Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Now Or Never

Hantu Laut

Barisan National leaders in Sarawak say Anwar's huffing and puffing about taking over the government will be proven to be nothing but hot air.They maintained that it would not be raining “frogs” today and that no BN MPs would cross over to PR to allow the opposition alliance to form a new government.

“Come Sept 16, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will still be the prime minister and Anwar Ibrahim still the leader of Pakatan Rakyat,” said Parti Rakyat Sarawak president Dato Sri Dr James Masing when contacted yesterday.

He emphasised: “Sarawak will still be known as ‘Bumi Kenyalang’ (Land of the Hornbills), not ‘Bumi Katak’ (Land of the Frogs).”

Anwar continues to play the mind game in an attempt to weaken the resolve of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi by saying he wanted to see him to show him the list of BN MPs who are defecting to Pakatan Rakyat and for smooth transfer of power. Abdullah had scoffed at Anwar's claims, calling it a mirage.

A pooh-pooh ! would be more befitting.The right thing to do is for Anwar to assemble all those defecting MPs and make them publicly announce a spontaneous show of allegiance to him and than go see the Agong to get his blessing for him to go to Parliament and get a vote of confidence for him to be the next prime minister.It would first necessitate them to pass a vote of no confidence against Abdullah.All this can only be done when Parliament is back in session.

If Anwar is truthful that would be the only option he has to show the nation that he is sincere and not lying and playing a game of poker at the expense of the people and the nation.

Asked why he still refused to give the exact number of defecting MPs or their names, Anwar said there was a fear the MPs would be detained or harassed if their names were released

Anyone can make up a list of names and discreetly show it to the PM hoping he would be fooled and believe the ploy.That's exactly what Anwar is trying to do when he sees the PM.Should the plan fail to go through he would cook-up another story that those MPs reneged on their promises or death threats against those defecting.His claim of arsenic poisoning to get rid of him while in prison was proven not true.

'Time and tide wait for no man'.Anwar knew 'it's now or never'.He must at all costs try grab the government now or lose the chance once UMNO consolidates its power.

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Pok Kam said...

Dear HL,

The scheming of a desperate man?

Anonymous said...

indeed true...

my mind dont think anwar can do it but my heart want anwar to success

Hostage said...

With such a desperate government and assuming you are a defector, will you want to line up.

Afterall, they are still government at the point of time when your name is announced.

But I am very confidant, BN will fall and the gates will be closed for late party crashers.

SM said...


As Zaid Ibrahim said of UMNO on his last day in Office..."You can be a race based party but you don't have to be racist bigot"!
I think that sums up what UMNO is.
Give DSAI a few more days, AAB is trying to stall to ensure that he stays in power.
If I were DSAI, I will go staright to the Agong & sort it out.
You can't deal with a liar like AAB (& don't tell me you trust what AAB says as he has lied so often to us, or are we haveing "selective" memory here?).

Anonymous said...

DSai can only redeem his lost credibility, not by making more empty rhetoric, but through landing the knock-out punch.

crocodylus said...

i think this is a good summary on what is happening now. good to read though..