Friday, February 13, 2009

Corrupted To The Core

Hantu Laut

Corruption, unchecked, is a virulent and debilitating social disease.It has been known to make rich nation poor, caused political upheaval, infighting and civil wars.Each corrupt regime will be succeeded by even more corrupt regime, which eventually led to breakdown of good governance, destroyed the economic engines and brought miseries to its people.

Argentina, Philippines and Zimbabwe are prime examples of countries that used to be prosperous and had become poorer through many decades of being raped by corrupted regimes.

The Philippines got its independence from America in 1946 and was the most progressive country in the region in the 1950s and 60s.It was way ahead of other countries in South East Asia including Malaysia.It prospered under Diosdado Macapagal who was also known by his nickname "The Incorruptible".

Macapagal lost the presidency to Ferdinand Marcos in an elections in 1965.It was the beginning of the decline of the Philippines.Marcos became very powerful and ran a totalitarian regime and the most repressive in the region.His administration was marred with massive corruption, nepotism, despotism and human right violations.He stole billions of state funds and deposited them into overseas accounts.He was eventually overthrown by people power revolution.The Philippines had not recovered ever since.
Corruptions seem to be growing, growing and growing with the blessings and involvement of many in government.

As they say "a leopard never change its spot" and in the case of the Philippines the spot seems to be growing bigger.Even loan taken from the World Bank for development project had not been spared from corruptions.The World Bank has it own department to monitor how governments spend loan given to them.They made a shocking discovery that $45 million out of the $150 million loan taken had gone into various forms of corruption.

Read the report below:


The irony of the whole issue is that now the Philippine government has turned the wheel around and accused the World Bank of fabricating the whole thing and threatened to arrest the Resident Director of the World Bank if he refused to attend a Senate hearing.

Read the report below:


The saying "like father like son" may not hold true in the Philippines or, maybe, it doesn't apply to daughters.

The current President of the Philippine Gloria Macapagal is the daughter of Diosdado Macapagal also known as "The Incorruptible".


kittykat46 said...

Malaysia, I'm afraid, is well on its way down the slippery slope which leads into the Abyss...

And, as the Phillipines and Zimbabwe have shown, once you are in that bottomless pit, it can take you forever to recover...

So many things in Malaysia are no longer even recognised as corruption, because they have become the normal method of decision making and action in both government and private sector.
Its what people call the "desensitisation to corruption".

Also remember that corruption goes beyond giving/receiving bribes. It includes the abuse of one's position and power for personal benefit.

Frankly, I don't see a solution.

Barisan Nasional is incurable.
PR may talk a lot, but may not be any better once in power. Too many people in PKR have the same mentality as BN.

Hantu Laut said...

Yes,Malaysia is teetering on the brink of falling into the ditches if those in power don't change and stop the abuses.

The system needs complete overhauling.To survive the recession they must suspend the NEP and must ensure efficiency and competitiveness.Giving projects to family,friends and cronies must stop.Projects should only be awarded on competitive pricing.
Must also deal with corruptions more seriously than before.

If they can do this the next 4 years they may have a chance in the next GE, if not, sayonara.

SM said...


We all know that UMNO will not change. They have talked a lot ever since the last GE & yet we see the same old crap. Do you think they will dismantle the NEP, ISA, Ketuanan Melayu? Ya rite!
So what do we do?
We continue to vote for BN? Hahahahaha! Then we deserve whatever dung they feed us.
I think both you & kittykat feel that PR is the same. I disagree. However time will tell. We have no choice. For now & from what I can see in the near future, we have two choices. Either the BN or PR. For the moment we have to live with it.
look at Penang & Kelantan. I think both states are doing fine. So there is a chance. Selangor I think will be ok once the PR Govt. there learns from its mistakes.
Since we gave the BN 51 years & they have not improved then our only choice is to give the PR a chance. At least until they prove us wrong or otherwise.

galadriel said...

Interesting read Hantu. To think generations of innocents suffer for the greed of a few...

In Malaysia, if there wasn't a shock to the system that was March 8, 2009, I would not even hope.

But I do, now.Because the people can make the difference. Sad though that there are enuff ppl who will gladly screw the very people who trusted them. Nothing new.

There are many Umno elements in PR. Especially in PKR. DAP suffers from jumpy fundamentalist types too.

Unless they go, the PH ship may run aground.

As it has in Perak. Anwar is sounding more and more sanctimonious. In fact, he sounds Umno too.

Anonymous said...


i have on numerous occasions disagree with you on your views but on this, I am totally with you.

in fact, I am making the preparations for a backstop to migrate. Not for me (coz I am in my last leg of life) but for my kids.Unashamedly, I said to my friends, this UMNO in this present form must be destroyed in order for Malaysia to have a chance to be alive again. They called it CONSTRUCTIVE DESTRUCTION.

This country is very dear to me and migration is the last option.

Anonymous said...


UMNO in its present form must be destroyed so that a rejunevated UMNO will be able to govern the country again like those days under TUn Hussein OON. Sad, his offsprings do not carry his genes of incorruptibility and unquestionable behaviour.

I love this country but I dont see daylight under the current UMNO regime.