Saturday, May 16, 2009

Malaysians Doped And Duped ?

Hantu Laut

His virulent propaganda have successfully decried Najib, UMNO and the BN, doped and duped many Malaysians into believing his squeaky clean image, his well-staged sob story of victimisation and his self-righteousness.

Not only Malaysians, the whole world is sold on his story of conspiracy, political intrigue and cruel regime.
His insouciance on the damage he caused to the nation by his outrageous propaganda is most regrettable.

On the other side of the world, on an official visit to America our Foreign Minister Anifah Aman finally dropped the bombshell on how he was offered the post of deputy prime minister if he crossed over to Pakatan.I wonder how many BN lawmakers were offered the same post?

This is the man who labelled UMNO a corrupt and sick party and should be booted out.He portrays himself as the saint and saviour of downtrodden Malaysians.

The man who promised change of government on 16 Sept 2008. ?

The man who changed Najib surname to Mongolia ?

The man who promised to bring evidence of Najib's relationship with Altantuya ?

The man who accused UMNO of power grab in Perak ?

The man who is a failed coup leader.

This is the man, 'The Joker'.

Can he claims what happened in Perak is unconstitutional when he doesn't practise what he preaches.

The only difference is, Najib succeeded, he didn't and he is fuming mad. If he has succeeded, everything would be hunky dory and legit !

It is alright for him to attack others but others can't say the truth about him. Read what garbage written here.


Anonymous said...

When BN bought over the PR frogs or would be frogs and it was okay? Najib or many other top BN leaders weren't any 'cleaner' for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Why BN is so afraid of a by-election in Perak when all the time kept telling the rakyat that we are doing it for the benefit of the people? This rhetoric does not work anymore and the rakyat is already at boiling point waiting to kick out BN in state or federal level now.

kittykat46 said...

Its not about Anwar Ibrahim.
Its about a people who have finally woken up to the stench of 50 years of unbridled power.
Its about refusing to buy into Divide and Rule politics any more.

Anwar Ibrahim is just the lightning rod of the moment for a political awakening. He's a charismatic but flawed persona, most people understand that.

To borrow from Bill Clinton's campaign stump,

Its not about Anwar Ibrahim ,stupid !

Anonymous said...

Well, your take on Din Merican, at leaat Din is doing it for his 'boss' and open about it. What about HL? PA to Anifah or Musa Aman ka?

fearless said...

I found those shameless PR's folks amazing, more often than not they would conveniently devoted their talks to imply that the people or rakyat share their rhetorics.

The Perak fiasco shouldn't have happen, it is because that egomania want to be the PM and he use all necessary means to achieve that. They are determine to ensure victory for themselves that they stoop so low and behave like ruffians with all their foul tactics. If they were to follow rule of law the Perak fiasco would have been solve easily. Why can't Nizar simply be a gentleman and choose a respectable and honorable route to quit voluntary the Mentri Besar seat when he do not command the majority of the House anymore or advocate the best current legal and peaceful solution by allowing vote of no confidence motion to take proper course. This is what I think is the right and peaceful approach, you PR folks tell me why is he not doing this and causing disturbances.

Instead, they choose the down rotten road, in which they display their evil, rebellious and rages manner which reminiscent a treacherous monster.

Such people should be lock up for good.

fearless said...

I found those shameless PR's folks amazing, more often than not they would conveniently devoted their talks to imply that the people or rakyat share their rhetorics.

The Perak fiasco shouldn't have happen, it is because that egomania want to be the PM and he use all necessary means to achieve that. They are determine to ensure victory for themselves that they stoop so low and behave like ruffians with all their foul tactics. If they were to follow rule of law the Perak fiasco would have been solve easily. Why can't Nizar simply be a gentleman and choose a respectable and honorable route to quit voluntary the Mentri Besar seat when he do not command the majority of the House anymore or advocate the best current legal and peaceful solution by allowing vote of no confidence motion to take proper course. This is what I think is the right and peaceful approach, you PR folks tell me why is he not doing this and causing disturbances.

Instead, they choose the down rotten road, in which they display their evil, rebellious and rages manner which reminiscent a treacherous monster.

Such people should be locked up for good.

eddy said...

Malaysians supporting Anwar Ibrahim to become PM with a change of Government are the ones doped and duped bro.

BN rule has brought much political stability necessary for the country to grow from the time of Merdeka until now and pray to God to the future.We are among the top 20 trading nations over the 190 nations on this planet aren't we and we are comparatively in good shape despite this terrible world economic storm caused by banking and insurance companies collapse around the world.

The Ranchangan Malaysia Ke-1 to ke-9 and beyond have been a great nation building masterplan that has been implemented by the BN Government and has borne much good fruits for ALL Malaysian and BN must be in Government in the future to carry on with this nation building exercise.

So far there is nothing from the Anwar led loose coalition of the DAP,PAS and PKR parties that gives many of us confidence that they can lead this country better than BN apart from Anwar's and Kit Siangs sloganeering and rhetorics calling for reforms and labelling UMNO/BN as corrupt,the judiciary bad etc. Hell, the three parties cannot even agree to form a formal coalition like BN among themselves after more than 1 year in power in 4 states and I have not even begun talking about them forming a shadow cabinet which will show the Rakyat of Malaysia that they are ready to takeover the Government from BN.

So far all we get from the Anwar Ibrahim are forced by-elections in Bukit Selambau and Penanti in almost sure PKR win areas to show how “popular” Pakatan is to the ‘Rakyat” and I must add this is another perversion of the democratic process when you force a active ADUN to resign so that you can win a byelection and then brag about it for days. It is really pathetic politics that can only be thought thru by people who are bankrupt of ideas.

I predict Anwar and his Pakatan leaders will never be ready to form a coherent and united Government even in the next 15 years because each party have their own political objective as follows:

1.DAP : A Singapore PAP franchise held by the Lim family calling for a Malaysian Malaysia but they have not exactly spelled how this is going to be done. However if the ex-DAP dominated Perak State Government is anything to go by, I think majority Malaysian(read Malays) will be very unimpressed with their Malaysian Malaysia slogan, hypocritical to me at best.

2. PAS : Used to have this wonderful objective of ruling Malaysia according to Islamic principles and wants to impose Hudud Law, but now with their new friends DAP and PKR, PAS new slogan is PAS for All... whatever that means, have to ask Tuan Guru Nik Aziz or Ustaz Haji Hadi on this one as PAS is fast turning into a chameleon party bent on ruling at any cost.

3. PKR : Is a Anwar Ibrahim family controlled party supposedly multiracial made up of frustrated ex-UMNO,MCA,MIC and Gerakan and many NGO activists whose NO.1 objective is to propel Anwar Ibrahim to the post of Prime Minister of Malaysia where he will save Malaysia from Doom(according to Pakatan Utopian belief lah)

I dare Anwar to form a proper formal Pakatan coalition with its own unified manifestoes and objectives to show Malaysians that “mereka boleh memerintah lebih baik dari Barisan Nasional".

Granted, along Malaysia's journey from 1957 into the unknown future there will be abuses of power and corruption here and there, but I think these kinds of things are not unique to BN and Malaysia only, it happens everywhere around this world from Europe to America to Asia and it would be only the truly naive or the blind hearted who would deny this fact whether you are BN or Pakatan supporters. As a matter of fact Anwar Ibrahim was charged and convicted for abuse of power and corruption when he was the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia and UMNO Deputy President didn't he not. (Please Pakatan supporters do not say this is a political conspiracy lah it was a crime that received just punishment)

The many things I learnt in the internet is that Pakatan supporters really do wear blinkers like Bro Hantu Laut had mentioned, they just cannot accept views which are different from their warped sense of logic even to the extent of rubbishing the learned Judges and Court Judgements which are supposedly not in their sides favour. I think if you submit to the courts for intervention, you have to accept the Court's judgement whether good or bad otherwise anarchy will prevail. Same as in Nizar’s case when he submit to the DYMM Sultan of Perak to dissolve the DUN, the Highness disagree and tsk,tsk Nizar “sembah derhaka” and refused Royal command and took his case to court. So what is that? Good trait of a political leader? Nation building or anarchy?

Between Najib who realised that BN has much work to do to convince the Rakyat that they have changed for the better and Anwar who promises the rakyat the moon.....I will go for Najib warts and all over Anwar as Prime Minister of Malaysia anytime.

Anonymous said...

Mr fearless thinks BN speaks for the people. If indeed they have, there would not have been a tsunami on 12GE, right?

And Mr eddy talks like a history text book. History is like they said "History", does not guarantee the same will happen from now onwards. In fact, the so called development was during the early days of MM. Late MM era, we begin to see more wastages. Then the "Pantang Cabar" Sleepy PM, little Napoleons are all over the place. If you are an academician, maybe you are reading too much government statistics. If you are in business, you know the real differences. Government agencies becomes more daring and blatant in their demand. Unless you are a racist UMNO, I don;t think you would support the UMNO Assembly racist outcry. As for non-malays, UMNO expect them to be docile and quiet. Is that what equal citizenship is all about? Blatant abuse of all enforcement and judiciary.

These are the issues that cause people to support the alternatives of BN. The rakyat should be more informed and matured to know BN is not the only answer. PR may not be administratively savvy, but at least they do not know how to steal and knowing the BN people will be always on their backs. Besides, they are more transparent.

What about BN? Just look at the PKFZ, the many 'dirty' Corridors launched by Sleepyhead PM, abusive Police, bias judiciary, Disney Toyogate, Mongoliangate, Oil revenue abuses, Proton Agustagate, playing the royalty like their puppets, and many many more...

What kind of citizen would want their government to carry out such abuse of their hard earned money and national pride? As a person who voted for PR in Perak, I would not want them to conceit to defeat like a dog. They ought to know their right and the rights of the people they represents. Just the same, do you want your elected BN rep to jump to PR knowing very well that you voted for BN? How many Reps are locals? You think the characters like the Perakian frogs will get elected for their personality? You know the answer and don't peddle medicine for BN. We will know the outcome if snap election is called. And don't talk about expenses, nobody asked for BN to give goodies. Try like PR where they can offer their words rather than giving goodies. Do you know that the goodies are taken out of you and me?

Think a bit deeper. It may well be what HL said Malaysians are Doped and Duped but by BN for so long that some can't differentiate fantasy from reality anymore!


Anonymous said...

Eddy, our are at it again aren't you? Please explain the rational behind the following inactions?

1. UMNO's Ahmad Ismail of the 'pendatang' fame gets scot free but the reporter gets detained under ISA for her own protection.

2. MACC's extra swift action in the Selangor 'cows and cars' case yet total inaction over Khir Toyo and Balkis's excesses.

3. 2 muder suspects gets death sentence in the Altantunya case without the courts ascertaining their motives.

4. Brunei - Land of Hidden Treasures. Malaysia - Land of Hidden Suspects?

5. PKFZ fiasco - All star performance by who's who in UMNO Selangor + some MCA. MACC and PDRM inaction expected.

6. Justice Ramly Ali of correct, correct, correct fame solo n swift judgement of Zambry's appeal undertaken without written judgement?

7. PDRM's active involvement in stifling dissecion and acting partisan in Perak affair. Forcible removal of Speaker becomes the most iconic scene.

8. AG prefers to become 'interventor' in Zambry's case yet DPP screws up in Shereen's drug case in failing to bring witnesses. No witnesses in a PDRM raid? you gotta be kidding.

The list goes on and on. If this is peace and stability to you and fearless, God save Malaysia! You can have all the warts and all in Najib and Rosmah included but you cannot take away my liberty!

eddy said...

Relaxlah Mr Anonymous Perakian 9:48pm, if Pakatan reps have not yet stolen from the treasury or rakyat is not because they are angels but they do not have access to it yet. In time if they have the chance they will succumb to temptations, they are after all human like any other Malaysian.

You talk about transparency? then you should talk to CM Guan Eng who banned the NST just because the paper was critical of his DAP administration, I think Nizar also banned the UTUsan from covering his press conference when he was MB. Pakatan talk about transparency is mere rhethorics mostly bull shitlah. When Anwar changed the various portfolios of the PKR leaders recently was there a vote? NO everything was decided dictator transparency ma.

Why are you so angry with the leapfrogs in Perak, you should direct your anger to the DAP and PKR leaders who choose them to be candidates in the first place.

Please do not talk about the numbers game lah, like I said, in March 2008 Perak state elections BN has 28 seats the biggest by a wide margin over DAP,PAS and PKR individually. So the many orang Perak who voted for BN has their democratic rights too you know definitely they have not been duped but has voted consciously for a stable and secure Perak,Malaysia.

I do not think I can convince you very much though as you are obviously intoxicated by Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan rhetorics so much so you are caught somewhere between reality and utopialand. So if you think Anwar and Pakatan can deliver you the moon well you can wait lah because it will happen only when cows can fly.

eddy said...

Anonymous 10:07pm, hai yah penat lah mahu jawab, I think you are out of topiclah, I am honoured that you gave me the list but I am not spokesman for BN lah.

However since you are such a smart alec why not you go to the nearest police station and make a police report about the above list of grouses/purported misdemenour by the BN Government, be sure to have SOLID evidence to back up your claims so that you would not be charged for making false reports and land yourself in the lock up OK.

I trust that the above will be helpful to you and I definitely have not taken away your liberty you fool, this is Malaysia we are a democracy didalam Sistem Raja Berpelembagaan. TQ.

Anonymous said...

Salam Eddy, I see that you have resorted to name calling now. This is a departure from your reply in the previous topic when you exclaimed "Friends, its good to have a civil discourse in politics". Be that as it is,you have reveiled the true nature of the beast. Frankly, no one asked you to be a spokesman for BN. One just begs for you to vindicate your statements, or are you akin with the Court of Appeal judge Ramli Ali who adjudicates but refuses to document his judgement? You said "Anwar's and Kit Siangs sloganeering and rhetorics calling for reforms and labelling UMNO/BN as corrupt,the judiciary bad etc." and I cited examples which you failed to acknowledge. Hence the reasonable man on the omnibus would develop much doubt that it is mere sloganeering and rhetorics as you amplified, wouldn't it? You rant miserably that people do not find the parlimentary oppositions impressive but how do you explain four victories post March 2008 and the capture of 5 states? It is unprecedented in Malaysian history that this state of affairs prevailed, don't you agree?

I personally like this one "I think if you submit to the courts for intervention, you have to accept the Court's judgement whether good or bad otherwise anarchy will prevail." Then why in God's name did Zambry appeal for a stay in execution of the High Court judgement? Is he appealing for anarchy as you opined? As for the sembah derhaka over the Royal command, the learned High Court judge viewed loyally that HRH erred, so are you stating that the learned judge is an anarchist? Unlike Justice Ramli, he has produced two written judgements over the issue.

Another observation. You have the atypical UMNO fetish of writing police reports. Recently, you have 29 BN ADUN making individual reports over the LA issue. Remarkable! Seriousness of a case is ascertained by timbang kati and not by the issues. I will excuse myself from making any police report on the issues bcos theres enough by civil society to reprint the Kamasutera in 85 different languages. One additional report won't make a corpse stand (except that of the late Kugan that is). Dont want to end up like the reporter who was detained under the ISA (for her own safety) because she factually reported on an UMNO man. My report will be compiled and submitted in GE13 (if SPR doesn't move the goal post again).
My advice Eddy is to stand with much civility and decorum on what you write and profess. For you to relegate yourself by calling someone a fool just because you cannot engage them intelligently speaks volumes about your thinking ability and capacity despite claiming previously to be an Engineer. There are no ketuanan melayu or Royal command when facts are laid bare. Thank you.

eddy said...

Salam to you mr/ms Anonymous 1:27am. Well what can I say to a truly "righteous" person but salute you for defending your Pakatan brothers.

Seems to you guys everything that is done by the UMNO or Barisan is wrong including the Police reports by the 28 BN Aduns and the Appeals Court Judge also tak betul ka? My,my even Zambry appealing on the High Court decision also tak betul, you pandai twist my words aroundlah mr/ms anonnymous, exactly like your leader Anwar Ibrahim so I do not think engaging with you in a civil discourse is worth my time or yours.

Lets just see how events will unfold in Perak shall we, still if you guys have any shred of evidence to back up your fairytale about najib,rosmah,the PDRM and MACC you ought to report the police its not a fetish to report to the police you know its a right of every Malaysian just like Pakatan MPs suing for millions the Government, the mainstream papers is it not?

Anonymous said...

Mr Eddy seems like blowing his own trumpet.Look at the scholarship's fiasco year after year.People with 13 or 14As' could not be awarded scholarships whereas 8 or 9As' could be easily given by the government.Why the fiasco when the former Minister of Education had promised to look at the situation.

Anonymous said...

seems like eddy is just another typical BN Worshiper. Just dodge the issue raised about abuses but sings praises about 'stability', 'prosperity' and what not....

It can't be that he is not among the so-called intelligent people, just that intelligence is misused to do BN propaganda.

Waste of talent.

Hantu Laut said...

Eddy has right to express his opinion.He is right there is no so thing as utopia any where in the world. That can only happen in paradise (if there is such a place)and probably in Pakatanland.Supporters of Pakatan seem to think that Anwar and Pakatan are flawless.

They complain about ISA,OSA and Sedition Act.Look what is Lim Guan Eng doing in Penang, warning civil servants not to release government information and subtly warned them about the OSA.He also banned NST and those reporting not in his favour.

Do you thing they are going to be different if they took over the federal government?Don't forget a lean and hungry men could eat a lot more.

When Marcos took over as President of the Philippines he promised the people to clean up corruptions.There was euphoria and he became a cult figure in the early years.He turned out to be one of the biggest monster in the world.He and his cronies raped the country dry and stole billion of dollars.

Abdullah Badawi made the same fatal mistake, promises he can't fulfill, but at least he is not a crook as some made him out to be.A good man and a weak leader was his only fault.

I will not take chances.Rather stay with the devil I know, at least they have shown they can perform.

Those of you who wants to eat the bait hung by Anwar and his gang, go ahead, eat it, it's your right.

SM said...

HL / Eddy / Feraless,

You guys really don't get the point (must be the sub-standard UMNO's Education System that we have in place!). Sorry...that was a bit below the belt!
As kittykat46 said, it's not about Anwar (I have said this a hundred times in commens to you HL). It's about the people waking up to UMNO (I refuse to say BN as MIC, MCA, PPP & Gerakan are all cowardly slaves of UMNO who scrounge for the scraps that UMNO throw to them!) after more than 50 years of corruption, abuse, racism...the list goes on (don't even try to deny it...even UMNO don't deny these facts!).
Yes, PR may turn out as bad or even worse (I very much doubt it) than UMNO, but at the end of the day, if we keep doing what we have been doing for the last 50 years (i.e. keep voting for UMNO), then we are really stupid & deserve to be continually screwed by UMNO (remember that one of UMNO's founding Fathers...Onn Jaffar & even our beloved Tunku Abdul Rahman quit UMNO...these men of Honour saw what UMNO was and finally did not want to have any part of this corrupted party! Again don't even deny it, as these are facts!).

fearless said...

Anon 9:48 PM said " Mr fearless thinks BN speaks for the people. If indeed they have, there would not have been a tsunami on 12GE, right?"

First, you are twisting my commentary and putting words into my mouth, that is very shameful.

Second, there is no tsunami on 12GE, that is PR rhetoric. BN still won the election. Majority of the people supported BN. Get that right.

Third, tell me one way or other that PR people are not involve in corruption, if they are then they do not have the justification to about it, if you think they are not, then you are a hypocrite.

During 308 election, PR preached for CHANGE, CHANGE,CHANGE, now tell what have they change? Nothing, instead change for bad to worst. The 916 is a fact, Perak fiasco is a fact, Anwar charge with sodomy is a fact, people like you turn against your wise sultan is a fact, etc, etc and etc.

Further more your commentary are full of venom of racialist by spewing hostility and hatred to pit the Chinese against UMNO. That is bad blood, not the material for peace loving society. Wake up boy and stop the nuisance.

fearless said...


You guys are the one that did not get it, No country in the world are prefect and why kept on harping about BN pass short coming, is that the only stuffs you guys got. As for me I am talking about now and the future. Didn't you see that BN already mend for better, on the other hand PR is getting from bad to worst. They good at digging, blaming, finding fault and making troubles, that is not what I want. I want them to do better than BN, do they have the personality, ability, capability, resources and substances to do that, their disruptive and wild manner tell me a lot about their character which only fit to rule the jungle.

If you disagree with me then tell me what they can offer to make Malaysia a peaceful and prosperous country. I don't hear any rhetoric but real substances.

SM said...


Yu have not refuted what I've said earlier. So I guess you agree with me!
As for the wild manner of PR...well...just look at the PDRM (the trained dogs of UMNO)! Beating innocent people, killing detainees in lock-ups, entering the Perak State Assembly & dragging the "real" Speaker out (fyi, the police have no jurisdiction in any of the State Assemblies). In th emean time there are still children being raped & killed, disappearing, women raped, numerous murders, etc...not solved yet!
We do not know of the PR will be good or bad but for the moment the PR is all we got...BN changing for the better...says who? Until & when they really start trying to have a 1 Malaysia (ya rite!) it's just surface crap.
I'm not saying Malaysia has to be perfect...but if we keep shooting for second best (like our Hockey, Fotball, & other sports), we will never be the best!
At the moment the people are still long as you have Bumi - Non-Bumi, the people will NEVER be united! I guess you are one of those who believe in Ketuanan Melayu (now don't tell me you don't...after all all UMNO people believe in that)?
We are divided at the most basic levels.
HL says that the PR will be the same if they were to be in control...really? How do you know? We have not given them a chance yet.

Anonymous said...

fearless, don't be like an ostrich, bury your head on the sand to see and hear no evil. If there are wrong doings, these people ought to answer for their crimes.

I don;t think PR people purposely want to dig dirt just like Penang or Selangor for that matter, it is people like you and other UMNO goons that has been harping on issue that got PR people working to 'learn' how things are done and at the same time discovered issues that needs to be addressed. Just like Mr Toyo that blamed his predecessors, PR would definitely be blamed later on if they have not bring issues to the open.

You mean you are happy that your hard earned money gets to be enjoyed by mr Toyo to disney? Or maybe you are one in the team.

And HL said Penang was not transparent. Transparent doesn't mean it is open to all tom dick and harry but is open to audit or Ombudsmen committee of sort. Or even 3rd party overseeing. Penang's case clearly has its merit to protect the investor from information leak which when landed in people with bad intentions (UMNO goons for instance) can hurt the investers. Anyway, we can talk all we like but this seem to be a BN supporter blog and they can't see any wrong done by BN. Only PR is the culprit in disrupting their gravy train.

fearless said...


Again you are talking rubbish, does one have to refute you to disagree with you? You must be an idiot not to read me correctly but to put words in my mouth, that the stuff you got.

Now to put it in your term, since you are silent on my query that means you agree with me that PR is good for nothing, but making troubles.

fearless said...

Anon 11:28 PM,

Go read again what I have been saying and don't simply open your big mouth. Since you are retarded, I repeat again what can PR offer to make this country peaceful and prosperous. I dare you answer this and don't twist..If you can't answer, just shut up .

kittykat46 said...

What PR can offer to make this country peaceful and prosperous is already becoming visible in Penang and Selangor, even with the limited resources of the State Government, with a BN Federal Government determined to strangle the State government with every possible obstacle.

- responsible government not primarily based on distributing state resources through connected political supporters.
- more transparent government spending award decision making.
- aid towards social equity based on need, not race.

Its still a work in progress, and plenty of flaws in implementation, but PR in Penang and Selangor have started taking action in 12 months, which BN failed to do in 50 years.

Does BN deserve to be given a 13th chance ? You see, Its not about giving BN a 2nd chance, its a 13TH Chance.

I say NO.

SM said...


How can I argue with a mentally challenged UMNO supporter like you? All the wrongs that UMNO have done over the years are "swept under the carpet". You call me idiot (I guess it's hard for an UMNO supporter to debate without name-calling)? Hmmmm...maybe but what I have today I got by my own hard work...I did not get any 30% quota or Government subsidy or Government help to get my Degree or Masters (eg us "Pendatangs/Second Class Citizens had to get 5 Principals in the STPM whereas people like you only needed 1 principal or maybe just do the Matriculation)...unlike UMNO supporters like you who support a Racist Regime & their Ketuanan agenda (& in the mean time take what they give you unfairly).
If I'm an Idiot it's because I still love Malaysia & hope for the best & hope that one day we can be united (but seeing how retards like you who support a well-known corrupted Government...make me wonder!).

SM said...


I guess it's pointless to argue rationally with Racists. They can clearly see what Penang & Selangor are doing but they conveniently ignore the facts.
Then they get angry & start "name-calling"...typical...!

fearless said...


Yes you are an idiot, not because you love Malaysia and hope for the best. But not reading me well, twisting what I have said and putting words in my mouth. Here again on what basic do you have to equal me as racists. You simply bark like a mad dog. Any of my commentary I touch on those issue. You the one who talk about Ketuanan Melayu so who is the racist here.

Sure it pointless to argue with me, because you lack substances, nothing else

fearless said...

Kittykat 46,

You better pray and hope your Idol deliver otherwise it gonna hurt you badly. I am sure you know what Obama tax reforms means and the impact on your company. Will those MNCs exodus from our shore, what can your Idol do to reduce the impact! What can he offer Penang to sustain the economy activities, if and when the MNCs depart. Building of Tiger Park will not help, where is the Penang blueprint . You people keep talking about the pass and still on election mode won't help you, and that is for sure.

Anonymous said...

Fearless, don't go ranting like a bully and acting like a typical UMNO politican by accusing that your words are twisted so as to circumvent the real issue. If you live by your nick, answer the issues or forever keep your peace. Don't bully people with your bovine attitude. I read your comments and that of kitty and SM. They are quite clear and left trace of twisting anything. The only twisting is done by you because you can't seem to answer them intelligently. Now, whays your catch if you dare!

Anonymous said...


I admire fearless courage to take on Pakatan Rakyat apologist. the cyberspace are polluted with Pakatan hostility. HL is one of the victim, who is bullying who?

fearless said...

Anon 11: 30 PM,

Since you read me so well, I dare you to tell me which area did I touch on race issue. Other wise shove your stuffs in your own ass.

SM said...

Dear All,

I rest my case...when these Corrupted, Racists goons like Fearless can't argue anymore they resort to vulgarities (like he told Anon to "shove your stuffs in your ass!" Geeeze!) & name calling!I refuse to go to the depths that Mentally Challenged Fearless descend to when he can't argue intelligently anymore!

Anonymous said...

Well SM, a typical product of the BN education system. Thats why we falter miserably in the international arena. Yes fearless, you can derogue your posterior as it differs not from you cerebal matters.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:01. A wild boar is a courageous creature. Without brains, it remains.....well, a courageous wild boar.

fearless said...


You better rest you case and be a good boy otherwise you are freaking out, as you lack substances, nothing else. Who doesn't know that Anon 2;55 PM, Anon 2: 58PM and you are the of the same idoit. That cheap shot is a testimony what I said about you is very true. said...


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