Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Images From Our Colonial Past :The Woolley Collection Part I

Hantu Laut

George Cathcart Woolley(1876-1947), a former administrator 0f the North Borneo Chartered Company bequeathed an invaluable collection of photographs and other memorabilia dating to 1909.His collection provides an important record of people and events in Sabah's early history.The collection is known as The Woolley Bequest.

Below are some of the images from his collection.

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A group of deer hunters in Tambalang,Tuaran 1910.

Chinese vendors at the Papar Train 1910.

Road levelling using bullock 1915.

Police patrol on raft at Meligan 1909

This is the 1st instalment.More to come.


kadazan man said...

excellent pics. keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

We must not forget where come from,and we must remember who we are...
Hantu Laut,Thank you.

kittykat46 said...

Nice pictures !
Keep them coming...