Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is UMNO in A Fix ?

Hantu Laut

UMNO's Perak Assemblyman for Bota Nasarudin Hashim has crossed over to PKR, even before he tendered his resignation with UMNO. He must be too much in a hurry to catch a train that may not be taking him anywhere.

Nasarudin may have created history as the first Malay frog in many decades that deserted his party. There is no law against changing political affiliation in this country. UMNO has all along been against passing a law to forbid elected representatives from defecting to another political party. How they wish they hadn't done what they did in Sabah in 1994 when PBS was the government and in the opposition. Using the court they repelled the anti-hop law passed by PBS to stop assemblyman from defecting. They plotted and successfully demolished the PBS government by enticing PBS's assemlymen with offer of money and positions to crossover to the BN.

As they say "God's mill grinds slow but sure" and now UMNO is in a fix.

Looking at the history of politics in Malaysia I think the present bunch of politicians running UMNO and the country are pretty much living in the past and still riding the high horses.They still believe arm-twisting, threat and intimidation will keep people subservient and in line.Those days have passed and gone.The political landscape have changed, the people's aspiration have changed, they have new ideals.Demand for openness and accountability not seen before could not be more over-emphasized now.The people want an open book, they want to know exactly how the country is being run and how the people's money are being spent. These are fundamentals of a democratic system.Unfortunately, UMNO leaders can't or refused to see the reality of their surroundings.

The death of an Indian boy at the hand of the police, although not politically motivated, was another wedge between the Indian community and the government.The police force undoubtedly was one of the major contributors to the people's widespread discontent with the government.The government has lost the absolute support of the Indian community and it would be a long time before they can regain the trust, respect and support of this community.

Most of the problems were self-inflicted. Adding to its list of woes is the conflict with the Catholic church's publication the Herald. Another unnecessary disorder.A conflict most unnecessary and one that can be avoided if there were religious tolerance and the government ignoring the ignoramus' ignorance of the whole issue.

The Home Ministry had issued instruction not to use the word 'Allah' in their in-house magazine, The Herald.The case has gone to court and is still awaiting trail.In the meantime, the Minister of Home Affairs Syed Hamid Albar said it was not a ministry decision but a cabinet decision in demanding the prohibition of the use of the word 'Allah' in the publication. Since when and under which provision of the Malaysian Constitution that explicitly says a cabinet decision is the law? Can executive decision becomes law and can it be issued to a non-governmental organisation if it was deemed against the constitution? On that ground the Catholic church has taken the case to court. Syed Hamid should wait and not impose his or the government will on the Herald until the court decides on the case. People take this as another bullying style of the BN government. Least, Syed Hamid forgets, a cabinet decision is not the law, it is an executive decision.

Those are just layman's interpretation of what I think I know.Maybe, some legal eagles can enlighten on the matter.

To the UMNO boys these anomalies are considered small and unimportant and they think they have successfully cowed the people.The people's discontent was first expressed in the 8th March 2008 General Elections, later in the Permatang Pauh by-election and recently at the Kuala Terengganu
by-election. So far, nothing has changed in UMNO to show serious reforms and a desire to win back the heart of the people.

The BN is still the better formula of a coalition government if they can clean up their houses. The cleaning up must start in UMNO and time may not be on their sides.

Nasaraudin says he defected in the interest of his constituents. Those who believe him must be bloody fools.The BN government has more money to develop his constituency, if that was the reason he chose to leave UMNO to joint PKR or was it status and position that he seeks in PKR that he couldn't get in UMNO?

Anwar Ibrahim says there will be more defections, Najib says I don't think so.

Will there be a government for Najib to take over?

Look! Who is talking here.


SM said...


A good quick short summary of UMNO's recent "anomalies".
Just like that thug in blue (the CPO of Selangor) who looks down his nose whenever he speaks to the public, these UMNO Racists look down on us because they think we are too stupid to know any better.
Well they will know soon enough.
Even if there are no more "kataks", the next GE will sort it out.
They talk about change but we have yet to see any change. They just don't get it do they?
Good riddance to bad rubbish (i.e. the BN Govt.).

kittykat46 said...

I don't see that UMNO has done anything substantial in the last 13 months to address the issues which caused my growing distaste for its brand of politics. The party is already on that long slippery slide which leads down..down...

Having said that, I don't like the idea of frogs at all. They are all slimy characters originating from that slimy party...that's no way to build the foundation for a government

fie the elf said...

umno, a bunch of racist *TOOT*.

me no likey

vinnan said...

'The BN is still the better formula of a coalition government if they can clean up their houses.' BN is an organization in which UMNO/Malays do as they please in the interest of UMNO/Malays first and only. What the non-Malays get is incidental to the interest of UMNO/Malays. The PR coalition as can be seen at the state level relies less on racial/religious 'ketuanan shit' and more on a desire to see that their policies are equitable. Even PAS Kelantan and Kedah do not resort to any Malay/Muslim 'ketuanan' shit in the administration of their states. When was the last time PAS,PKR or the DAP did an 'Ahmad Ismail' racial shit?

SM said...


From what you are saying, then the PR is a better Coalition option for Malaysia!
Let me elaborate a little:-

Let's say PR wins the Next GE. DSAI becomes PM. If he tries any stunts, the DAP will "quit" PR (they have done so twice in the past over differences with PAS, if I'm not mistaken) & there goes his PM-ship.
PAS too has to tow the line, any nonsence with HUDUD & the DAP will opt out. Once the DAP opts out, the PR will not be the Majority (probably).
The PR leaders have already agreed to have a "consensus" before implementing any changes.
Unlike the BN where UMNO controls the MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP & the others (& thus consensus BN-style means whatever UMNO wants), the PR coalition's partners are "equally" strong & therefore no one party can control the others.
Well, I may be wrong but after 51 years of UMNO & BN, I'm fed up!

Anonymous said...

On the use of the word "Allah"
Where has BN thrown the Rukun Negara? Good only for the wallpapers. There never has been any sincerity in the BN Gov't to unite the people. What's wrong in the bible religions to use one term. I recall my brothers who went to mission schools in the early days, they didn't get converted. My Dusun teachers in the GPS (Gov't Primary Schools) in the 50's and 60's read, wrote and taught in Jawi, they remained faithful to their religions. And to top it all, in recent times, a Mission school in Kudat had even built a surau for their Muslim student!
We thought the 2004 Christmas in KK promoted by BN will see the beginning of religious tolerance, but alas it was more of 'hot hot chicken shit' (hangat hangat tahi ayam) There was none of it later...
As I stated before, BN is on the way out. All because of the silent majority have shown their maturity. BN is now soul searching for the right formula with the same mentalities..

Anonymous said...

hamid, the crap, is back with his mother of disastrous statement which goes like this " dont make criminals heroes and cops demons".
hamid the crap, we are all for the cops to do their job which is to make sure criminals pay their dues. but we are surely not favourable for the cops to behave like criminals. if you cant understand a simple logic like this, can you just please resign so as to prevent further embarrasment to BN.