Saturday, March 21, 2009

Misquoted ?

Hantu Laut

How can Pak Lah repeatedly make this kind of mistake? The latest one is most embarrassing as it involved a foreign country.Is it because he is such a simple person he always misunderstood others or he is misunderstood ?

He said the Sultan of Brunei has agreed to drop the Limbang claim here.

Brunei refuted his statement here.

Was he misquoted ?

There was no retraction from him instead he said this.


SM said...


Pak Lah wanted to go out with a "bang"! However, he forgot that the Bruneians are not as sleepy (or stupid) as he is!
Misquoted? Ya rite! I guess these UMNO Racists still think (even after all that has happened) that we are that stupid!

Hantu Laut said...

Take it easy.Maybe, it wasn't him, it could be his men misinformed him.You do get cases like this where leaders were fed wrong information.

Good example was George Bush when he believe the intelligence report about Iraq having WMD(weapon of mass destruction).The report was fabricated and based on this he ordered the invasion of Iraq.

SM said...


From my understanding of the matter, Pak Lah had direct discussions with the Sultan of Brunei. He should have known if they had discussed Limbang.
At any reat, he should have made sure. It's not that easy for a country to just give up its claim, especially since the area, I hear is not that "small"!
as for Bush, I bet you he knew Iraq did not have WMDs. It was a convenient excuse. Then when the shit hit the fan, he blamed the intelligence reports.

Hantu Laut said...

I always suspect Bush knew or even complicity to the lie to justify invading Iraq.

Anonymous said...

My observation is that Pak Lah wants to have something colourful that he can be remembered by in history like the Limbang claim.
Unfortunately or fortunately he best be remembered for sleeping on the job and unable to solve the high profile Mongolian case.