Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Malaysians Becoming Terribly Unbecoming In Behaviour

Hantu Laut

I don't know Najib personally but I do know he is now our prime minister. The controversy surrounding him had become volleys for the canons of the oppositions.Some have taken it too far and deserved to be taken in by the law.

With the latest Raja Petra's confessions in his article 'The mystery of the missing confession' we are getting a clearer picture of how RPK was duped into signing a 'Statutory Declaration' based on a story from a person he hardly knows.Was he a pawn in this high stake game of dirty politics ? Desperadoes that would, without any qualms, resort to dirty tactics including murdering someone else reputation to gain political mileage or was Raja Petra a pathological liar and made up the whole story to satisfy his hatred for Najib? Surely, it's only a matter of time when those named in the article would response.

I noticed Malaysians are becoming terribly unbecoming in behaviour.What's the point of sending Altantuya's birthday cakes to the Prime Minister.What are they trying to prove? Are they going to hound Najib for the rest of his live for something that did not even have a shred of evidence other than his close relationship with Razak Beginda.All what we know of are hearsay.

Where are the photographs that so many claimed to exist but yet failed to produce? Look at RPK, how he is taken for a ride based on the assurance of a good friend, someone he knows well, who testify to the truthfulness of a story from someone he doesn't know well.

The big demo that the oppositions planned for tomorrow in Perak, what are they trying to achieve other than disturbing the peace and causing embarrassment to the Sultan.

People are easily taken in by the oppositions venomous propagation.The victory that they have got so far had miscarriage into their heads, so much so, they can't differentiate between right and wrong.

If Nizar and Sivakumar are adamant and bent on inciting public disorder and act of violence than Perak may be asking for an emergency rule.

If you want to change the government use the ballot box not the streets.


Anonymous said...

hi hl,
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Now I'm enjoying other things on the net, like food, movie reviews, health and fitness, hobby blogs... it seems more real. Hey, someone out there is building himself a house in the woods, from scratch.
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donplaypuks® said...

You are talking utter rubbish!

It is UMNO/BN that has called for the convening of the State Assembly tomorrow.

Sivakumar is still the Constitutional and Legal Speaker of Perak.

Nizar's position, as reiterated again by Dr.M today, is that he cannot be sacked by the Sultan, and is therefore the legal and Constitutional MB of Perak!

So, you should be asking Zambry and UMNO/BN to behave themselves if the Speaker rules against them. That is the Constitution and Law. Two weeks ago, the Melaka Speaker refused all floor emergency motions by the Opposition. Did the Opposition cause a riot or misbehave themselves?

So, why should Sivakumar, Nizar & the Barisan Rakyat Aduns cause any disturbance, when they hold all the trump cards?

Your suggesting Emergency Rule is scurrilous, to say the least. But that's what we have come to expect from rabid, blind UMNO/BN supporters like you. You are hoping they would misbehave and the police and Najib can then move in! But that will be a short-term pyrrhic victory, for sure.

As for Altantuya forget the photograph, but please explain:

1. What was the motive for 2 cops to murder a total stranger, especially since Baginda has been acquited?
2. Where did they get C4 explosives from?
3. Who called Musa Safri to intervene and why did the DPP not call him as witness?
4. Why was $500 million
'facilitation and admin fee' paid in full even before the subs and jets have been delivered?
5. Why were the Judge and Prosecution changed?

There are many other questions, but these will do for a start!

XieAn said...

Peaceful demonstration is not in my vocabulary, all you need is a spark than hell will break loose, it can flare to bloodshed. If that were to happen, the costs for the country will be humongous. The police is doing a great job to preempt any untoward incident.

Anonymous said...

It is not their fault because they have been contracted by the SWINEvakumar Fever and the SWINEnga and SWINEngeh virus.

They needed urgent treatment in Tanjung Rambutan and Tampoi.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hantu, The truth and the photos as well as the tape recordings of all those implicated in the Altantuya case will be exposed. It is now only a matter of time and this will be decided by Raja Petra. Now he is enjoying the game by making slow revelations to see how those in power who have abused it recoil and panic.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hantu,

What ballot box you are talking about. The ballot box only counts if the elections are conducted freely,transparently, without intidimidation, without undue advantage to one party while denying rights to the other and most importantly provided there is no rigging. I know for sure that there is lots of hanky panky, rigging, etc going around during elections and the Election Commission charged with conducing clean and free elections is the very party aiding and abetting this sham elections. Harapkan Pagar dan Pagar makan Padi.

SM said...


Yes, you are very right! I fully agree:-

1/ Citizens getting "murdered" in Police Lock-ups...& noone charged
2/ Peaceful gatherings being "stormed" by armed thugs (sorry armed FRU)
3/ Innocent children getting raped & murdered & found in "bags" & the "monsters" still at large
4/ Innocent women getting raped & killed & the "monsters" still at large
5/ Innocent children getting kidnapped & never found again (Allah only knows what has happened to them...imagine the pain of thier parents!)
6/ Malaysian Citizens being detained for years without the possibility of defending themselves in an "open" court of law (but then again which Malaysian in their right mind trust our courts?!)
7/ A Chief Minister getting suspended from contesting because of "money politics" but yet gets to keep his post as CM!
8/ Two Pregnant women are killed because of "snatch thieves" in 48hours & where are the Police? (oh they are arresting the "dangerous" opposition Politicians. You can't have these "hero wannabes" running around but it's ok to have these "mat rempits" & "snatch thieves" murderers running loose because there are just not enough Police Personnel...where are the Police then? Oh they are guarding the Perak State Assembly Building in case there are Terrorists lurking behind the trees!)
Yes, you are right...tsk, tsk...terrible unbecoming behaviour!

Anonymous said...

ballot box??? What can the rakyat do if the election community is one sided. There are always two sides to the coin and the problem with the rulers is that they tutup sebelah mata. How to give fair judgement? So some brave ones like RPK, Sivakumar, karpal singh and many more will fight till the end.

Ivan Yong said...

For one, Perakians should have respect on the Sultan's decision. He was after all the most learned, frugal and just Sutlan among all. I am a Perakian and I will stand by whatever decision Sultan Azlan has made.

We can't go about Daulat Tuanku if they make decisions that favour us and then if they make a decision that doesn't we question them.

Trust Sultan Azlan's judgement, not any Sultan but His Majesty Sultan Azlan.

The economy is in dire conditions, let business continue. Vote them out in the next election.

There is no one else to blame but PR themselves. After all it was their chosen "cream de la creme"
who jumped on the bait of money and sex.

Vent your anger at the ADUN who jumped shipped. You elected them and they betrayed you NOT SULTAN AZLAN SHAH.

Pak Zawi said...

It is precisely what the people of Perak wants to do, to be allowed to decide who is to be their state Government via a snap election which the BN Government refuses to allow for fear of being shown the door. So for now, any which way will do just to be in power.

Ever Onwards said...

"If you want to change the government use the ballot box not the streets." True. What's preventing the Perak state assembly from being dissolved and new elections held then? The two former PKR Aduns are facing court action, and if the police could be trusted, they should be put behind bars, which should result in their losing their seats. So what happens to the BN's majority then? Before this could happen, the Assembly should be dissolved. Why is the BN Perak state government fearful of the ballot box then? Takut kalah?

Anyway, things may be changing. The following are extracts of two posts from the PAS Perak state Assemblyman, Idham Lim's blog yesterday:


Kami menghormati Raja Muda dan saya dititah oleh Tuanku mahu bekerja dengan Pakatan Rakyat, apa yang BN buat usul dalam dewan semua itu tidak laku dan sah kerana telah ditolak sejak semalam lagi.

Apa yang dibuat oleh BN iaitu menidakkan Speaker telah menghina dewan cukup mengaibkan. Kemasukan orang luar satu tindakan yang tidak bertamadun.

Saya iringi Tuanku keluar dan Tuanku mengatakan Baginda mahu bekerja dengan Pakatan Rakyat.


The next extract is based on what is said by the MB Nizar Jamaluddin:2)

Saya dalam masa terdekat untuk mengadap Tuanku untuk memohon Perkenan bubarkan DUN Perak.

Hubungan saya dengan pihak Istana baik dan saya akan menggunakan hubungan baik ini untuk mohon mengadap kata NIzar dalam sidang media sebentar tadi.


I wonder what the Hantulaut's spin would be once the Perak State Assembly is dissolved and the ballot box is used once again? Do not use the ballot box? His beloved BN should fight? Let's see whether he is a man of principle.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the photo & other documents, there "might not be any more" proof (left) but we just could not dismiss them as pure hearsay as not all were allowed to testify, remember even the prsecution was ganging up with the defence to stop certain testimonies! Has the investigation really been thoroughly carried out? What about this ? Why PI Bala disappear? What about the claim that Immigration Department's record was erased?

Hantu Laut said...

The problem with people like you and most of Pakatan supporters you see toyol in every corners and crevices of your house.

Tell me how the hell Pakatan can takeover 5 states and over 80 MPs seat if the election was rigged.The mule has better brain than you and the lot like you.

SM said...


When the BN's lapdogs dragged the legit Speaker (Sivakumar) out of the dewan yesterday (like a sack of dung), they also dragged the "Constitution, Rule of Law & the Royalty's reputation" out the door!

Hantu Laut said...


Nizar is a recalcitrant mule.Obsolutely, no shame.He should have tendered his resignation the moment he lost confidence of majority of the members.

Sivakumar is an idiot of the first order.He is bias, partial and stupid.How could he suspends the MB and six exco appointed by the Sultan?His action was done purposely to insult the Sultan. He is Speaker of the house and should be impartial. His action to suspend the 6 BN lawmakers is against the law of natural justice and falls outside the scope of Article 72.1 of the Federal Constitution.

Of course , the lawyers defending them would say otherwise.

Ever Onwards said...

The Hantulaut says:

"Nizar is a recalcitrant mule.Obsolutely, no shame."


"Sivakumar is an idiot of the first order.He is bias, partial and stupid."

In my previous post, I said "Let's see whether he [Hantulaut] is a man of principle." With his words above, I think he can throw his principles to the wind. The Hantulaut clearly has next to no knowledge of constitutional law, whether it pertains to Perak, Malaysia or in general. He does not understand the separation of powers that is needed for any parliament to function. To top it all, his talk of "natural justice" is an insult to our intelligence. Needless to say, we know who the "recalcitrant mule" really is, and who is the "idiot of the first order."

Hantu Laut said...

Ever Onwards,

If you want to argue let's do it on the basis of the law and not making stupid innuendoes.You know fuck all about the law.

What do you know about separation of powers? Tell me.
What do you know about the law of natural justice? Tell me.

You are just a parrot repeating what others are saying.

Yes,Nizar is a mule and that Sivakumar is an idiot.I stand by what I say.

What did natural law or law of natural justice says.Did Sivakumar takes into consideration when he suspended the 6 lawmakers the followings:

The right to a fair hearing(audi alteram partem)

The rule against bias (Nemo judex in causa sua)

There existed a body of ideal rules against which man-made law including parliamentary
enactments and decisions could be tested.These were described as natural law, natural justice or equity – thought to be of divine origin.

Did Sivakumar give the 6 lawmakers a chance to be heard? He abused his powers and makes the decision arbitrary.

He used his heart not his head.With this kind of lawyer who needs a lawyer.

The same with MB Nizar, he is shameless,he should have tendered his resignation to the Sultan.

You want to talk about principle, I have never changed my tone on this issue from day one.