Wednesday, March 11, 2009

'The Best Job In The World' : Vote For Jackie

Hantu Laut

They called it "The Best Job In The World" and 34,000 applied for the job throughout the globe.They have shortlisted down to 50 hopefuls.

It's great to know that a good friend's daughter, a charming and intelligent girl has been chosen as one of the 50 out of 34,000 that applied.

Jacqueline Miao or better known as Jackie to many of her friends is one of the 50 that would possibly get the job as a 'caretaker' at the Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef in a tourism promotion run organised by the Queensland State Government.Jackie is the only Malaysian selected from the initial 34,000 hopefuls.Jackie studied at Hawaii Pacific University and at Brooklyn College, New York, but dropped out to start a web consultancy business to service the travel and hospitality industry.

As a Malaysian, Sabahan and a friend of the family I am very proud of Jackie to have reached this far and would urge all Malaysians and Sabahans in particular to vote for Jackie to help her achieve her dream and make Malaysia proud that we can produce equally intelligent,talented and world class professional like her.

Jackie personal website here.

Do Malaysia a favour and this intelligent, charming and affable lass, vote for Jackie.

You can vote for Jackie at 'The Best Job In The World' here


Anonymous said...

Done Hantu, wishing her all the best. May she get the job...


Hantu Laut said...

Thanks. As Malaysians we should be proud if she gets the job.