Sunday, February 8, 2009

Anwar Ibrahim's Grand Plan In The Mist

Hantu Laut

We all agree party hopping is demeaning and morally unacceptable to many, especially those who voted for the candidate on a party's platform of their choice.The people's repulsion against such behaviour is understandable.The unfortunate part is, there is no law against it and is against the Federal constitution to suppress it.Everyone should have the freedom of association.

What those in Pakatan failed to see is their own indulgence in political masochism. Rather than accepting the rule of law and do a self-examination of where they went wrong, they wilfully incited confrontation with the Sultan and instigated and encouraged the people to go on the street to show their anger against the Sultan. This is Anwar's brand of politics, protest and demonstration is his trademark.

"People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stone". Most of our politicians have short and selected memory and unashamedly dished out advices and make comments for which they have lost the right to do so, which they conveniently forget.

One of the frogs that brought down the PBS government in 1994 Yong TecK Lee has something to say here. In today's Daily Express headline another frog, Deputy Transport Minister Lajim Okin said it is OK to be a frog and it is normal for elected representatives to jump ship as there could be goodness coming out of it.He said Sabah benefited when he deserted PBS for the BN and leaders who jump do not do it for personal gain , they do it for the interest of the people. Certainly can't agree with this doggone piece of crap.Every frog does it out of greed and personal gain.

Perak ludicrous MB Nizar Jamaluddin should take a leaf out of Joseph Pairin's book.When Anwar raided the PBS for its assemblymen in 1994 he managed to steal 3 assemblymen to crossover to BN and brought down the PBS government and Pairin.A new chief minister from UMNO was appointed and Pairin being a true gentleman and one that respect the rule of law willingly stepped down as chief minister, without challenging the Yang Dipertuan Negeri's decision.

The Perak case is no different from what happened in Sabah in 1994. The only difference, the Perak MB is thick-headed, a belligerent, a recalcitrant and have no respect for the rule of law and have shown great disrespect to the Sultan.He sun-addled brain is incapable of making sense of the whole issue.

If this belligerent menteri besar and all the educated fools in Pakatan think they have a strong case than the right arena to fight it out is in the court of law, not in the streets using goons, schnooks and idiots who can only understand the law of the jungle.The confrontation, belligerence and lack of savoir faire by the Menteri Besar, Anwar and other Pakatan leaders were intended to scurrilously damage the Sultan's reputation.

Joining in the fray and with his own interpretation of the law is none other than the outcast top dog of the biggest law firm in the country, Zaid Ibrahim.This sententious lawyer thinks the Sultan was wrong and should not have asked the MB to resign.If you have majority of the members expressed no confidence in the MB and his government does it matter whether it is held in the assembly or the palace and I wonder which specific section of the State constitution says show of hands in the Assembly should be the only procedure.I also wonder what would Zaid's comment be if he was still in UMNO?

The absurdity of the some of the argument put forth by some legal minds and some 'lawyer buruk' that the BN has no majority because both sides have 28 seats each shows the ignorance and lack of understanding of the working of the law.The confidence of the majority should come from members of the assembly not members of political party.It can be an aggregate of BN,Pakatan and Independent assemblymen.Those Pakatan assemblymen who wanted to support BN don't even need to change party, they can do so while still in Pakatan, if they wish.Of course they would be sacked by the party if they made the stand to support BN.

The three rebels could have easily conspired with the BN secretly and let BN call for a motion of confidence to remove the MB and supported it while assembly is in session.The end game would be the same, Pakatan will be out of office.

Anwar and his gang may regret the day they embarrassed the Sultan and created an explosively tense situation that could endanger the safety of the Sultan and his family.The calling will come when the Malays turned against him in the very near future.This culture of protests and demonstrations is taking the country down the road to Africa.Now, in Africa, they don't demonstrate anymore, they just go on a killing spree.

The Malays will eventually see his action as protecting the DAP majority government and his own self interest and used a Malay menteri besar to rouse the Malay sentiments.This sentiments will be short-lived when the Malays see the true light of Anwar Ibrahim's grand plan, to be prime minister, by hook or by crook, doesn't bother him which road he takes to Putrajaya, as long as he gets there.

As leader of the opposition Anwar Ibrahim should be made responsible if there were to be breakdown of law and order.


barbie said...

"A new chief minister from UMNO was appointed and Pairin being a true gentleman and one that respect the rule of law willingly stepped down as chief minister, without challenging the Yang Dipertuan Negeri's decision."

Hantu Laut you are funny!! Gentleman my foot! That's a leader without guts. A monarchy apologist like you should just shut up :) Perhaps this line from Muhyiddin suits you best?? It surely reflects your idea of the whole situation.

“Surely you can’t question the wisdom of Sultan Azlan Shah. His decision has to be respected.

That's very funny also. Just because he's a Sultan, we can't question his 'wisdom'. Haha! So much of his wisdom. And yours.

SM said...


Sad to say your hatred for DSAI & for anyone or anything that supports him "shines through like a beacon in the night".
HRH the Sultan of Perak has the right to "hire" but not "fire". The new Parak UMNO MB was not constitutionally elected.
If UMNO & the new MB is so sure they are supported by most Perakians, then get HRH to dissolve the State Assembly. We all know that the BN will get "trashed" soundly.
How much you want to bet? Those two "frogs" who are supposedly "BN friendly independents" will be found innocent when their corruption trials come up!
UMNO Boleh!

donplaypuks® said...

In this day and age no one, especially the Malays, seriously harbours the notion that our Sultans are repositories of absolute wisdom and justice.

Were this so, Dr.M, the sleeping PM and most of our MB's would have been sacked long ago for the racism, corruption and plundering of the national coffers that occurred during their tenure in political office.

And if the Sultan is not wise? What then? The hukum sharat clearly states that the pact between the Sultans and their subjects is only valid if both parties observe their obligations diligently and fairly.

Go read the Sejarah Melayu!!

But make no mistake. I do not condone violence.

BB said...

I do not understand why you keep on talking about Sabah's 1994 general election.

During Sabah's 1994 election, the three actually defected over to BN 2 days after election when the assembly is not formed yet. So, what Sabah's TYT did during that time is lawful and nothing wrong even thought the manner it was done is unethical.

The sad thing is that Pairin did not fight for his party and to stand together with the people. That is why PBS is such a weak party today!!!

Perak Constitution does not empower His Highness to dismiss the Mentri Besar. The manner in which the Mentri Besar is to be removed from office is as provided for under Article 16(6), through a refusal to dissolve the Assembly at the request of the Mentri Besar when the Mentri Besar has ceased to command the confidence of the majority of the Assembly.

Trigger said...

Well written article! PR is disintegrating by the day! Karpal had ask anwar to step down saying he is unfit to lead PR as he supports overthrowing the government by defection! kit siang and guan eng was not spared for their inconsistent stand on party hopping. Need his supporters hear more? Are the PR supporters going to fire Karpal now? I wonder...

Hantu, keep writing, some people need some serious shaking up!

Anonymous said...

Either way party hopping is immoral and caused this nation endless problem. The only solution to this an heinous crime is an act in parliament that says the elected government will remain even it loses majority until a vote of no confident is motioned against it. If such motion is not successful, this minority government can still rule but not be able to approve any bills etc.
Such constitution will upheld the elected government until the next election.. so no headache, no frogs, no baits,,

Anonymous said...


simple. go thru the whole motion. the evidence is so flimsy now, the two goons will be set free and the prosecution team will be admonished by the judge.
sounds familiar?
didnt EC acted beyond its power and usurp the role of the Speaker?
its ok, hantu that the vital institutions are all compromised so that the self-proclaimed protector of Malay rights, UMNO remains in power.
its ok, when UMNO decides that the powers of the royalty need to be clipped.

Just as when the people are now seeing the royalty as the saviour of this country from the corrupt cluthches of BN, the reverred Sultan drop this bombshell.

I better rest my case else I am accused of being disloyal to the Sultan and the country. Just wanna you to know, Hantu, its our fundamnetal right to question but that doesnt mean our loyalty is elsewhere afterall we are all humans and fallible, isnt it?

Let me reiterate that our loyalty to the Sultan remains steadfast though we may have disagree with him.

Anonymous said...


no way UMNO will agree as it takes away one of their bullets to remain in the throne. who else has the financial resources but UMNO to buy up the opposition? and of course, the money came from the taxpayers' pockets. still wondering why for a rich nation of ours, you and me are still paying taxes thru the noses while the buggers from BN owns bungalows and commercial properties in Australia, UNited States, Britian and as far as Argentina. Oh, one was even caught with millions in a foreign land and got off scot free on the premise he dont understand English. Thats the kind of ruling government we have and we deserve it coz we allow it.

Hantu Laut said...


It's not funny.You are entitled to your opinion.I stand by what I say, the Sultan is right.

Hantu Laut said...


I have no hatred for Anwar and no love for the BN.I hate hypocrisy and double standard and Anwar is the epitome of this flawed character.He can do to others and when others do the same to him, he screamed unfairness and riled up the people against the government.
He has no qualms to stab in the back those who trusted him.He is the product of the very thing you people wanted to change.

You can see who are the trouble makers in Pakatan, it's not DAP or PAS,it's PKR.It shows that he has no control of his boys and they have no respect for him because he is dictatorial, unfair man and power crazy.He coveted power and will do anything to get it.

He is a public figure and as citizen of this country I have every right to admonish him just like the many pro-Anwar and Pakatan bloggers and commentators who wrote in worse and most unsavoury language about the leaders in BN and government.

That privilage is not Anwar alone, others have and can do the same.

Hantu Laut said...

Try walking properly first before you try to run.

Hantu Laut said...


Hantu Laut said...

The vote of no confidence had been passed by the 31 assemblymen in front of the Sultan.Only the pro-Pakatan half-past-six lawyers and leaders refused to accept it.

Anonymous said...

seems like the government can be assembled at odd places, at the istana, at the MB's house and may even be in the long as the ingredients are there.. is that what you are trying to suggest? Like what happened in Sabah, Tun M rushed to the istana, got appointed just because he got the correct arithmetic formula?
Then we all should go to the dogs..

barbie said...

Of course I am entitled to my opinion. :)

You said the Sultan is right. Well.

"The vote of no confidence had been passed by the 31 assemblymen in front of the Sultan."

Is that the right way, as stated in the constutition how a vote of no confidence should be done? Check again, Hantu.

Sultan Perak has made 3 mistakes:

1. Rejected Nizar's request to dissolve the state assembly and call for fresh polls.
2. Dismissed Nizar as Perak MB.
3. Ignored Speaker V. Sivakumar's request to convene an emergency sitting.

There are 2 broad categories of powers which the Sultan is vested with. The first type are powers which the Sultan shall act in accordance with the advice of the Executive Council. There is no discretionary power here. Whenever the Sultan is advised to exercise these powers, the Sultan has no choice but to exercise that power in accordance with the advice given.

Secondly there are powers which the Sultan may exercise in his discretion. These powers include:
* power to appoint the MB
* power to withhold his consent to a request for the dissolution of the Assembly.

Article 16 (6) is very important. It says:

"If the MB ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the Legislative Assembly, then, unless at his request His Royal Highness dissolves the Legislative Assembly, he shall tender the resignation of the Executive Council."

If we could now look at this provision closely. There is no subjectivity here. It does not say, for example, "if the Sultan is of the opinion that the MB ceases to command the confidence of the Assembly", or "if it is likely that the MB has ceased to command the confidence of the Assembly".

It says clearly that "if the MB ceases to command". That means this provision kicks in only and only if, it could be factually proven that the MB has ceased to command the confidence of the Legislative Assembly. In other word, the Sultan is not imbued with the power to make his own subjective judgment over this fact and matter . For this provision to operate, it must be established as a fact that the MB has ceased to command the confidence of the Assembly.

How is that fact established then? In countries practising the Westminster typed democracy, this fact is established with a vote of no confidence on the floor of the Assembly.


So, what you think the Sultan did right, when clearly he didn't follow the correct procedures when dismissing the MB, or accepted BN as the new government of Perak. He acted prematurely, I am afraid. And to question that is not derhaka. That's out of the point.

Here lies the problem. The MB has requested the Sultan to dissolve the Assembly but the Sultan has refused to do so and had asked the MB to resign instead.