Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Faces Of Kota Kinabalu

Hantu Laut,

I'll take the Prime Minister's advice and take respite from politicking in the blog.It's bad for your health and bad for the health of the nation.

Today is no politics day, will not touch anything politics the next few days.

I would be happy to give my readers a guided tour of my hometown, the ugly and beautiful Kota Kinabalu.
I will start from the new to the older 
section of this pretty little city.

Latest addition to KK skyline is the
biggest hypermall in Borneo, ONE BORNEO, a wannabe ART DECO that falls flat on its face, didn't have the decadence and extravagance of the Art Deco of Miami, nor it succeeded in its attempt to be the ecclesiastical Gothic architecture.

Don't be deceived by its outward 
appearance, this building would 
probably be one of the most
functional buildings in KK when it is fully completed.The shopping archade is well designed with good layout, similar to KLCC in Kuala Lumpur.

Many medium-priced brands have set up shops here.Interior well lit,well-dressed windows and looks expensively intimidating.

Many KL-based yuppy restaurants have opened their doors here.

Had lunch in one of them today.One that has a dome in its ceiling and serves a mixture of Western and Oriental dishes.Had one of the worst 'fish and chip' as far back as I could remember.Just couldn't finish the two big chunks of what I presumed must be the rather bland dory, an imported fish that had become common in supermarkets and restaurants in this country over the past few years.

Considered a good food fish in the West, but not exactly a gastronomic experience for the Asian palate,especially those who are voracious fish eaters.Maybe, fish is not its strong point, I am sure it has some other good dishes that I haven't had the chance to try yet. The interior is chic,clinically clean, the service fairly good and staffs friendly and attentive.

The complex once completed will housed two hotels and two blocks of apartments.

Budget airline Air Asia has opened its Tune Hotel and Tune Store in the complex.

The only problem the complex is away from the town centre, about 6 Km from town.


Pok Kam said...

Dear HL,

Nice article on KK. I went there early last month and decided that I will only return in a couple of months.

Wait until it's decently full..

Anonymous said...

Dear HL
Reading about politics can drain you mentally and physically. I took PM's advice and have started growing vegetables in my yard alongside my flower garden. It is more satisfying than listening to people bicker over something that will never end. Go Green. (I live in a kampung and we do more than just farming.)

ajimsan said...

I remember the place you are writing... so they finish building it eh..? I remember the hidious yellow 'thingy' on my way to Sepanggar.

Will check it out when I'm in KK this 24th

sabahan said...

Kalau tinguk mmg cantik. Tapi dari satu sudut lain, akibat tidak adanya perancangan yang baik.

1. Jalan depan 1Borneo akan bakal menjadi JALAN MAUT. Pagi2 pekerja 1Borneo menyeberang jalan utk pergi kerja. Kereta2 yg berkejar untuk ke tempat kerja pula berjalan dgn laju. Saya percaya, tidak lama lagi akan ada kemalangan maut yg agak teruk.

2. Jalan Jammed. Perjalanan dari KK --> Indah Permai petang2 Jammed di hadapan 1Borneo.

3. Jammed juga untuk UTurn di simpang ke Menggatal. Pengunjung dari 1Borneo yg ingin balik ke KK terpaksa UTURN di jalan sibuk/laju yang kecil.

Tidak lama lagi, Taman Universiti salah sebuah taman yg akan menjadi sibuk dan penghuni yg ramai. Saya percaya, Jammed dan kemalangan maut akan menjadi teruk di jalan UMS ini.

Sistem jalan raya yang tidak berkesan sebab tidak adanya perancangan yg baik.

Anonymous said...

beautifully spokem...

the guess girl is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

saya mau tambah apa yg sabahan komen.
1. jalan tersebut tidak memepunyai sistem perparitan yg baik. apabila hujan lebat, air kan bertakung dan jalan tersebut akan banjir.
2. Cadangan utk membina jejantas antara 1 borneo dgn alam mesra.
3. traffic light perlu dibina utk jalan susur keluar dari 1 borneo ke pusat bandar di hadapan 1 borneo.

fie the elf said...

are you talking about the dome lol.

i was at their bangsar branch and i saw a roach!


i never went there after that.

Hantu Laut said...

fie the elf,

This one is spanking new,haven't seen the roaches yet.