Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Can The Most Hated Man In This County Win Today ?

Hantu Laut

A politician friend once told me that Khairy Jamaluddin is the most hated man in Malaysia.How he arrived at this conclusion I have no clue.Going by news report and numerous blog postings he may be right.

It is well known in the political circle, fact or fiction, depending whose tongue is wagging, of his arrogance and a penchant for using his father-in-law's name to open doors to anything and everything.Seriously, such condemnation must have come from fellow party members who were not happy and envious with his meteoric rise and his ambition to be the youngest prime minister of this nation.

Is it wrong to have such ambition? John F.Kennedy became President of the US at age 44 and was on his way to becoming a great president but fate took a wrong turn, his term was cut short by his assassination. He served less than 3 years. Today, Kennedy rank highly in public opinion rating of former presidents.

Why are people worried if Khiary become prime minister at age 40.Shouldn't life be allowed to take its own course instead of trying to block the path. Those who live in fear and envy must not forget if he is born for greatness nothing can stop him from being so, no matter what obstacles placed in his way, he will be there, only time may be a factor.If he is not than no matter how many times he says he wanted to be the prime minister, it wouldn't happen.

Khairy Jamaluddin, the bad boy of UMNO politics is not run of the mill politician. He is intelligent, deft and ambitious but born a wrong son with the wrong father.A friend jokingly told me the other day when we were talking politics that Khairy should have been Mahathir's son not Mukhriz.Is that why Mahathir wants him out because he sees himself in the young man?

Mahathir himself has gone through the same process. He differed in style and couldn't see eye to eye with the late Tungku.He was young, intelligent, arrogance, ambitious and aggressive. He was sacked from UMNO because of his stance that the Malays were sidelined and economically neglected by the government and wrote his dilemma in his book 'The Malay Dilemma' which was banned by Tungku Abdul Rahman's government of that time.

Fate has it that Mahathir went on to be one of the prime ministers of this nation and one that had served the longest and the most controversial.Mahathir should learn from his own experience that fate and destiny are God's designs.

Mukriz is a good nice young man but he is not cut from the same cloth as his father.He hasn't the deftness, shrewdness and intelligence of the old man. He is not cut out to be a powerful politician.Like Hishammuddin he is just a beneficiary of his father's name.

On the other hand, the most hated man in the country Khairy Jamaluddin is a different kettle of fish.Coming from a non-political family, born outside the country in Kuwait, educated in Oxford with politically related degrees he is arrogant,shrewd, aggressive and overly ambitious.He is also controversial and have been accused by Mahathir of having undue influence over government policies.He denied the allegations.He is also married to the daughter of the most unpopular prime minister for which he was accused to be part of the problem facing Pak Lah.

The voting for the Youth head is on today and the race is on to see who will take the chequered flag. If I were UMNO delegate,unfortunately, I am not, I would vote for Khairy Jamaludin.

For yonks we have see the same political dynasties in the top leadership of the party. If UMNO seriously wanted change than it must balance its leadership and must have a potpourri of leaders coming from different background not just from the same political dynasties.

Read the most prolific writer, Sakmongkol46 take on this here.


Anonymous said...

i do not hate KJ but I thank him for giving Pak lah good advice which was to give the public greater freedom. KJ is a Ocford graduate and he knows it is better to have demoracy then dictatorship. FOR WHAT EVER HIS FAILING , HE WILL BE REMEMBERED AND JUDGE BY HISTORY AS THE MAN WHO TRANSFORMED THE POLITICAL LANDSCAPE IN THIS COUNTRY BY ADVISING PAK LAH TO GIVE THE PUBLIC A VOICE TO VOICE OUT THEIR OPINIONS.

KJ'S Fan

Anonymous said...

if kj wins, another dynasty sets in..

pak lah's dynasty..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1.24PM

What is wrong for a child to follow in his or her's parents footsteps. Isn't this we teach our kids to be like us or better then us.

What do you expect KJ to do. We are all born with ambition.

Anonymous said...






SM said...


I agree with you on most of this "topic" save one point & that is I don't think KJ is the most hated man in this country's Najib!

kittykat46 said...

I don't care for any of the UMNO Youth hulubalang, actually. The earth can swallow them up and I wouldn't blink an eye.

But if this was like a compulsory multiple choice quiz where you had to choose one of the answers, I would go for KJ.

fearless said...

People should not hate him just because Dr M said so. I think he will an asset to UMNO. I found him open minded and willing to engage. Wish him best of luck and hope that he win.

Anonymous said...

Why i hate KJ.
He uses the mechanism that was supposed to help the masses and use it for himself. Create list of cronies and paid them well so that they will hail him. Also he will stop at nothing even working with the devil(s) to achieve what he dream off.
Sound exactly like anwar. The only difference he has not committed sodomy.


"Can The Most Hated Man In This County Win Today ?"


Dhahran Sea said...

Personally I believe perwakilan UMNO have signed a death warrant to UMNO & BN by electing khairy and khir toyo as KP and Naib KP... we'll see in the coming 3 by-elections and GE13 soon enough... I hope I'm wrong.

fearless said...

Khairy have won with a respectable margin, with his stand on multiracialism, I am sure they will win back some lost ground.

Mahathir and son should shut up now.

SM said...


Since when did KJ stand for Multiracialism? From what I remember, he got a lot of flak for giving racist statements against the Indians & Chinese!
He won because he played Money Politics! The delegates were bought. SHe should have been suspended like Ali Rustam!
I saw on the news how one of the delegates was spewing wrath against the UMNO Disclipinary Board for suspending Ibrahim Ali (that Pendatang from India who told the Chinese to go back to China), saying he was a defender of the Malays!
So much for change in UMNO!