Monday, April 20, 2009

Who Is The Prime Minister ?

Hantu Laut

It's different time and different ball game.Former Premier Tun Mahathir should not equate his time with what is happening now.The political landscape has changed.The people dread the long wearying journey under his autocratic regime and are not looking forward to a rendition of it. It may have worked well with his style of leadership then but things have changed, the people have come out of the coconut shell.The kataks are now smarter and liberated.

During his time the opposition was weak, disorganised and in disarray and he was in full control of the politics of the nation making it difficult for the oppositions to make major breakthrough in general elections, let alone in any by-elections. His government won almost all by-elections. A walk in the park.

After having ravaged Abdullah's reputation and successfully ousted him from office many would have thought this grand old man would stop active involvement in politics and leave Najib alone.It appears that
Mahathir is not about to give up politics and Najib may be in for a long rough ride and if he is not careful may be weaken by the very same man.He had already criticise some of Najib's choices in the cabinet and termed them unsavoury characters.

Mahathir insisted Najib must allow the BN to contest the Penanti by-election after the prime minister said the BN may not contest the by-election.Mahathir is prepared to lead the campaign in this Anwar's stronghold. Previous elections had shown that the BN is not exactly popular in the areas.

Below are the results of the last two general elections:

PRU - 11
N12: PENANTI: 14,808
1. Anuar Shaari (Keadilan) 5,528
2. Abdul Jalil Abdul Majid (BN-UMNO) 6,195
Majoriti: 667
Jumlah Mengundi: 11,915
Peratus Mengundi: 80.5
Rosak: 192

PRU - 12
N12: PENANTI:15,421
2. Abdul Jalil Abdul Majid (BN-UMNO) 5,127
Majoriti : 2,219
Jumlah Mengundi :12,657
Peratus Mengundi :82
Rosak :184

Even in 2004, at the height of Abdullah's popularity and a landslide victory for the BN, the BN/UMNO candidate Abdul Jalil Abdul Majid didn't performed that well, getting only majority of 667 votes.

Mahathir might have meant well for Najib and UMNO but the situation have not changed after Abdullah left the scene.The rancor against UMNO and the BN have not subsided in Pakatan controlled areas. It's still in favour of Anwar and Pakatan. Putting an UMNO candidate would be like sending a cow to the abattoir to be slaughtered.

As Prime Minister, Najib should stand by his decision.

Now that Mahathir has made some noises, the whole nation is watching which direction is Najib moving to.


SM said...


Who is the PM? Answer:-

Rosmah Mansor & TDM

Anonymous said...

While we thank him for his contributions to the nation, I say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Mahathir has now become a liability to UMNO and BN. The sooner PM understands this the better.

donplaypuks® said...

I think Mahathir is egging Najib knowing that he will fail.

Then he will continue piling the pressure and lie by insisting the Crooked Bridge is absolutely desirable, essential and economically viable while digging a deep pit in retaonships betwteen Najib's Govt and Singapore.

Finally he will tell you the 'unsavory characters' and their corruption makes Najib's leadership intolerable (while conveniently forgetting that M's Govt was more corrupt than any other in this world).

Then, he will issue his demand. Muhy for PM and Muk as DPM, paving the way for an unholy M Dynasty!

UMNO and Najib should sack Dr.M now and put him on cold storage. Why, a stint under ISA in Kamunting might not be out of order, given that it never bothered Dr.M who, why or of what age he sent people to ISA for long periods!! Wake up Malaysia!

drafunt said...

it's ok. If Najib does not want BN to run in Penanti, just let Tun M run as independentlah.....see how popular he is.

Anonymous said...

I think I agree with drafunt that umno should allow TM to stand in Penanti but knowing TM he will never take that risk and shoulder the blame for losing Penanti.

TM is a spent force and yet he still thinks that he is still accepted by the rakyat.

Sudahlah ,go and enjoy the short span of your life lah. There is not much time left before you go before the Maker for judgement.

Anonymous said...

Answer :


SamYap said...

Malaysia's new PM is Najib, he has a nickname which is "MAHAJIB". I think that should answer the question.

Btw the current episode of Najib conceding a walkover and Mahathir insisting on contesting is a trap. They are setting up Pakatan for a fall. PAS is asking (demanding) that a PAS candidate be chosen to contest. With the PAS General Assemble coming up, it will become a hot topic and a hot potato for Anwar PKR. It will also be a thorny issue for DAP's LGE, as DAP and PAS is like chalk and cheese.

So, it will be at the very last minute after Pakatan has be weakened by PAS's demands and PKR's squabbling plus DAP's whinning, when Mahajib will anounce that UMNO will contest after all. Just watch.

Anonymous said...

Sam Yap, you get it all wrong just watch!
Mahathir's business is proving people are wrong including other leaders-he has far too many things to hide, thus keeping quite will make people suspcious, he therefore has to pukul the gendang and just watch again!

Anonymous said...

correct correct correct...let Tun Mahathir be the candidate for Penanti to test his popularity. Don't stand as independent lest he will be next UMNO member to be banned for life just like the current Pasir Mas MP.

vinnan said...

Like Nizar said UMNO are a bunch of pondans. UMNO's pondaness seems to have spread to the highest echelon of the party. Mahathir is right, to not fight is to concede defeat. Lest Najib forgets UMNO still leads the government of Malaysia. UMNO champion of the Malays running away from a fight in a 70% Malay area is cowardice of the lowest kind.

BN's election machinery while not the juggernaut of before is still formidable. Like any machinery it must be run constantly to keep it in top condition. If there are problems with the machine fix it. Running away with its tail between its legs will kill this machine. Simply put, a political party which cannot fight elections has no place in politics. Does UMNO want to go down that road?

Anonymous said...

You didn't even touch on what Mahathir said about the crooked bridge.

Not only is he Prime Minister, he is also de-facto Finance Minister.