Friday, January 30, 2009

The Ultimate Abominable Man ?

Hantu Laut

Many have written about him.He made some of the most ridiculous statements.Never have said the right thing.He is probably one single man that had done more damage to the government than any other minister.He thinks he is smart but his answers revealed otherwise.

"We arrested her under ISA to protect her" and he thinks that was smart.
(Is the ISA a Witness Protection Programme?)

"Don't regard criminals as heroes" and he thinks that was even smarter.
(Is a suspect without a criminal record a criminal?)

"Umno must change before the people pass a death sentence on it" he said incriminating himself.
(Isn't he one of the biggest culprits that brought UMNO to its death-knell?)

How the hell they made this man a minister ! Isn't he a liability to UMNO and should be removed from his ministerial post before he can do more damage to the party and the country.

When he is Prime Minister, Najib should think about it and consider making him Ambassador to Saudi Arabia or Yemen.

Obviously, he never read any book written by Samuel Langhorne Clemens.

"It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt"
Mark Twain

Do I have to give a name? I guess you know who he is.


Anonymous said...

"Ambassador to Yemen"...hehehhehe..

Najib himself is well deserved to be Ambassador to Mongolia. He is believed to have with the country.

Anonymous said...

if there is one that i must agree with you hantulaut-this is the one!

i just don't understand is it to do with his IQ overflowed? if there is such thing?



Anonymous said...

That is why UMNO is in trouble now, they have a lot of fools masquerading as ministers including the head...


Anonymous said...

HL, You Rock, Man...
Let this Yeti gape his mouth..
and let the flies in.
I like the signal he is making..

Anonymous said...


you must be kidding. ambassador to yemen? no, better and more appropriate place is Zimbabwee. He will find good company in Mugabe.

SM said...


If you think this idiot is stupid (& by the way, you know I agree with your article here), can you imagine how "retarded" is the one who made him a Minister?
Can you imagine how "pathetic" the Party he represents if he's one of their best?!
I rest my case.