Friday, July 11, 2008

Federal House Of Shame

Hantu Laut

The building below is the new Federal House also known as Mini Puterajaya, where most of the Federal departments are located.

This is one of those badly constructed buildings built by the Federal government.Sabah was not spared from this shameful actions of those given the projects.

Since its completion about a year ago huge chunk of tiles kept falling off its internal/external walls and ceiling.So far no serious accident or  injury has occured.The next time you are there it may be advisable to use a crash helmet, just in case.Keep watching the ceiling, it may come down on you, if you are unlucky.

In fact most of the federal-funded projects seem to suffer similar problems.Schools and hospitals suffered the same fate.

There were huge hospitals and schools built in the most unlikely places. Where hospitals were short of doctors, schools faced similar problem, shortage of teachers and surprisingly shortage of students too.If that's not enough, sub-standard materials and shoddy workmanship added to the pain and misery to those who have to use such buildings.

Some of them were projects just to line somebody's pocket with easy money.Many were built during our former Prime Minister's time.The one below was probably planned much earlier but built under the current administration.

Note the scaffolding.They are now doing repair work on the 
defects.They may have to remove the whole facade and replace
with lighter materials.More money?

Below is another shopping complex that opened it doors about a year ago.Known as 'Warisan Square' it is owned by the same developer that developed 1 Borneo.It sits smack in the middle of town. Most of the shops here are the same as those in 1 Borneo but smaller in size.


Jeffrey Lim said...

well, over here in semenanjung, u see more white elephants projects than anything else.
thats how they curi wang rakyat n channel into their pockets... contracts n contracts and contracts... who get?...
and yet, no body seems to be doing anything about it either... how sad... sigh

Btw HT, hows fishin over there?...

just came back fishing off kemaman coast, got plenty of sotong n a couple of tingirri


Hantu Laut said...


That's the only way they know how to make money, corruptions,cronyism and nepotism.

Went deep sea fishing 2 weeks ago for 3 days 2 nights about 8 hours by boat from KK.Got some nice fish but the catch is not great.