Sunday, September 14, 2008

Well Done, Zaid!

Hantu Laut

Well done Zaid! That's the way those entrusted by the people should act.

Zaid Ibrahim has announced that he would resign if the government continue to use the ISA to arrest civilian.That would make him the first Minister under Badawi who are prepared to forgo his ministerial position against policy that goes against his principle.

It may be the wrong man giving up his job, it looks more appropriate that the Minister of Home Affairs should resign from his job for the blunders and pathetic reasons given by him.How could Tan and Theresa Kok be threat to national security.

It appears that the government is scrapping bottom of the barrel in a desperate move to save itself. Theresa Kok claimed she had nothing to do with the allegation
that she asked the mosque to turn down the volume of its 'azan' call.

I urge Pak Lah to do the right thing.Free all ISA detainees.


Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath and get exicited. He is not going to quit at all if UMNO does not release RPK and Teresa.You have been very supportive of UMNO/BN and can see you are also a very racist person.

Anonymous said...


Looks like hero, yar.
Tapi let's consider
1. Zaid is appointed by PM Pak Lah
2. Zaid was also made Minister by Pak Lah.
Heard that after he was dropped as candidate, he campaigned too (utk siapa, kee kee) in Kelantan.
also kadir jasin reminds us in his latest post that zaid once threatened to put bloggers under ISA. ..Confirmed?

Fazrul Shahril said...

Dear Sir,

I do agree with you and keep posting the truth..


Zawi said...

At least Datuk Zaid dares to open his mouth. I am really disappointed with the other seemingly sensible ministers who prefer to keep themselves uninvolved ain anyway with the issue at hand. My utmost disgust is towards my own MP who seems to have lost his voice or has become totally deaf and mute. He promised to be vocal before being voted in. Wasted my vote on him.

Erotomania said...

The mosque has come out and confirmed that Teresa has nothing to do with asking the mosques to turn down the volume of the call of prayer. Interesting. Maybe I'm ignorant somewhat but I've not seen any such statement by the mosques concerned in the media (okay.. some of you may say that these kinda news won't hit the mainstream media..). Anyways, even if the mosques did say something in Teresa's favour - out of their own free will that is, how come the police - assuming that they're monitoring the recent events pertaining to Teresa & the mosques - didn't get wind of it and still went on to detain her? I don't think they did that just to piss us off.
Anyways, I think the ISA is still relevant. It's just the abuse of it sucks big time. Wallahu 'Alam.

donplaypuks® said...

Yes, we must support every man who stands for the right principles.

He also laid it out very clearly to Muhiyuddin that you don't s..t in your own backyard. Go use your own toilet!

Kudos to Zaid!!

Anonymous said...

candle in the wind!

UMN0 strong wind is blowing!

Anonymous said...

Bye bye Zaid, my favorite Minister.....:)


Hantu Laut said...


This is a free country you can support whoever you want to.

Just read my header,unless you are appallingly poor in your English.

Hantu Laut said...

jed yoong,

All that maybe true.If so, than Anwar is more guilty of the offence, he was in powerful position when he allowed Mahathir to throw over 100 dissenters into prison under the ISA.

Making a leader out of vote of sympathy is dangerous.

Recent event in Pakistan showed even a crook can be brought to power on votes of sympathy.

Throw out a good man and bring back a crook.Pakistanis will live to regret their moment of infatuation with Asif Ali Zardari.

Hantu Laut said...

fazrul shahril,
Thanks.Keep on blogging.

Hantu Laut said...

You are right.I think people like Muhyiddin and Zaid are prepared to lose their jobs to send a message to Pak Lah that his time is up.

Keeping quiet is no more an option if the BN want to save the government.One must go, Pak Lah or the government.

Japan is a good example to follow.The PM resigned when he has exhausted his popularity.

Hantu Laut said...

I based that on a report in Malaysian Insider or Malaysiakini.Apparently the article had been removed, so I have amended my article to reflect the same.

I believe the ISA is not relevant and should not be used on civilian.

Hantu Laut said...


Pak Lah wouldn't want to upset the applecart.So nothing will happen.

Anonymous said...

anon 5.50pm

supporting BN doesnt equate being racist. look at Zaid. Is he a racist? Go to Dr Hsu's blog. he is a member of Gerakan and he is the last person on earth to be labelled as racist.

Anonymous said...


You actually believe it ? Or you are trying to propagandised it to make the BN minister look good with principal ?

In history, do you ever come across a single MP or minister resigned over their mistakes let alone others ?

You are one tracked mind in chastising Anwar Ibrahim and yet when come to UMNO and Barisan's shortcomings, you would try to placate the situation and may be even make it look good too if you can !

Why don't you blog about why Ahmad Ismail and The former MB of Selangor should not be punished under the law and orders of the country ? These two are the actual culprit that are stirring the shits creating racial tension !
Or is it too antagonising for you to do it ?

ISA should not be used on anyone, especially those who speaks the truth ! Be it civilian or politician !

Hantu Laut said...


You lost! Zaid Ibrahim has resigned.

You just don't have an analytical mind and has poor judgment of character.

Hantu Laut said...


Open your mind and don't be emotional,I have written not one but three articles on Ahmad Ismail.

I don't ask people to be sent to prison,from BN or PR alike, that's not my job, it's the government job.

Don't be surprise if Pah Lah resigns as PM next few days.

SM said...


Well then looks like Zaid better resign because they are not going to scrap the ISA & neither are they going to "amend" it.
The cowards use the ISA to "shut up" innocent men. But even worse still they use the ISA on innocent Women! Can we "support" a Government of weak, wimpy, Racists, Bigoted, corrupted, murderous (ayoyiiii...the list is too long lah) cowards?