Monday, December 15, 2008

AIM F2000.No Spills And Thrills

Hantu Laut

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For nothing else better to do on this gloriously sunny Sunday morning , which the city haven't seen for many weeks due to the current wet spell, I , although not a great fan of speedboat formula racing decided to spoil myself to bask in the sun and armed with my camera hoping to capture some spills and thrills of the race.

This is the second year the UIM F2000 is staged at Kota Kinabalu.The venue was The Water Front, a popular hangout for both tourists and locals and a place where you can either savour a mixture of local and Western foods and drinks or sniff the sewers of the city especially when the tide is low.If you do come here, come when the tide is high.

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boardwalk, down by the sea,The Water Front.

the starting pit.

The final race on Sunday morning saw Italy's Alex Carella taking the chequered flag finishing the 35 laps of the 2.06 Km course in 33 minutes 31.77 seconds.

Alex Carella with the chequered flag

Britain's Colin Jelp who finished 2nd was crowned the world champion for third successive year.

the winning boat

the winning prop.

winner Alex Carella with Emiliano Ceresa,MD of Little Italy, a local sponsor.

not so lucky.

The F2000 is not a widely followed sport in the sense of the highly glorified F1 sport. Currently the season comprises only of four race avenues and Kota Kinabalu is the last round.The organisers are working on adding two more races next year.

Unfortunately, for all shutterbugs there were no thrills.It was a boring photographic outing.

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