Wednesday, May 27, 2009

CT Sympathisers Disinformation

Hantu Laut

There are some who wish to re-write the history book.Glorifying a man who is known for the brutal murders of many innocent civilians. Those who were against the communist ideology and refusal to give support would be murdered.This particular blogger here even go to the extent of mocking the intelligence of Malaysians by showcasing the success story of communism.She is still living in la-la land by equating China's success story with communism.China is only communist in name but in practice it is the biggest capitalist nation on the face of the earth. Without capitalism China would still be in the backwaters.

Her blog has attracted remarkable number of pro-CPM(Communist Party Of Malaya) comments and sympathisers that idolise Chin Peng as a hero in the fight for independence. What independence? Arm struggle to bring down a legitimate government is a fight for independence? Weren't Malaysia already independent when Chin Peng and his roving band of murderers continued to terrorise villagers and killed unsuspecting and innocent Malaysians.

On the contrary, the arm struggle was not to free this country from the colonial masters but was intended to turn Malaysia into a communist state under the auspices of China. Those who twisted this fact have other hidden agenda in mind and need their heads examined.Chin Peng could not be said to be fighting for independence because his arm struggle to topple the government continued until after independence.

Surprisingly, this CT sympathiser even posted an article here to tell Malaysians not to forget the contributions of the CPM to this country and said their contributions were bigger compared to what UMNO had done.Even if you hated UMNO so much do you need to spread this kind of disinformation to mislead the uninitiated youths of this country.

This kind of propaganda and disinformation is not going to bring any good to the country other than inciting anger and discontentment to certain sector of the population.

As far as I am concerned Chin Peng should be tried for crimes against humanity for the murders of thousands of innocent Malaysians.


Anonymous said...

Please do not forget those who squandered rakyat's money. They are equally guilty. If you are putting the idea that the guilty should be charged, don;t spare the likes of Toyo and also not forgetting Mr White Snake in your turf. Either his family is so biz savvy or something else. Can't quite get it that they control a sizable business there.

Of course we won't forget RPK, Chin Peng and we should also go back further.

eddy said...

Bro, The Communist Party of China is a Communist Government in name only it has morphed into an Authoritarian style of government, they have thrown away Chairman Mao little red book and embraced capitalism and the free market economy in a big way.

Quote from an economist "China has sold itself on a single point: the size of its market.
"Every businessperson of any size anywhere in the world knows what the number 1.3 billion means: China's big market. Chinese leaders discarded their Mao suits and put on coats and ties, talked the language of commerce, organised thousands of delegations, hosted endless conferences and exhibitions, and laboured to convince foreign investors that China was pro-business, stable, and committed to reform and an open-door policy,and leaders like Zhu Rongji mounted the world stage as a leader who was all about business and nothing else" Close quote.

Yes, a very stable Authoritarian Government embracing capitalism and the free market economy coupled with China’s very strong and abundant entrepreneur community together with inexpensive skilled labour and NOT Communism that has brought so much unprecedented economic success to the People’s Republic of China.

Back home to Malaysia, Chin Peng brand of violence and mayhem against Malaysians perpetrated by his CTs before they gave up their arms struggle in 1989 did nothing but cause misery to Malaysians of all races. IF he wants to come to Malaysia then he has to face a court of law to answer charges of crimes against humanity first, if he refuses to submit to the law then he can just live in South Thailand and spend the rest of his days there. No amount of spin and disinformation can change Chin Peng’s fate.

abROcadabRO said...

Hi Hantu,

She is entitled to her views, as she sees Chin Peng and the CT from different lights. Nothing wrong about that. That's why she's clamouring for his return.

Whereareas, ppl like you and me - being so much influenced by history that we see Chin Peng from our own angle, thus equating him as a murderer.

Let's respect each other differences and argue out our case objectively.

Remember that there are 2 sides of a coin.

Havin said that my take is that Malaysia should not forgive this man, for he has caused severe hardship to the ppl and left many orphaned and widowed.

Pro-com bloggers may argue that the Govt had allowed the return of some of Chin Peng's ex-comrades, but let's view it case-by-case.

I do not know. May be Rashid Maidin and Shamsiah Fakeh's "crimes" were not as grave as Chin Peng's. And maybe Chin Peng was the one who called all the shots; while Rashid and Shamsiah were his hitmen only.

SM said...


Like I said earlier, Chin Peng should NOT be let back into Malaysia. However, since the UMNO Government allowed some of his "ex-partners" to come back (maybe they think that Chin Peng being Chinese should not be forgiven?), then why the double standards?! Typical!
abROcadabRO...good commens...thanks for reminding me who these ex-partners were (I forgot their names).

eddy said...

Among the Senior leaders of Parti Komunis Malaya who signed the Peace treaty with the Malaysian Government in 1989 were Chin Peng-Secretary General PKM, Abdullah CD - Chairman PKM, Rashid Maidin - Commander 10th Regiment PKM.

Of the three:

1. Rashid Maidin died in 2006 in Narathiwat, Thailand and was buried there.

2. Abdullah C.D still resides in Narathiwat, Thailand with his wife.

3. Chin Peng still resides somewhere in South Thailand after his application to come back to Malaysia was rejected by the Federal Court in April 2009 recently.

Hantu Laut said...

Yes, everyone is entitled to its own opinion and Susan Loone is no exception, but there is a difference when one intentionally twisted facts for a political cause .It's no more merely a matter of opinion, it's disinformation and must be corrected.

Can you see any balanced article written by Susan Loone.

I have never seen a writer so full of hate.It's all about hate,hate UMNO,hate Najib,hate BN and hate anyone associated with them.When she said the CPM had done more for this nation, more than UMNO, you know it was born out of extreme hatred.

I am all for freedom of expression but we have to be responsible for what we write.

Anonymous said...

Hantu the old man just want to vist his mother's grave and see his birth place once more before he gets kaput. Human sense and not animal sense should prevail by letting him visit his birthplace

SM said...


Actually I thought he wanted to come back for good. If he just wants to see his Mother's Grave & his birth place, well, I should think that should be ok.
At the end of the day, it's for Allah (oh dear, I'm not allowed to say Allah right since I'm non-muslim?!) to punish him & not us!

Hitokiri Yusoff said...

Hey there hantu. Good article you have here. Read those two blog posts. I think that it is just some pathetic attempt at apologising for the Commies. I'm more shocked by the comments that say BN is worse than the Commies. Personally I would prefer to live under a BN gov, although corrupt, rather than a totalitarian Communist Stalinist or Maoist regime that has no qualms about murdering its own people. Its disturbing to think that Malaysia might have become like that had the CPM won the Emergency.

Hantu Laut said...

Just too bad. What about the mothers of those sons he murdered?

Where should our conscience be? The predators or the victims?

Hong said...

To be fair, the post by Susan Loone was meant to point out the hypocrisy of the government's position on communism, and what you perceived to be an implied causality between the political ideology of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and its current economic success was, at best, an ancillary point and, at worst, the product of sloppy writing on her part.

Yes, it is true that the PRC today is communist in name only but, if you want to nitpick, Tunku Abdul Rahman first established relations with the PRC in 1974, when the very communist Mao Zedong was still nominally the big cheese. (Deng Xiaoping, the architect of the PRC's economic reforms, would only take over the top post two years later following Mao's death.) And that was before the end of the Communist Insurgency War, the period between 1967 and 1989 when Chin Peng and his men took to the hills to wage armed 'resistance' against the Malaysian government.

Even if we were to restrict the discussion to those two or three interim years, i.e. 1974 to 1976, we would still have to account for the government's position on communism and why there were inconsistencies between its treatment of local communists and foreign ones. If we say we do not agree with communism as an ideology because it is 'evil' then we should not have anything to do with the PRC or Russia, but we were more than happy to establish relations with them while each was gripped with communist fervour, at the very same time labelling our own communists public enemy number one. This was the hypocrisy Susan's post referred to.

(Incidentally, this inconsistent behaviour by government can only logically lead to the conclusion that the administration's contempt for Chin Peng and gang has nothing to do with the ideology that inspired them and everything to do with their violent undertakings. If this is true, then the government has no place telling us we cannot discuss communism as an ideology or propagate it through the establishment of a communist party, and yet neither is possible in modern Malaysia; it is an extension of the aforementioned inconsistent position.)

As for the assertion that Chin Peng fought for independence, Susan was referring to the period immediately after World War II, when the British were still in power, and not the Communist Insurgency War. Sir Robert Thompson, Permanent Secretary of Defence for Malaya in the 1950s, said that Chin Peng accelerated Malaysian independence by 10 to 15 years, partly by forcing UMNO, MCA and MIC to be more accommodating to each other's demands during discussions with the British during independence talks.

One wonders if the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) would have remained moderate had they not been declared illegal by the British colonial administration who were fearful of an uprising by the working class, drawn as they were to the CPM during the lean years of the Great Depression and post-WWII Malaya. Please note that this does not absolve them of the acts of terrorism perpetrated by the party in later years but, in the spirit of discussion, I think it is important to identify causal factors that contributed to the way Malaysian history unfolded.