Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Splitting Hairs:The New Kingmakers

Hantu Laut

Malaysian media, opposition leaders and those who are bent on making waves have found a new game called 'Splitting Hairs'.

Some from the Chinese community had taken the new DPM to task for his statement that the Chinese have been unappreciative of what the government have done for the Chinese community all this while and the Chinese were trying to be kingmakers.

The reality is, what Muhyiddin said is true and those who are quick to draw the gun and shoot him down and put him in a bad light were those who likes to split hairs and fish in troubled waters. He was right in his analysis that the Chinese and Indians have deserted the BN, otherwise, how could the BN lose miserably in 4 by-elections in the Peninsula. The bulk of Chinese and Indian votes did go to the opposition coalition. Majority of Malay votes are still with UMNO with exception of certain areas where PAS influence is strong and small section of disgruntled Malays supporting PKR

Saying the Chinese were trying to be kingmakers was not untrue. The solid Chinese votes for PAS candidates are reflective of their role as kingmakers. Majority of Indians have voted in the same pattern. Muhyiddin was quite right in what he said and I am surprised people like Dr Toh Kin Woon and those from both the oppositions and BN components, MCA and Gerakan took exception to his honest opinion.

There is no fair play in politics and being called a kingmaker is not an insult. It's more a compliment of one's ability.

Thanks to Anwar Ibrahim, the Malays, Chinese and Indians are more divided now than ever before. His 'Bangsa Malaysia' is a call in the wilderness and a pipe dream.It can only happen if he forms one multi-racial party.How can there be racial unity and one bangsa if he uses the same formula as the BN.

For Muhyiddin it may be good for him to know that 'unappreciative' and 'ungrateful' can carry the same meaning depending in what context it is used and as politician, sometimes, these words are better left unsaid.

Those who are hell-bent on making trouble will have their own suternine concoctions of shit stirring.


Y1 said...

As a Chinese (why do I still call myslef a Chinese rather than a Malaysian?), I take offence that I should appreciate the 'hand out' promised during an election that is by right an elected government's duty/responsibilty to develop every aspect of Malaysia.

It is my right to enjoy as a citizen that good education, infrastructure and security. It is not the government's right to withold or threathen to withold development if we do not vote for them.

Anonymous said...

I'm in complete agreement with Y1 on this matter.It's ironic that the ruling government feels that Malaysians should be grateful/appreciative/utang budi to the government for spending their tax money for the benefits of Malaysians.Isn't that the government's raison de'tre.

It's time to change such a government when it thinks that the citizens owns them.....for voting them to be the government and then getting them to bring development to the country.

Gram Kang Kong said...

I agree with you.That's why I say politicians should let these kind of things left unsaid.I also believe the Chinese can be kingmakers in certain states where they have significant presence.

It is our money they are spending,therefore, development should be for all Malaysians irrespective of race and religion.

Y1 said...

Kingmaker or not, I don't care. My vote is for the leaders/parties who can lead, leaders/parties whom I can trust. I am hard pressed to find many, if any, those who falls into this category amongst the BN cabinet. I can see a few in the opposition, not necessarily Anwar Ibrahim, but those who for years have sacrificed themselves and has little personal gain to show for it.

Yes Gram, it is OUR money they are spending, not theirs to dispense at their own pleasure.

donplaypuks® said...

If not for the Chinese vote in 99,
it would have been bye bye Mahathir & UMNO.

In GE 2008, the Malay vote swing away from UMNO/BN was greater than that of the Chinese & Indians and that's the real reason BN lost 5 States, including the prized Selangor.

So, who should appreciate whom?

As for Muhy, it is clear that he meant the Chinsese were not grateful. His real crime is in now claiming the usual UMNO/BN cop out - 'misquoted by the Zionist Press!'

If he meant it and you support it, just say it and more Malays will make up their minds which way to vote at GE 2013. And then, Muhy will be voicing his racist sentiments from the Opposition bench!
btw, welcome back. what was the hiatus all about?

Anonymous said...


Your analyses are logical, but it is far from the truth because it was base on a flawed basis.

The way you think, is exactly the same as the UMNO politicians; may be you are one ? and the march 08 lessons is still beyond your comprehension, undoubtedly.

SM said...


Hey bro, what happened to your Blog? For a while you had disappeared!
Anyway, I think you are missing the point here. Muhyiddin said that the Chinese were ungrateful (if I'm not mistaken he referred to the RM1 Million they gave that Chinese School!). Basically what he did with his stupid "statements" was:-

1/ Admit that the BN played Money Politics (i.e. tried to bribe the Chinese) during the by-election
2/ Further aleniate the Chinese (who have rightfully abandoned a Government that condones their members calling the other Races [yes, the BN has effectively caused the split between the Bumis & Non-Bumis] pendatang).
This is our new DPM...I guess UMNO is really going to be obliterated in the next GE!

Anonymous said...

Hey ! Hantu still a "unchanged old wolf".

“The wise man does at once what the fool does finally.”
Baltasar Gracian quotes (Spanish Philosopher and Writer, leading Spanish exponent of conceptism, 1601-1658)

Maybe you really need a true lesson than you will realise the value of "True Malaysian" mean.

Read on the following article if you are wise man , otherwise you are just like a

The REAL Umno agenda.
"Utusan Malaysia is very mischievous and we should not allow them to get away with this. We should go out and buy some copies of Utusan Malaysia and burn them. Can we organise a ‘Burn Utusan Malaysia Day’? Then we should ask all the newspaper vendors and shops to boycott Utusan Malaysia"


Oi Utusan Malaysia, Melayu Dah Lama Bangkit ...

Anonymous said...

You're back! Wonderful.
Haven't read yr last 2 postings yet... thought i'd write this "welcome back" greetings first.


Dhahran Sea said...

TRUTH is REALLY tough to swallow, especially to those who got hit hard by it right on the nose! As they say, siapa makan cili dia terasa pedas! There will always be two sides to the coin (unless one lives in a black hole, I suppose?), so yes, one can interpret Muhyiddin's remarks in several ways... you pick your choice lah...

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Nobody owes anyone a living here.
We dont owes politician a single cent.The public wanted a fair , clean and effective representative and government.
Development is a on going process and not just during by election time only.And those are our tax money by the way , in case their racist minds forgot.
Good to know that most Malaysian voters are no longer "beggars".
As said, we dont owes them nothing.
It is not a crime to vote in a better political party .

Typical of racist block mentality to lay the blame on certain race for their own downfall.Last time they blames the Indian and now blame the Chinese next will they blame some Dayaks?

Nobody is a "kingmaker". If they wanted to be "king" then they better be well behave.
Let you know a real secret .
People are pissed off when they saw thousands of polis and started jamming up their small towns just because some VIPs coming just to kiss our ass.
Still wanna lay the blame on ungrateful Malaysian Chinese?