Sunday, January 25, 2009

First Class Infrastructure, Third World Mentality


Malaysian leaders are slowly waking up to the reality that the 'bed of roses' they expect of the economy had become a hot prickle of embarrassment for the government.

In my many past postings I have warned that the economic downturn would be worse than what the government had made it out to be and telling the people -- there would be no recession in Malaysia, an absurdity most compelling.

The blurring of the truth was to make the leaders look competent and capable when they were not.

If the situation is not serious why the need for a second stimulus package? Depending on the size of the package it could be another drop in the ocean.

Most developed countries have braced themselves for the sharp contraction in the economy and have warned their citizens to expect tough times ahead.Britain Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he did not foresee the coming of the recession which took his government by surprise.Britons have started tightening their belts.They have started cutting down on their energy consumption resulting in the decline in sales of power generation companies.

Only in the Third World countries where state control over daily life is pervasive and wide-ranging and where leaders are more concerned with shoring up their own finances and wealth, the economy of the country takes a back seat and economic recession is not in their dictionary, because there is no economy to talk about in the first place, most survived on foreign aids.

Malaysia is on the verge of becoming a developed nation and already had in existence the infrastructures of a developed nation, developed over the past few decades by the foresight of our past leaders.

Only continued effort and foresight can propel the nation to join the august club.Are the present crop of leaders cut from the same cloth as past leaders or mired in third world mentality?

Can the present administration preserve what we already have and continue to bring this nation to greater heights?


Anonymous said...

hi all busy with UMNO elections...

de minimis said...


Another good warning. We have to keep harping on this. It's for the good of this country and, therefore, our own good.

SM said...


In answer to your question in the last paragraph...the naswer is NO!
Dr. M (with all his vices & evil ways & corrupted practices) brought us to the door of being a Developed Country.
To step in however, needs different means & ways. We can't use the same tried & trusted corrupted practices to go forward!
Pak Lah inherited a "reat chance" but unfortunatley he was / is too weak. Now Rosmah (ok, I can't help myself! Sorry Najib) is going to take over?
Unless Najib is willing to make a 180 degree turn, not only is this Administration's going to collapse, it's going to take us all down with it!
Second stimulus package & Najib has not even handed out the first one & yes, we don't need it right? So says Najib & his bunch of crooked corrupted & Racist cronies!

Hantu Laut said...


That's very true.No use winning in UMNO but lose the government.

Hantu Laut said...

de mimimis,

Our leaders have always swept the dirt under the carpet because they think we Malaysians are stupid.

As Abaraham Lincoln said "You can fool some the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all of the time.

Hantu Laut said...

I think you are going a bit overboard with your critical analysis of the situation.Even the Western world had admitted that Malaysia had progressed much faster than many other countries of the world.

Admittedly, we still lag behind Singapore,Hong Kong,South Korea and Taiwan in term of economic development but there are endemic differences, which you and I may not like,that are necessary evils to coalesce the economy.

I think you have to give some credit to Mahathir.Sure, he ruled with an iron fist but he had also brought progress to the country and he has the nation at heart.

I agree, he could have done better.

Anonymous said...

Brim over I agree but I dream the list inform should acquire more info then it has.

LL said...

2 years on, malaysia becoming a developed nation? HAHAHAHA