Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Diberi Betis Nak Peha : Three Ministers and Five Deputies ?

Diberi betis nak peha.

After being trashed at the polls.This guy must be joking !

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Anonymous said...

To be fair to everyone. In the past have the indian leaders been fair to their fellow man? Another 50 years down the line, we indian will remain the same if we always look out to the indian leaders for help. We indian descendents all always been left to ment our own lives and problems.I only saw my so called leader once that is during the election. Both ruling and opposition are useless in helping the community. Their presence is only to steer emotion. Most of us never got a single help although it was there in DEB. Now I say to the so called indian leaders you deserve what is coming your way. My malay friends treat me better than you faggots