Friday, February 6, 2009

Perak Heading For Emergency Rule ?

Hantu Laut
Man down. In the chaos following the tear gas release by police upon thousands of protestors near Istana Iskandariyah, in Kuala Kangsar, an unidentied man is seen lying in protest on the road with vehicles avoiding him. It is all very new for the silver state - marches, police and tear gas. – Picture by Choo Choy May (Pic from Malaysian Insider)

Is Perak heading for a state of emergency similar to what Kelantan had in 1977 ?

In 1977 in the Kelantan state assembly a 'no confidence' motion was tabled and carried by 20 PAS votes after 13 UMNO and 1 MCA assemblymen walked out.

A legal impasse followed when Menteri Besar Mohammed Nasir called for dissolution of the state assembly. His supporters demonstrated in the streets and violence and looting broke out.It led to the Federal government asking the Yang Dipertuan Agong to declare state of emergency in Kelantan and curfew imposed in the state capital. Federal ruled was imposed in Kelantan for 'public security'

UMNO won Kelantan in the March 1978 state elections.

Article 150 of the Federal constitution empowered the Agong to declare emergency rule in the Federation or any part thereof.

The constitutional crisis is developing into potential violence and civil disorder. Protests and demonstrations if allowed to continue would give the Federal government the excuse to impose emergency rule.

Shouldn't Anwar and Pakatan take the blame if such situation imposed in Perak.


Anonymous said...

Balik-balik blame Anwar.
Najib engineered the unethical removal of the Perak state government, but your brains seem to be missing somewhere.

Anonymous said...

mmg kena blame anwar le...

sbb pakatan yg bodoh tu dah bikin dajal kat sultan..

nak tunjuk samseng dgn berdemonstrasi buat apa? Kalau tunjuk perangai baik sikit, mungkin in the future, bila kerajaan baru BN yang rapuh ni tumbang, boleh lah senyum senyum balik kat Sultan.

Ni kalau dah kurang ajar tahap macam ni kat Sultan (idea Anwar bodoh tu), macam mana la nak dapat backing Sultan in the future?

Kalau dah bodoh tu, bodoh jugak lah.

Kalau aku jadik menteri besar baru Perak, aku cucuk lagi Sultan Azlan tu...

Zambry : Tengok tu Tuanku, mereka kurang ajar kat Tuanku. Orang macam ni nak jadi pemimpin rakyat? Kalau dengan raja sendiri pun tak takut, macamana nak tadbir negeri dengan baik... habis harta rakyat dia kebas (kes 999 tahun lease).

Sultan : Ya tak ya juga... beta akan pastikan mereka ini tidak akan sekali kali memimpin negeri PErak kesayangan beta seperti ini lagi..



Anonymous said...

A picture can tell a thousand story.
Was it man down, or he just laying down with intention to block the passage. Hemmm

Anonymous said...

Just not you giving into the melodramatic

Bill Garnett said...

"Freedom is not free" and people too often get the government they deserve. These are broad statements, but as a casual visitor to Malaysia it is apparent that the electorate is hardly energized or politically educated. There is a circular finger pointing and the general sense that the government is corrupt, that Malay special privilege is unfair, and that apathy is widespread.

This crisis is a rare opportunity to engage the public in what is the foundation of democracy – and that is the people governing themselves by the bottom up. But don’t ever imagine it will be simple to wrest power away from those who have it – they will fight with every means at their disposal to hold onto and tighten their reins on power.

Anonymous said...

hey bill,
democracy is built by and invented by the west and it does not apply here.
Since you kind occupied us and engineered us to be more like the westerners, see what happened?
This is not a rare oppurtunity of what democracy an western civilization has given malaysia.
Chaos, more chaos and the collapsed of malaysian values.
Go away bill. Your kind has given us more bad than good things.
go away bill. don't come back.

Anonymous said...

anon February 6, 2009 8:44 PM

i cracked up reading ur comment ha ha ha ha ha ha ha much needed for these heavy days....

orgkk said...

+Hantu laut,

buang masa sahaja menerangkan sifat buruk Anwar Ibrahim..dari kalangan penyokong PKR ke PAS ke they will never see the truth about Anwar..the chameleon as you called him. I agree with you 100%. They have forgotten that Anwar Ibrahim is a politician like any other politician, and the worst kind of it all.

He too has a case against him in court,if found guilty back to jail.Of course those "buta hati dan akal" people will cry foul again.

I just can't understand why those people can not see the true colors of Anwar. Maybe he keeps changing it too often,people loose track of what he really is.

Anonymous said...

Cina dapat tanah.
Melayu dapat gas pemedih mata.

SM said...


No emergancy rule yet!
However, when the next GE comes, the Perakians will remember what happened here.
As for HRH, well...
Some people are impatient...I'm not...I can wait...this racist & corrupted will fall (just like the Nazis did, just like the South African Apartheid regim did!) in the next GE!

SM said...


As you can see from the comments of your readers, the PR supporters will defend DSAI til the last drop of blood (maybe they are dumb? Maybe stupid? Maybe).
However the BN supporters (like Anonymous 11:03PM) just like the BN itself will bring in Racial comments (deep down teh BN & their supporters are plain Racists!).

vinnan said...

Everyone seems to have forgotten that the Pangkor treaty was signed by Perak royalty which led to the official colonization of the peninsula. Need I say more.

ediannuar said...


anwaar this, anwar that.. you really hate this guy... he moved on, alot of people move on... but fikir lah sendiri!!!!!

Bill Garnett said...

Hello Anonymous,

One aspect of real democracy is the guaranteed right of all citizens to speak out openly with their honest opinions - yet, I fear it is those, anonymous like you, who hide behind anonymity, or face scarves, or the black of night, and have not the courage to identify yourself with your statements and your beliefs, who threaten democratic progress. A vital and healthy society requires openness.

And I might add, to continue to lament your current problems on colonial mismanagement (long before I was born, by the way, and the USA had little to do with Malaysia’s history, other than recue it from Japan in WWII) is only an excuse – not a solution.

Why not direct your emotion in a positive manner?

malaysianformalaysia said...

Korang semua pandai.
Like Bill have pointed out, You all hide behind your anonymity in fear of what? Dah la nak berlagak pandai,You want to prove yourself yet do it with a blanket of your identity. You say the westerners have thought and engineered us to be like this? You are duly wrong my friend. Please take a long hard look at the emerging markets of the middle east. It is through the knowledge sharing and guidance of the world that has brought up countries like UAE, Oman and Bahrain. The west (Britain, Australia & France) have given asylum to many Muslimin and Musliman sheltered and educated them from where they were less fortunate. So what the hell are you rambling about? You ingat kite punya ketuanan melayu bagus sangat ke? Apa kejadah ko belejar kat ko punya universiti? You make us Malays look like fools becos of your stupidity and narrow mindedness! Ade faham ke tak? I hate it with all your so called malay arrogance and pride. I am ashamed to call myself a Melayu (dah aku kafir ke?) knowing that a whole bunch of you can think that you dont need others but yourselves! Tolong la.. fikir dulu sebelum kau nak komen pasal orang lain, nanti nampak macam bodoh saja tau.

Anonymous said...

Bill oh Bill.
It is your civilization who created the internet and you called it the gift to the modern world. And yet when used against you, excuses came up.What kind of a person who gives and takes and gives and takes? Idiot. That is the person you are bill.
a solution and an excuse, any different? Yeah those who lost said it an excuse. And those who win said it a good solution. Don't play with words bill.Shakespeare have done it before. You are bad at it. That's why bill, go away. Kind of person who give cheese in right hand and holding a dagger behind his back.
I like anonymity. Why it made people who think they are civilized and well mannered like you go crazy. Suck on it and go away.
Sure, USA save malaysia, that's what you think. Killing 100,000 people to justify your glory. That's what i say. go to where you come from Bill. and succckkk on it!

Bill Garnett said...

As a guest in Malaysia I am more interested in learning about this wonderful country than engaging in a silly word spat with some anonymous commenter. I will only say that these types of personalities also plague the blog conversations in America.

If the owner/moderator of this blog does want intelligent conversation and debate based on facts, logic, and opinion stated as opinion, then he or she must begin to delete silly childish posted comments, restrict anonymous postings, and encourage a higher level of conversation.

On occasion anonymous posts may be justified – such as in the case of “whistle blowers” or someone in a government position, but generally the anonymous option is abused by those whose motives are suspect, and to respond to their silliness if merely to encourage more of it and to chase away the more serious readers and commenters.

Hantu Laut said...

Bill Garnet,

Thanks for taking time to visit my blog.I usually don't moderate the comments but I have removed comments that have racial or religious overtones before.

I do, from time to time, respond to intelligent comments and leave those idiotic ones to their own devices.

Hope to see more of you here.