Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Malays Need Honest And Sincere Leaders Not NEP

Hantu Laut

My fellow blogger Jed Yoong asked me do I think the Malays still need the NEP.My answer is no. I don't think they need the NEP and I don't think the NEP are meant for the Malays.The NEP are there only to expedite wealth for politicians,their relatives and friends.

If giving huge contracts to relatives and friends to make easy money are part of the NEP than I think the NEP is a disgrace to the Malays and many ordinary Malays are ashamed that their race are being used to benefits a small group of power hungry and greedy politicians.

After more than 50 years of independence and over 30 years of the NEP it would be shameful to admit that we Malays have still not learned to walk properly to better ourselves in business and other endeavours and have to depend on crutches provided by the government.Those crutches are made exclusively for the use of UMNO and its lapdogs, other Malays are just like the non-Malays, with the exception of priority and privileges given on education and the civil service, have no use of the NEP.

There are many capable Malays who were just unfortunate to be born on the wrong side of the track and not been able to prove themselves.These are Malays who are not in UMNO and, therefore, didn't get the chance to prove it to the world that they are just as good if not better than the non-Malays or the Malays in UMNO.

Unless you are politically connected, getting a government contract is next to impossible.Even if you are a good Malay businessman but do not know how to oil the cogwheels you can wait till kingdom come to get any government job.Only the sycophants,cocksuckers and ball carriers will get what they wanted.It is who you know not what you know.The only expertise you need to know in this business is how to sell your contract to a China man to make that quick profit.If you know some politicians and do not know how to ride the gravy train with him than they would call you stupid.That's what some of my friends and relatives told me.You must use your politician friends to make money.

Even more disgusting are those who made money in this most appalling of ways and think of it as being smart.They can't discern between smartness and craftiness.That's how smart they are.You just have to take a look at the huge mansions and expensive cars of this 'cepat di masak sedap dimakan' instant riches.Some were stupid enough to show off their instant wealth and ill gotten gains by building their huge mansions in the petit bourgeois community and bear the resentment of the hoi polloi. Jack and the Beanstalk would be full of envy for these people.At least Jack had to climb the gigantic beanstalk to steal the giant's treasure and risked getting killed.

The biggest recipients of the NEP would be through nepotism and chronic crony culture.Many government linked companies were privatised and given to cronies on the platter.One shining bright example of where the NEP failed miserably was MAS.The company was given to Tajuddin Ramli
to own controlling interest and management at over sweetened price.Within few years he successfully screwed up the company and brought it to the brink of bankruptcy.The government had to rescue MAS and paid him above market price for the shares and took back the company and injected fresh capital to save it from crashing to the ground.Than there were people like Amin Shah who screwed up the Lumut Naval Base and naval vessels contract to the tune of a few billion and abandoned the project.No legal or criminal actions were taken against him for this very expensive blunder that cost the government billion of ringgit.

There are many others like them who had become rich at the expense of taxpayer's money.Are these people true entrepreneurs or they are more suitable to run kedai runchit ?True entrepreneur starts from nothing and built his business empire from the ground up.Is this the kind of NEP the government wanted to perpetuate? Manufactured entrepreneurs with no business acumen that destroy more than they can build.

Another even more strange phenomenon and most noticeable are the business successes of almost all of the male offspring of former and current prime ministers of the country, from the late Tun Razak to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.They all seem to have their own businesses listed on the KLSE or in private holdings.It must be a miraculous coincident that most of them are such good entrepreneurs.

When the late Tun Razak mooted the idea of the NEP he had the noble intention of helping the Malays to improve and be at par with the other races in the country, never in his wildest dream he intented it for amassing wealth.

You don't need the NEP to help poor Malays.What you need are honest, sincere and dedicated leaders.

With the new regime soon to take over let's hope things will change.


Anonymous said...

We had hoped that Pak Lah was going to change the cronyism, rent seeking and leakage culture. Were we seriously wrong. I am no longer sure that UMNO can change the ways it governs. Too entrenched in self serving deals.


Pok Kam said...

Dear HL,

Good article. Very enlightening. May gives me some ideas of what to write in my assignment about ethics.

Ti Lian Ker said...

You have spoken well. I have repeatedly stated that we nee more KEIKHLASAN dan KETELUSAN.
There's no point using the RACE card to bolot kuasa dan kekayaan tapi akhirnya , yang patut dapat tak mendapat dan yang patut ditolong mendapat kosong...Politik UMNO kena berubah!!!
Politik Sentimen Perkauman sudah smakin basi...tapi emosi perkauman semakin menjadi-jadi...Negara dan Rakyat jua yang akan menanggung rugi...SILLY kan??

Hantu Laut said...

They will lose the next election if they don't.

Hantu Laut said...

pok kaam,
Ethic is not in the political dictionary.

Hantu Laut said...

ti lian ker,
Nice credentials.

I don't mine UMNO stays in power but they have to change.First is to review the NEP making suitable changes and stop using it as a gravy train.They don't have to completely remove the NEP only the negative parts.Treat other races fairly and fight corruptions with a vengeance.

If they can resolve these few issues before the next elections they have a chance to regain their former glory, if not,they may lose the next election worse than last March.

Anonymous said...

They lied, when they said they will always maintain a 30 sen subsidies for petrol, and now it turn out the rakyat are paying petrol tax to them. Instead, now , they are pondering a floor price for petrol even if petroleum tank to USD30/barrel

They lied, when they said it will put more money in the rakyat's pocket by cutting EPF contribution, whereas, in actual fact, the rakyat will be paying more income taxes a year later.

They absolutely lied, when they said the country will not go into recession, when the rest of the world is either heading that way or already in recession... only those who are blinkered will believe them. Anyway, in bolehland, massaged statistics proves nothing.

These are the latest 3 issues happened recently, if to go back history, the list will not end even when the keyboard worn.

Deceit, corruption, cheats and total lack of integrity is what I see day in and day out.

Anonymous said...


dont see UMNO changing. the party has lost its bearings and the members (including the top leaders) are only concerned with accumulating wealth thru deceit. it has lost the volunteerism spirit. Its now a party to gain quick wealth. UMNO has to lose the premiership before it starts the rejunevation process. It happens in other countries. remember Congress in India, Kamouting in Taiwan.