Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Arrogance Of Power

Hantu Laut

Arrogance, incorrigible and insolent are the trademark of some politicians. I have seen many that have to eat the humble pie when they were no more in position of power.Than there were those who had selective memory or amnesia and can't remember the faces of their less fortunate friends when they were constantly intoxicated with the political world.There are also those who rode the high horses and forgot there are ground beneath their feet.

With due respect and my sincere apology to those who are not in those category,I don't mean to be rude but I really don't have that many kind words for politicians from both sides of the political fence.Most are just self-serving brown-nosing little weasels.

What struck me as strange and inconceivable were reasons given by UMNO Wanita Chief Rafidah Aziz on why she decided to stand for the party elections and subsequently hand over to Sharizat 6 months later, a move quite rightly questioned by former wanita chief and matriarch AishahGhani.It's something in dire need of comprehension.

As usual our iron lady was fast to throw tantrums when asked what was her reaction to the call by Kalabakan Wanita UMNO division for her to step down gracefully during the party elections in December and make way for Sharizat to contest the elections. Her response was "Why don't you ask them? Why don't you talk to them.She said "If I do that ( step down in December), it would create fighting for the chief and deputy chief posts.I want to avoid a contest, I don't want to contest" Whatever that meant, I am not sure.

I can understand the Prime Minister power transition to his Deputy which makes some sense, this one is absolutely ridiculous.

What political system are we using in this country, democracy, socialism, feudalism or communism.Even in the politburo of the communist party elections are held to choose its leaders.Assuming we practise democracy, isn't elections part and parcel of the democratic process and people should be allowed to contest freely.

She said "I am doing them a favour".That sounds really insulting to Sharizat.It means she can't win on her own account and have to depend on Rafidah to deliver the title to her on the platter.

It's also amazing that she thinks nobody dare to challenge her.

If that's not arrogance, what is?

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Anonymous said...

Power of Rafidah.
There was a banner in my hometown, erected by a milk company (gosh) long time ago I can't remember when, promoting of course susu. It was a picture of a young girl dressed like Rafidah drinking milk. The banner has been there (is still there, intact) as long as Rafidah has been in politics. Imagine that.

Hantu Darat said...

Some pictures may tell us a bit more than just words:

1) Do I like her? (Don't think so)

2) Now, who does this loud-mouthed woman think she is?

3) Power she has, but she's only a joker, so let me laugh my arse off

4) Let me laugh my arse off again, at this older woman trying to steal this younger man from another older woman

5) No, I don't like this woman at all (it's written all over my face): she's handing power to me, but she still thinks it's a great "victory" for her!

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Anonymous said...

Hi: a correction: no need to refresh the page (this needs to be done only during the 'preview' stage)

Hantu Laut said...

That shows she has staying power.

Hantu Laut said...

hantu darat,

Nice pics and caption.I might use it on my article,to give it a dose of humour,if you don't mind.

I hope Rafidah wouldn't get annoyed.

Hantu Darat said...

Fellow Hantu: the pics are not mine. So you need not ask my permission. Well, Rafidah would probably be more annoyed by your blog post than by the pics. :)

Anonymous said...

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