Monday, April 6, 2009

Vote For PAS/Pakatan ? Certainly Not!

Hantu Laut

Vote for Pakatan and you would probably be taking Malaysia on the road to this:

WARNING: This video contains images some people may find disturbing.

PAS have been harping of passing hudud law in this country.The graphic video above is a punishment under hudud law.That was for a minor offence but for more serious offence like stealing, no matter how small, the cutting of limbs are the appropriate punishment. Public executions are common practices in hudud law.If one was later found innocent those limbs could not be re-attached. Under hudud law miscarriage of justice is absolutely irreversible.

The DAP and PKR are helping Malaysia to eventually becoming a true republic and a truly Islamic nation with the prospect of 'hudud law'.

Pakistan is an example of a country that have all the making of a modern nation but where politics have gone terribly wrong because of religion and religious deviants. The Talibans claimed they are practising the purest form of Islam. They are nothing but religious deviants. Islam doesn't teach it followers to kill innocent civilians in the name of the religion.

If PAS get the most MP seats, which is not impossible, among the three partners in the next general elections whom do you think would be prime minister of this nation?

Anwar Ibrahim ?

Among the three, his party has been the most troublesome and eventually would be the weakest.

Don't kid yourself that this will never happen here.

Vote for Pakatan ? Certainly not me.

Read Raja Petra's incendiary and embellished version here.


fearless said...


Absolute true and unquestionably you are 101 percent right and I indeed undoubtedly agree with you.

Hamba said...

To each his own...One's mind is the most precious thing to have and at the same time completely worthless to other people...Not sure if Hantu have a mind of it own...or at par to a human mind...

Ulan Bator said...

I'm glad Hantu has shed all pretence. I always prefer to know a person's true strips.

Thank you BN blogger.

XieAn said...

Anwar's earth shattering big annoucement make me vomit, they thought they can fool the people to get votes? But I think the reverse will be the likely scenario.
The people's votes is not a tool for politicians to use as a referendums of any kind nor a license to make trouble but rather to elect people's representative who is able to fulfill the people wishes. Majority of Malaysian will opt to live together in peace and harmony, an opportunity to create wealth and a predictable future for their children. So voting should be based on which party and representative are in a better position to provide those demands.

If this logic were to be applied, clearly BN will be the outright winner, they are no angels but definitely a a better hope. The voters should not stay with the loser and fall into the PR's trap and swallow the venom they spitted which will be deadly and difficult to cure. If PR wins, nothing but trouble ahead will be a foregone conclusion. Anyway their leader are going to jail why must a wise voters waste their votes. Its an opportunity knocking at the door, take it for the sake the your welfare that only BN have the resources and substance to to carry out developments.

Take a look at Pakistan, before and now. Before the Taliban was crush by a strong leadership and the people enjoy peace, now the Pakistan Taliban take roots and cause havoc to the country with almost daily people got killed.

Do we want Malaysian Taliban to take root and such thing to happen in our country? Do not forget PAS want Hudud law and DAP support PAS to win election. If the answer is NO than we should wipe them out before they even begin.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and Vomit.
You make me laugh !

Anti-MCA said...

How does an MCA guy like Xiean (on the surface fighting for the Chinese community) reconcile with the racist hate message which UMNO is spreading on campaign posters and leaflets in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau to influence the Malays ?

I don't see PR doing anything like that. For all the crap which BN and bloggers like Hantu Laut are throwing at PR, they have been running a very inclusive campaign, true Bangsa Malaysia.

How does that reconcile with your conscience ? Are you just a mercenary/ whore ?

Andy M. said...

Don't be so paranoid! PAS would need a two-thirds majority before they could amend the constitution and introduce hudud law, and that my friends simply will never happen.

Get smart people. Do you seriously want BN for the next fifty years?

XieAn said...


I am not MCA guy but a concern and responsible citizen, OK

Because you are blind that why you are not able to see the PR shit, probably it smell fragrance to you, see you even lost you senses.

SM said...


The 3 parties in the PR have agreed that they will only implement based on the consensus of all 3 parties (unlike the BN where UMNO is the Master & MCA, MIC, Gerakan & PPP are their lap dogs & only bark when their Masters let them!).
With the DAP in the PR, there is no way PAS or Keadilan will ever implement anything. The DAP will pull out & therefore they won't be in power anymore!
Sorry HL, we don't buy your arguments here. These are the same arguments of UMNO (who are the most corrupted crooks you can find on this earth [since the South African Apartheid Regime, Nazi Germany, Marcos & Suharto regimes have all fallen]), save maybe their friends in Mozambique!

Anonymous said...

NO need to be paranoid la HL. PAS version of hudud won't be like the one that you showed.

And even if they are striving for the extreme form of hudud, I am sure it is next to impossible to implement it here. They first have to amend the constitution with 2/3 majority, and also they have to ask for the consent of the sultans as they are the one which islamic matter must be consulted.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

We already have the hudud.
Some Muslims were drinking alcohol and were whipped, this was in Malaysia.Not in Pakistan.
Every day we have the religious authorities going about raiding khalwat couples.This is already a form of hudud.
During the puasa month we have Muslim polis who goes around arresting muslims who did not puasa. This is already hudud.

Why still trying to make Malaysians blind and alter our minds by making fun of PAS?

And if Malaysia is really an Islamic country , why we have the ISA?
PAS said Yes to hudud and NO to the ISA.
I gladly support PAS on this.
If they the talibans really whips that girl as shown in the video.
I am happy to support it.
Please come to Bukit Bintang and ass whips all those bohsias and pondans as they are public nuisance .
In fact i will support the act to chops off the limps of the numerous drug addicts found in our back lanes.
Dont twist like whats umno is doing now by pretending that Malaysia does not have the hudud law.

PKR Gestapo said...


Since when is Xiean an MCA guy ?
Utter nonsense . he 's voted for PR the last GE . People do get pissed off with what is happening , day in day out fcuking the govt .
Blaming the govt if you can't get an erection ! WTF !

Anap Nuhk said...

Khun Pana

I am a Malaysian . I get fcuking pissed off with bums like you flying the Malaysian flag upside down . You are and idiot and don't think you are smart . Do you burn the mosque if you don't like the Imam ? Or do you burn down the barn just to kill the mice ? Idiot !

Badaksumbu said...

It looks like this article is specifically to run down on PKR or PAS -PR in general-not a great supporter of Opposition but BN

XieAn is a bitch said...

hahaha bunch of donkeys, U BN people talk so much. lets just wait for the result to be announce. See if the people's voice or your stupid BN voice win the election for tomorrow.

as if 1 comment from you is going to overturn the 50 years of lies and scams from BN. XieAn, are you from borneo? cause as far as i know, most chinese are treated unfairly in peninsular and they keep it at heart, but my borneo friends from the "ulu villages" strongly support BN blindly cause they get a new bridge, new bicycle, etc...

open your eyes, dont you know your BN ministers take our money every year and go on long holiday trips. Even your Khairy friend from pemuda umno can go on being the leader of a bunch of scumbags through bribery.

you vote your leaders through bribery, we vote by morality. so, please go fid a cave, sit there for the next 3 months and reflect on your stupidity you moron. stupid bleeding imbecile.

oh ya... just when they announce PR wins, just keep in mind that i'll be jeering you from somewhere in Malaysia. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Anonymous said...

you are dumb and naive..that is not HUDUD..go read Raja Petra's explanation on what Hudud is. i assume you are non-muslim so by reading Raja Petra's article you would understand better..if you STILL DONT UNDERSTAND, it proves me right by saying that you ARE DUMB AND NAIVE..

Melaysian said...

Eh, why you'all all so blur one?

Its not about BN or PR or whatever party lah brader. Its about us voters having a choice.

A real choice.

Ini bukan Singapore lah tai loh. Malaysian tara main main one party system lagi.

We don't want crooks! Get PR to catch all the BN crooks and then BN to catch all the PR crooks. You dunno wan meh? You Malaysian or what?! Itu pun tak tau! Bodoh punya hantu.

Hidup Malaysia! Hidup PR! Hidup PKR DAP PAS!! Hidup Hudud! Hidup Sodomy!!! Kasi Tiga Kosong sama dia!

Ten said...

Fair enough everyone has their own opinion on which party is good. To me, i will make a comparison on both parties.
After 50 years, up to now we still unable to get our rights to the land we stay on since independence. Only until when PR take over the states and offering land titles to us, BN follow suits. So which party is good, BN? Do you think BN will offer land titles to us if they continue winning?
After 50 years, instead of better and more prosperity lifestyle we are lagging behind comparing to other country. Just compare China and us, 10 years before and 10 years after. China build and send their man to the Earth, and we spent millions to buy a ticket there. So what do you all proud of BN actually? Thanks to BN for developing something meaningless and bring no changes to us. Yes PR does not bring much effect too, but at least they do not waste our money and trying to promote bidding system which is practice by all developed country. So is BN good? Or PR is better?
After 50 years, we have a ridiculously expensive tol charges. If you are aware of the TOL charges especially in KL/Selagor area, it is kinda expensive don't it? And what make me confuse is that, why must the government compensate the TOL company if they don't make money? If we want to privatise it, what the compensation is all about? From where on earth one can gurantee a sure earn business, agree? Anyone here mind explaining? Without PR taking control, do you think you have a chance to look at the agreement? Again, thanks to BN for their CLEVER deal with our taxpayer money. Is BN good then?
Don't you all think that the country is not safe anymore? Anyone here dare to walk around alone after 11pm? Anyone dare to open the front gate widely while at home? Why hire security inside taman-taman? Why the abuse of us as a common citizen by the cops who supposingly protecting us? Did the cops do their jobs seriously? And where shall we complaint, when all the media is protecting them? Where else can we lodge our complaint whereby all falls into deaf ear? Thanks to BN too for their FAST RESPOND in covering up and continuos REMINDER not to challege them. Without another party to voice us up, you all can do it on your own?
We gave BN 50 years to prove us we choose correctly, and we failed ourselves. So why keep complaining on a new party which can help us to voice our grouses? They may lie, they may cheat us, but don't BN do the same? At least by choosing PR, BN is alert of their mistake and they will correct themselves. Isn't this is better still?
To me, PR is more sincere at this point of time and i voted them. Choosing BN and give them victory will only indirectly agree with their working attitude which is not acceptable at all.

Anonymous said...

Fcuk you HL. BN arse licker.

tok.kadok said...


U're nothing but an idiot..go study the syariah law b4 u comment further on hudud..if thats what u call hudud, then u're absolutely dumb idiot...mocking others religion is sick, i dont know what religion u embrace, no matter what god u serve, u dont have rite to openly criticise may bring the debacle about who's god is the true one...if u believe in jesus, u dont wanna hear anything bad about him especially the false be smart, at least PAS never rape the non-muslims/non-malays rite..they believe in equality of human races as long as its not forbidden by Allah,the muslims Lord...try to respect others so u may find that others will respect u...peace bro

Mat said...

Dear Hantulaut,

I'm not sure whether you're a Muslim or not. But if you are a Muslim, please mind your words and comments on Hudud, because in Islam, the standard of proof for hudud offence is above yaqin (100% sure) or the wrongdoer own's confession. It's very high, which mean, its so difficult to see the sentences be carried out. Most of the time, the court will only give penalty.. You may check in the Islamic history of how much the amputation sentence have been carried out. You'll amaze how the God's law educate people. It's not the ruler who deterred people from commit wrong/sin, but it's the people self-conscious about the God's presence and His All-Knowing attributes that make people refused to do more sins or wrongful act.

To apply hudud does not simply mean that government can simply amputate somebody's hand as you may think. Please bro, if you're Muslim, learn islamic law properly and be moderate in commenting things which you're not so sure, because this may render your iman be disregarded by God. But if you'r not a Muslim, never mind,you're are pleased to get to know Islam better & May Allah lead you to the truth.

Anonymous said...

How on earth a human (a sinner too) can represent GOD to punish the sinner?

A bunch of hypocrite in Malaysia by using GOD's name in vain.

Malaysia got Syariah court BUT THE RAPE CASES IN MALAYSIA COMMITTED MOSTLY BY MUSLIM. Why does not happen to other?

donplaypuks® said...

Sometimes you have to sup with the devil to get rid of an even greater evil and injustice?

Politics is the art of compromise and we have given UMNO/BN/MIC 50 years to deliver and look at what esp. MIC thugs are doing in Perak & Kedah!

You can't be serious Hantu! ! 1 M'sia has no place for Tuan dan Hamba Ketuanan Melayu & some more equal than others Social Contract nonsense. Or 2 Systems + a 3rd one for E.M'sia?

Time for regime change. Change or BE changed!!

Anonymous said...

Give me flogging, choping of hands, stoning or whatever anyday, rather than a political party thats obsessed with monopolising words, banning this and that, plus fatwas galores. Those are hyprocrites, trying the subtle way of pushing its Islamic agenda on the sly. Sheesh to that. Pas, bring on Hudud, so be it, its at least substance, rather than Umno putras pure hyprocrisy and holier than thou attidude. Go Pas go.

Anonymous said... are absolutely right. I give you a 10 for your comments!

Sakuragi said...

I've heard/seen worst than that already in Malaysia (people died, shot, bombed, raped, killed, kidnapped, disappeared, killed, bombed, shot, dead, suicide, gangsterism, racism, greed and so forth including adultery and lesbian).... I think if PAS-PKR-DAP (PR) rule this country, situation will be even better for all Malaysian because at least we know what the PR is promoting.... i/o umno-bn led government which promotes stupidity and lies. If bn lied, you do not know because you can't even recognise which is which, true or lies? But, for PAS - they always tell you the truth, even if its is something hurtful for you to hear.

If you do not vote for PR, then its your freedom to do so. But, all I can say is that only a stupid monkey who do not want to use its small brain will support BN.


Anonymous said...

*responsible citizen, NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL FUNNY..........LMAO...

Hantu Laut said...

This is all nonsense ,Raja Petra is trying to stir shit.There is no disrespect to Islam here.I am only making a comparison of what happened in Pakistan and what can happen in Malaysia.Just because I don't support Pakatan doesn't mean I am against Islam.

Like Raja Petra I am a Muslim and I respect my religion,that's why I call the Talibans deviants.Where does Islam teach you to strap bomb to your body and kill innocent people.

Please read my article in the right context.There is no insult on Islam here.

sinnerconman said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Penquin said...

I really wonder why there should be so much fear of the Hudud Law. If I were to commit a crime, which I don't think I will for this lifetime, I will be punished by the country's law in practised. If you have no intention to steal, rape, kill, assault ect..why the fear for the law ? I am a Chinese and I am not a supporter of any political party. I try to read all the or anti government. There are political blogs that talk rubbish and some that talk sense and make me think. I read, I think, I analyse , then I make a decision when necessary.

Shiok Guy said...

In politic when power play plays the larger part of the game..

Imagine, In next GE....
PAS + BN = Simple Majority

Now will PAS come out and tell PR alliance that, for it to stay within PR, they all have to agree on Islamic State? Hudud law?

Do the math! and make sure it CANNOT Happen? It is all possible.. But when BN is desperate.. It will happen too.. right?

At the mean time... The final frontier is still Bukit Gatang

Shiok Guy

lvbala said...

Podah maire...
Even I am not a muslim but i truly understand what the hell you are talking and now you are clearly twisting your story. Yesterday I plead you to publish your article and good that you did publish. I saw the video too.
You said if PR/PAS take over the country hudud law shall be in place, and clearly you dont agree with it and you hate it. It is similiar as you dont like it. Definately you are againts it...

It shows you are an anti Islam person. You dont want islam law to be inplace which shows you hate it. You are a muslim but you againts islam way of lifa. You merely hate this idea and it is clearly shows you are a "murtad". Murtad to your own religion. You are a kafir, penderhaka by the name of muslim.
Come on tambi... dont talk nuts and blame RPK as a twister.

Anonymous said...

paranoia hantu laut
lets twist hahaha

Anonymous said...

hantu laut,

I never read your blog before, this is the are a lousy blogger, thats what you get for posting this..haha!

Just enlighten all of us on this, if PAS is such an extremist party, whose ambition is to bring hudud law to malaysia...why on earth is UMNO is asking PAS to join BN? I didn hear MCA was saying anything against it...did you?

please stop this kind of are just insulting our Intelligence...try to be a neutral blogger..check and balance thats what our country is lack of now...

peace brader....

Anonymous said...

We vote not for ourselves but for the future of our children. The current government denies everything and thinks they are always right. PR seems weak but honest and well... more transparent in that sense. I would rather go for someone whose weakness is seen and acknowledged rather than someone who is full of pride and is blind to any form of justice. We teach our children to be humble, just and fair. Yet we are often blind to the unfairness, injustice and arrogance of the ruling government. We say its ok as long it does not affect us. But it does. We lie to our children. We say be true, be just, be fair. And then, we support the crooks.

Open your eyes hantulaut.

panjang said...

I must thank Raja Petra for the terrific amount of traffic he has brought to my blog.

so what? will that make u a millionaire? unless u get paid millions by bn for posting that article. but i don't think bn will pay for this stupid article...

Anonymous said...

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