Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Corruption:Let's Troll For The Big Fish.

Hantu Laut

There seems to be a sudden spate of investigations and arrests of cases of corruption.Is it because the ACA has been given more teeth to bite or our Prime Minister has decided it's time to clean up the mess or is it just another showbiz?

It's good if he has, but to be fair to all, just make sure it covers the whole spectrum of the rainbow, from the one that sits on the horizon to its apogee in the skies, the bigger the catch the better it would be for the nation.

The latest arrest was for a miserable RM13,860.00 and for a man of that stature that was really a shocker. That stupid indiscretion is going to give him a terrible toothache .

The gist of the story is, if you want to be a buzzard, think big, take millions and it will take million years to investigate your case and more often than not it would be so messy they would give up as they couldn't find sufficient evidence to charge you.

The other case in Labuan was even more interesting, not so much the amount, which is much bigger, about RM40 mil in projects and fraudulent bank loans, but the person involved.None of the newspaper that reported the case had mentioned the name of the politician concerned because the case was still being investigated by the ACA.. Two prominent UMNO politicians had voluntarily gone to the press and denied their involvement.

Both Labuan MP Yusof Mahal and former Labuan MP Dato Suhaili Abdul Rahman have denied their involvement.However, Yusof has admitted he was the one who got the contract to build a market and a school costing RM24.8m and RM10.5m respectively.

Both men are currently fighting a big battle to be the Labuan UMNO divisional head.So, it comes as no surprise that the mud are flying from both directions.

In another case in Kota Baru Kelantan, a state director of a government department lodged a police report alleging he was slapped by an ACA officer while under interrogation. This is not good news.Stepping over the limit of decent human behaviour.The officer concerned should be hauled up and taken off the case.The ACA have no right to use violence in its scope of work and to remand someone for 7 days.... ?

As a sport fisherman I find nothing is more satisfying than catching the big one, I usually released the small one. That's game fishing ..... in corruption have to take both, big and small.

Will there be more big fish on the way? Who's next?

ACA has denied the allegation in a police report made by the State fisheries director that he was slapped by an ACA officer.Its director Mohd Jaafar Hussen said from internal investigation conducted, the claim was untrue. The ACA has lodged a police report.


donplaypuks® said...

Window dressing vis-a-vis Permatang Pauh.

Notice, its always some Sabah politician or a small one like $13,860. Always the kuching kurau, never the King Pin.

But if it's $75 million like a bridge that's not 'cracked up' to be what they said, the cabinet 'acted properly' and they filed an action the day after some on-line blog blew the whistle!!

Pok Kam said...
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Pok Kam said...

Dear HL,

Sorry about my first comment. Too many spelling mistakes.

It's good if the PM finally go about with his business of spring cleaning although I must say it's seasonal in nature.

I've noticed these spring cleaning normally took place on the eve of significant events like the general election or the latest being the upcoming Permatang Pauh by-election.

By the way, hope the BPR will be professional in executing their duties.

Anonymous said...

As donplaypuks® said,it is just a window dressing.

If the gov are really serious, may be 99% of the politicians are rotting in jail now.


Hantu Laut said...


You are absolutely right.As we say in fishing "the big one that got away".The big one taken to court also got away but unfortunately he died recently.

That's the truth of the matter in this country.

Hantu Laut said...

pok kam,
You are right, I did notice that and most Malaysians would have noticed it too, except our government.

Hantu Laut said...


You are right.That's why it has to be selective, otherwise we will have no government left to run the country.

zorro said...

Hantu, it matters not to me whether it is big fish or ikan bilis, as long as they grill or fry these alive and put them in formalin for public viewing. That's action implemented and not just spitting in the air.

You don't practise catch and release? Probably if you get a whopping big marlin...then you put it up as a mantle piece, if I am not wrong.Awaiting your visit.

Zawi said...

Personally I don't mind them catching anyone as long as they continue doing it and make sure those that they charge, sticks. It will drive some fears in those contemplating doing it. Soon they will run out of the small fish to catch and will have to go after the bigger and bigger fish.
When we have another PM, the new PM will just continue the momentum and clean up the system of corruption. They have to start somewhere.

SM said...


Permatang Pauh Bi-Election mahhhhh. However, it's good that it's being done. BUT, you can be sure that there won't be any Big Fish that's close to Pak Lah!
They have always treated us like stupid school kids & they will always treat us like that! However, we know better.

Hantu Laut said...

zorro,zawi and sm,

I hope it is not another 'wayang' before a major event.I have a strange feeling they may reduce the price of petrol and diesel before Permatang Pauh by-election.