Saturday, December 6, 2008

Stupid Malaysians !

Hantu Laut

Terrible! From making music to making movies and anything of artistic endeavours we are always in mediocrity.Not only we lack originality we are also bad imitators.We are Malaysians boleh!

Even the Indonesians and Filipinos are better than us in the arts and the art of robbing.Piracy off Tioman ! Look what type of ship and loots those stupid Malaysian pirate wannabes took.Probably not enough to pay for their petrol money.Robbing a collier!. Goodness gracious me! Not that I encourage and condone piracy.If you want to do a job, do it well.

Maybe, those pirate wannabes should go to Somali's School of Piracy and learn if you wannabe a Long John Silver you should cut off one leg and shouldn't have your balls bigger than your brain.

Lanun bodoh!

Malaysia Boleh!

Could they be Indonesians?

1 comment:

Pok Kam said...

Sigh! They should just go and steal chickens from someone's backyard. Cheaper and economical... LOL!