Sunday, April 5, 2009

Islam Under Siege: Those Bloody Talibans

Hantu Laut

This can happen to us if we allow the religious fanatics and deviants take over this country.

Pakistan is on the way to becoming a failed state and a danger to the rest of the world. Because of its nuclear capability the world will be in great danger if those nuclear arsenal fall into the wrong hands.The hands of the religiously misguided Talibans.

The present leadership is too weak, incompetent, corrupted and rotten to the core to be able to take care of the worsening situation.

Asif Ali Zardari is a known crook and a suspected murderer. He made a pact with the devil.He made a pact with the Talibans and allowed them to rule the Swat valley under the Taliban's brand of Islamic law.

Pakistan should forget about democracy and should go back to military rule.What's the use of democracy if your country is going to the dogs.

I was against the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Pakistan ? Yes, go ahead, invade it, before it's too late.

An ultimatum should be given to the Pakistani government to wipe out the Talibans in the next six months failing which an international invasion force should be deployed to take over the country and wipe out the Talibans.A UN international force headed by the US should be considered to spearhead the invasion.

Do not underestimate the madness of these religious deviants. If they can use suicide bombers to kill innocent civilians they will have no qualms about using weapon of mass destruction.

Outcry in Pakistan after video of a 17-year-old girl's flogging by the Taliban is shown on TV

• Taliban spokesman says 'they did the right thing'
• Renewed controversy over peace deal in Swat valley

WARNING: This video contains images some people may find disturbing Link to this video

The Pakistani government has ordered an inquiry into the flogging of a 17-year-old woman by Taliban militants in the troubled Swat valley, after public outrage triggered by shocking video footage of the punishment.

The images, played yesterday on private television channels, show a burka-clad woman being pinned to the ground by two men while a third whips her backside 34 times. The woman is seen screaming and begging for mercy as a crowd of largely silent men look on. She is accused of having had an illegal sexual relationship, according to local law. Her brother is among those restraining her.

President Asif Ali Zardari led a wave of public condemnation, and ordered the arrest of the perpetrators. Prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani termed it "shocking" and called for an immediate inquiry. At the supreme court, the newly reinstated chief justice, Iftikhar Chaudhry, summoned officials to a hearing scheduled for Monday to investigate the incident.

"Our constitution allows no space for such public brutality, and our civilisation and culture have no tolerance for it either," said Sherry Rehman, a former information minister.

But the talk of arrests and inquiries are unlikely to amount to much. The Pakistan government's writ has all but collapsed in Swat, where armed militants loyal to a hardline preacher named Maulana Fazlullah have taken control. The teenage woman was flogged in Kabbal, a remote district where Taliban rule is the law. An order by the chief justice to produce the woman in Islamabad next Monday is unlikely to be heeded.

Muslim Khan, a Taliban spokesman, defended the punishment as appropriate under Islamic law, but said it should have been applied by a pre-pubescent boy in a private setting. "She had to be punished," he told Geo News. "The punishment administered by local Taliban was in our knowledge and they did the right thing, but the method was wrong."

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SM said...


This kind of shit has been happening in Pakistan for decades. It ain't going to change bro!
Invade Pakistan? Ain't going to happen bro! The US under Obama will try to "discuss" with the Pakistanis. The Taliban? Wrll, they are here to stay. There are enough of those who support this "Brand" of Islam.
Over here in Malaysia, well, with UMNO at teh helm...constantly talking about Malay rights, Ketuanan Melayu, Royalty, & finally Religion...well...what can you expect?!

fearless said...


Right timing to bring out those brutality. I am one of those alway not convince of PAS current political convictions. Those Malaysian Talibans will do the same once they are in power. Remember their people have gone to Afghanistan for training with the Talibans. The problem is that you have DAP people helping them to achieve the Malaysian Taliban's goal.

I hope the video will scare off the Chinese form voting for PAS.