Saturday, October 18, 2008

Return To Past Glory: Will UMNO Be In The Death Throes ?

Hantu Laut

If UMNO think with the exit of Abdullah they can go back to its former tough and rough ways of governing the nation to gain back its past glory, they are dead wrong! Things and time have changed.People are more conscious of their rights now after many years of non-egalitarian,oligarchy, injurious and imprudent government.

The return to the old ways of Mahathirism would be suicidal for the BN (Barisan Nasional).It has worked well during his time but time has changed.There is now greater awareness on good governance and the people wouldn't accept anything less.The BN may last this term but if they don't change there will be changes at the next general elections.That would be their death throes

Since the inconceivably bad results obtained by the BN at the March 8 General Elections many articles have been written about why and where Abdullah had failed that have made him the most unpopular prime minister and a government in political dire straits.The government is practically under siege since then.

The Star has on Friday 17th October published an article by P.Gunasegaram that gave the most accurate picture of the root causes of Abdullah's problems and failures that led to the eventual diminution of support for the BN.The article is


SM said...


The problem with the BN in general & UMNO in particular is that they still feel they can feed Malaysians crap & we will open our mouths & let them shovel it in!
After all that has happened in the last 7 months, they still have not changed their tune.
Even with what's happening with the World Economy, they still tell us we are not affected! Even Singapore is supposedly to have slipped into recession, our leaders (most recently Najib) is telling us we are not affected!
You can be sure with Najib at the helm, TDM is pulling the strings...oh yes...UMNO is "planning" to return to its past glory. Just watch!
I guess, we will have to wait until the next General Elections to teach them a another lesson.
Hopefully they don't destroy us before that!

Anonymous said...

thats a fair write up man


kittykat46 said...

The Star article you highlighted was a pretty accurate picture of the issues facing the government.

I was surprised an MSM managing editor could have written such a piece - it sounded like something one of the more critical bloggers would have written.

But I don't think anyone who matters in BN(read "UMNO") is listening. Najib's latest "manifesto" promises a return to past methods and tactics...

guong said...


It does seems like UMNO wants to return to their 'old' method of governance. It seems they're already trying to implement it from an early stage. History in UPSR, well, not yet but the plan is already there.