit is working today so I can give him a piece of my mind.

I wonder what would you do if you are from out of town or overseas tourists, got home and find to their horror the grim picture above.Probably have to throw them away.

The gist of the story is never buy a pig in the poke.


Went back to Parkson, got back the other side and now I have a proper pair of shoes.

The little Malay boy was very apologetic when he saw me.He was wondering why I took 5 days to come back.Since he has apologised I refrained from telling him off.After all we are humans and humans are not infallable, we all can make mistakes.End of story.

Reunited !


Pok Kam said...

Dear HL,

LOL!.. This thing happen at least once in your life time. Strange thing though it always seemed to happen to men.

My own experience was that I once left the house for a aramaiti session only to realize that I was wearing two different sandals cos' my son's foot size is the same as mine.

My friends had a good laugh but made to sit through the whole session in Suang Tain.

muststopthis said...

I had a good laugh, thanks to your post. I didn't mean to make fun of you though...
Its just too common, these days. We have so many errands to run and then much more to plan and do, and we forget the basics.
It happened to me once when I decided to buy some durians from a vendor, going from table to table, and the durian was good.
However, on selecting the best fruits from their van and paying a hefty sum for it too, they switch the durians for those 'green' ones...and when I got home, was cursing and swearing at being so careless....
anyways, I am sure you will get the other side of the shoe...unless off course, he sold the other 'pair' too!

Hantu Laut said...

pok kam,

It's one of those things you least expected to happen, but happened.

Hantu Laut said...


It's funny.In fact my wife and me had a good laugh.If I don't return the shoes, I have lost one pair of new shoes but the store would have lost 2 pairs and the poor boy would probably have to pay for it.

So I am going back to get what I paid for and save the boy from the misery of losing his one month paycheck.