Monday, May 11, 2009

All Out War The Only Answer

Hantu Laut

Almost every day cases of rape, snatch thief, murder and robbery are reported in this country.Surely, there must be many more unreported cases. What was reported could just be the tip of the iceberg. Some, as young as toddler, had become victims to the heinous crime of rape.

Surely, the police must have seen the statistics of the increasing number of crimes committed in this country. Of course, we don't expect the police to be everywhere all the times but concerted effort seems to be lacking in policing crime prone areas. There also seems to be lack of dedication on the part of the police to declare an all out war on crimes and criminals.

It's about time the IGP have a thorough spring cleaning of the force. I am sure there are still good and dedicated policemen who if given half the chance can do a better job than some of the dead woods who head the police districts.

The police performance should be measured by the level of crimes in their areas.Those that can maintain low level of crime and criminal activities in their jurisdiction should get priority for promotion and those who are abysmal in their work should be considered for demotion or place in cold storage until they pull up their socks.

Unless, the entire police force go through a major overhaul, strict and stringent code of conduct put in place, the situation is going to get worse and Malaysians will spent sleepless nights not knowing when they are going to be the next victim of crime.


SM said...


You must be joking?!
Overhaul the PDRM? Remember the Royal Commission that gave "20" points for an overhaul of the PDRM? It was never implemented because the PDRM did not want to change & Pak Lah was to weak & sacred to do anything!
While little girls are raped & killed (really we all know about all those crimes that have gone unpunished...I don't need to elaborate) & the list is a mile long, the PDRM is busy arresting the Opposition Politicians & innocet bystanders who wear "black"!
Yes, I agree an overhaul is long overdue but forget it...unless Najib can really reign in these licenced thugs!

Anonymous said...

spring cleaning will take years if at all....
make the mandatory punishment for snatch thieves three strokes of the rotan....
catch a couple and make examples of them ......
and the other cowards will not attempt this any more!

Anonymous said...

The PDRM is no more than the Black Shirts of Hitler's Germany.... there to enforce the wishes of its political masters. Enforcing the law? What law?

Pak Zawi said...

PDRM has all their priorities wrong. Need I say more than what you have already said?

Hantu Laut said...

Pak Zawi,
Crimes are getting out of hand.It's time the new PM find a solution to bring the police force back to respectibility.