Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Living Dog Is Better Than A Dead Lion

Hantu Laut

Anwar drumming of taking over the government by 16 Sept had come to naught.He hasn't got enough frogs required to make his dream come true. From 'prime minister in waiting' to 'prime minister' no more.A fine performance that ends on a sad note.

How he managed to hoodwink the people into believing his story is just incredible.Now that he had failed the many datelines he gave, I find it even more incredible that many Malaysians are still in a state of stupor.

His charisma and hypnotic power are his greatest assets.His smiles and grins are captivating and are facades of his sinister motives.His hurried and uncontrollable desires to attain the highest realm of power is axiomatic to his downfall.

In spite of his repeated failures to capture the government as promised many are still infatuated and felt he had been treated unfairly and,therefore, deserved sympathy and support.His support extends beyond the borders of Malaysia making the skeptics uneasy and suspicious of his source of political funding.He is the darling of the Western media.Almost every major newspaper and magazine in the West painted a rosy picture of his imminent triumph in taking the government.

Anwar has it all.He has everything going in his direction after the recent general elections but his impatience and greed for power will again kill his chance to be prime minister.He didn't have the patience,perseverance and hardiness of the leaders in DAP and PAS who had travelled the long haul and are quite happy to have taken the 5 states as a gift from God.They know if they can administer the 5 states well the payoff would be in the next general elections.

Anwar is like a lion laying in ambush waiting for his victims' weak moment to pounce on them. In 1998 he contemplated  overthrowing  Mahathir after the 1997 financial meltdown that hit many Asian countries including Malaysia.Due to the financial crisis he deemed Mahathir vulnerable and conspired to takeover the premiership.Unfortunately, Mahathir was a polish and better politician than him.His sacking and imprisonment might have been his own undoing.

Although the elections are over his political campaigning is not. He sees Badawi an easy meal and goes on an incessant campaign to weaken the BN government.His constant reminder that he has the 'number' is a psychological warfare to cause a split in the BN.He has succeeded to a small degree, the withdrawal of SAPP and threat of the same from Gerakan.

His request to meet the Prime Minister for smooth transfer of power and to show him the list of defecting MPs was mere rhetoric to fool his supporters and set a trap for Abdullah.The PM was right not to meet him.Why should the PM meet him if he has sufficient number of MPs supporting him.He can assemble those MPs and go public and make a formal announcement.He can than go see the Agong and seek his consent to do what is right under the Constitutions.

There is nothing Abdullah can do to him once he and all the MPs backing him have made the public announcement.The excuses and fear he expressed were for the consumption of his supporters to get them riled up as he had done before.

He who rouses a sleeping tiger exposes himself to danger. No matter how hard one tries there is a limit to one's patience.Abdullah has been extremely patience with the endless mudslinging,name calling and racial slur expressed in many anti-government blogs that has raised racial tension to a worrying level. His patience is running out and for good reasons.

It is not Abdullah that is going to drag this nation to the quagmire.It is Anwar, he is turning this nation into a country in African  where no government is safe from predators who covetousness eventually destroy the nation.

Abdullah has said he is a threat to the economy and a possible threat to the safety of the nation.Of course his supporters would not agree, only an independent person can see where the nation had become a casualty of his perennial politicking.

I used to sympathise with the man when he was thrown in prison and believe his version of the story but since his release and return to active politics I am beginning to see his true colour and am not giving him the benefit of the doubt this time


Anonymous said...

I think his true colours are for all to see.
All these "imaginary" threats of riots, emergency rule by barisan.
Is Anwar just hoping to cover up his own instigation?

kittykat46 said...

Abdullah has a majority in Parliament of 60.
That's about the same for the British Labour government. I've never heard Gordon Brown complaint that he can't function because of daily snipping from the Conservatives.

On top of that Abdullah doesn't need to contend with a free press.
Well, September 16 shows the frogs are just talk, right ?

Why can't this government govern ?

Anonymous said...

"......Abdullah has been extremely patience with the endless mudslinging,name calling and racial slur expressed in many anti-government blogs that has raised racial tension to a worrying level. ...."

You deemed the rantings in anti-government blogs like the Malaysiakini, MalaysiaToday etc etc "racial slur" that "raised racial tensions"? or are you conveniently and deliberately lumping the pro-Mahathir or UMNO-paid blogs with Anwar's?

Where's your sense of judgement?

Anonymous said...

Jed Yoong said...
I think his true colours are for all to see.
All these "imaginary" threats of riots, emergency rule by barisan.

Are you blind and deaf to what IS going on in Malaysia: the UMNO ministers and politicians' threats, racial slurs even in election campaigns, Police actions, ISA n Sedition Act, opposing witnesses harassed into disappearance , selective prosecutions of dissidents even reporters.

Jed, are you 'different + vocal' because you dont want to end up
like Sin Chew's Tan Hoong Cheng?

Anonymous said...

Hey, we wait and see. Awnar has a diverse spectrum of Malysians who dream of changes, even amongst the MPs who are beginning to belive him and wants to deliver the same. We'll be back next week to make you eat humble pie!

Anonymous said...

"daily snipping"? Badawi has to contend with more, namely "undemocratic threats to his rakyat-given mandate".

If it was just criticism, all would be better. Political coup, on the other hand, cause instability that constraint him from governing.