Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Burning Of Sabah Flags

Hantu Laut

The police nabbed 12 people including a man who claimed to be a descendant of the Sultan of Sulu, for burning Sabah state flags in the town centre of Lahad Datu. Police is investigating the motive.All are of Suluk descend between the age of 14 and 41. The Suluks, Bajaus and Iranuns are people coming from the same ethnic sub-group of the Austronesian family.In other word they are considered as Malays.

Has it got to do with the Philippines claim to Sabah or the recent appointment of a Suluk to one of the highest positions in UMNO? 

Shafie Apdal, a Suluk, was elected as one of the vice-presidents of UMNO.Shafie came from the east coast of Sabah where there are big concentration of these people and where the porous border gave them the freedom to criss-cross the border freely and without using any travel document.

All have Malaysian MyCard.Whether they are truly Malaysians or illegal immigrants it is difficult to tell and worse still if the policemen assigned to investigate the case came from Peninsula Malaysia, than they wouldn't know the different between a local Suluk and those from southern Philippines.

They burned the Sabah flags ?
See full size image

Carried flags resembling 'Richard The Lionheart' flag.Richard the Lionheart Flag

Whilst Lionheart's flag bore three lions, the flag they carry only have one lion.


HHunter said...

These jokers better stop dreaming in this 21st century. They can't even look after themselves yet they want to rule Sabah? So now their violent side ashowing, my arse!

guong said...

Talk about a deluded Sultan..but it does concern me though. It might look trivial now but what about in the long run? It shows that our illegal immigrants problem is getting 'super' worst. Wonder what will our state government say about this..

SM said...


Well, the BN Govt. allowed these idiots to enter Sabah & supported them by giving them IC's so that they voted for BN.
Now their "true colours" are coming out!
I say give them a "trial" in one of our fast becoming famous "Kangroo" Courts, find them guilty & hang them! Don't waste our hard earned tax payers money by feeding them in jail!

Sabah The Philippine Borneo said...

Malaysia is illegally occupying North Borneo(Sabah)

The Sultanate of Sulu, The Philippines is the rightful owner!