Saturday, June 27, 2009

Herd Instinct And Mass Delusion Endangering Malaysia's Political Stability

Hantu Laut

The opposition Pakatan does not want One Malaysia, they want a fragmented Malaysia.A nation clearly divided between Malays, Chinese and Indians.They don't even consider Sabah and Sarawak as part of the Federation because all the times they are harping only on the interests of these three communities. Sabah and Sarawak, as far as they are concerned, is on the back burners, not a priority. They don't even trust the Sabahans and Sarawakians.The liaison chief of Sabah PKR which used to be Anwar himself is now given to Azmin Ali, his trusted lieutenant. Jeffery Kitingan is just making an ass of himself, Anwar Ibrahim doesn't trust him at all.

They ridicule Najib's I Malaysia concept because they knew if the various races are united under one umbrella like the BN their support would be in trouble. The results of the March 2008 Elections is the anomaly of playing the racial card.Pakatan won the five states and denied the BN of two-thirds majority because majority of Chinese and Indians voted for them.

PKR, the pseudo-Malay party got more votes from non-Malays. Malay votes were divided between PAS and UMNO with majority voted for UMNO.Chinese and Indians voted for PAS not because they love or trust PAS, it just happened to be a vehicle of convenience to add numbers to the convenient union.

When Charles Mackay first wrote his book 'Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds' in 1841 about the danger of herd instinct people did not take him seriously then.Today, over 150 years later crowd behaviour has not changed.In fact it has not changed for almost 300 years since the days of active trades and commerce.

The recent global financial meltdown was the results of herd instinct and hysteria.We make the same mistakes over and over again.Mackay's book also demonstrates what scientists now know: when we act in groups we are often not smart. This is proven in how billionaires are made.These are people who do not follow the crowd, have their own mind, use and believe in their own formula.

Herd instinct can also lead to irrational and dangerous behaviour. The recent massive demonstrations in Iran stemmed from herd instinct might have been the result of falsely fed information for which the crowd has no resources to check the correctness of such information, that fraud was committed to cheat Mousave of his right to the presidency. The crowd instinctively reacted on hearsay because they are supporters of Mousave.

Herd instinct and mass delusions were the same perpetrators that brought the financial collapse of Lehman Brothers, AIG and allowed crooks like Madoff and Stanford to fleece the greed of the unwary crowd.

We live in an economic bubble that can burst with over inflation.The global economic meltdown we are experiencing now was the result of our madness to increase price out of all reason.What rhyme and reason has the price of crude to peak at almost US$150 per barrel when there were no serious shortages of supply.It is just an exercise to make a few countries and businessmen richer and make the rest of the world poorer.The price of other people's greed that the rest of the world have to pay heavily for because they used their herd instinct.

Your investment bankers, your stockbrokers including your friendly local banker who introduces you to all the investment funds that promised the sky and the moon as return, are they any different from the charlatans, fortune tellers and con men who convince you they can reveal the future and make big fortune for you.They are the same.They are like herd of cattle reacting instinctively to the crack of the whip.

Going back to politics.It is the same herd instinct that makes or breaks a government, more often than not, out of mass delusion.

Pakatan leaders are good at selling their drugs of mass delusion and drive the cattle to the manger.


vinnan said...

Herd Instinct? Ketuanan Melayu.
Mass Delusion? One Malaysia. said...

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Article written by Mr. Aftab Hussain

donplaypuks® said...

"The opposition Pakatan does not want One Malaysia, they want a fragmented Malaysia.A nation clearly divided between Malays, Chinese and Indians."

That's your completely unsubstantiated opinion.

As for me, I would rather vote them in than have 1 more day of the most corrupt, racist and crony-minded Govt in the history of the world.

And when they know they are facing decimation come 2013, they will go courting PAS from an utter position of weakness. can you think of anything more contemptible and lacking in integrity than this UMNO/BN action? Najib is crawling on his knees and begging PAS! What a gas!!

This is not for 1 Malaysia or Malay unity. It's for UMNO's selfish survival. We can survive without UMNO.

Anonymous said...

You're right, HL. Pakatan leaders thrive and survive on herd instinct/mass delusion (or mob rule). Their followers have become blind - eyes, mind and heart. Vinnan's and donplaypuks's comments are proof of that. They seem to take pride in their antics (demos here and there, blaming the BN for everything under the sun, creating disorder, etc.)

Do they ever think of their country? Do they love their country? What have they contributed to the nation? What have they done to solve the country's problems?

eddy said...

Bro, Mass delusion? two events spring to my mind:

1. The Anwar inspired promised Pakatan takeover of the Federal Government on 16 September 2008 which had almost all of the Pakatan supporters salivating profusely in anticipation but then left opened mouth when it did not happen.

2. The Pakatan ex Perak State Government MB, Exco and ADUNs and their supporters who refused to accept that they have been outed by the BN and still trying to force the Sultan of Perak to dissolve the DUN to have another statewide election.

Herd Instinct? Anwar is actively trying to stampede his Pakatan herd by conducting a trial in the media before his REAL sodomy trial starts on 8th July 2009. Who knows he might be successful that if he is found guilty the herd would stampede and cause disturbances and demonstrations of course candle light vigils to protest his so called innocence and the unfair judiciary etc.If anything, Anwar sure understands the herd instinct mentality of his supporters.

Anyway Bro, talking about unsubstantiated opinion, Donplaypuk sure gave the mother of them all tonight when he said;

"As for me, I would rather vote them(PR) in than have 1 more day of the most corrupt, racist and crony-minded Govt in the history of the world".

I mean really ah? History of the world? Big words dude, I hope he knows his world history as well as he crunches his numbers.

Another spin is how come that UMNO with 79 MP seats as compared to PAS's 24 MP seats is the one crawling on its knees to PAS for unity talk when it was PAS who spoke of a unity Government first. A unity Government was never discussed until PAS's Hadi and Nasharudin spoke of it. I thought PAS yang hidung tak mancung tapi pipi tersorong sorong kat UMNO.

Anyway UMNO and BN has more than a 30 MP majority in Parliament with the trusted support of our Sabah and Sarawak brothers. So why the hell does BN needs a unity Government with PAS or for that matter PKR and DAP also.

The way I see it, PAS has long been an anak tiri in Pakatan and now PAS wants to show their muscle to DAP and PKR partners before the coming Anwar sodomy trial. If Anwar is jailed, then PAS wants to put up their leader to be Pakatan Boss man/PM in waiting lah before PKR or DAP have other ideas. So PAS is showing that it can talk to UMNO no problem if DAP or PKR try to be funny.Its called political leverage.TQ.

Anonymous said...

Herd mentality is where many Malays learned that by participating in patronage system in UMNO, they can get rich quick.

Just see how HL and Eddy's undying and blind support of UMNO and I think we can see how that is.

As for Pakatan, they are definitely not perfect. But we have to support a system where there will be checks and balance. Just revisit the manifestation of Herd Mentality at its height and worst during PakLah's reign. As he has no control over the little Napoleons, everyone is showing their racist power to the max without accommodating other races.

Is that an ideal government we want the country to be? Ultimate power to the ruling party where there is no checks and balance? Even Judge fixing can be carried out and there is no actions and many more cases. I would not have a blind support for Pakatan but I would lend them support until they can be equally capable of taking on as alternative government. Then hopefully we can reduce the herd mentality danger to controllable level.

HL, the coin has 2 faces, as you try to highlight herd mentality of Pakatan followers, you forgot about the people in UMNO? Hiding behind a viel of NGO and blindly go and make police report because someone said some website said something seditious. Without the need to verify which site posted the comment and details of it. These are true herd followers as they lack the brain to think. You and Eddy I would say hove some brain power but chooses to run campaigns and spins for UMNO.

You can't hide truth, many BN leaders have been abusing their power and positions. Until there is accountability, I would support opposition strong enough until they can provide the balance and pushes for transparency. We can witness that in Selangor. Even the Pakatan trying to estblish their patronage system but was exposed before they can even do anything. Unlike BN which is so deeply entrenched, Don't tell me you cannot see such abuses in Sarawak? You must be the greatest hypocrite then.

Anonymous said...

By the way, what stability? Stability for BN to plunder the country's coffers where there is nobody to question their actions? Just like Bakun, e-Village, and the latest PKFZ?

Anonymous said...


get your facts right. it was UMNO which approached PAS disceetly for a unity govt after the massive loss in 8/3 election.

eddy and hantu, its your right to continue to support BN but are th PR supporters really delusional. Tell it to the majority who voted for PR in Peninsualr Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

This herd Instinct more appropriately explains how HL and eddy blindly support UMNO than the people who voted for PR.

The recent Bukit Gantang saw people fed up with BN's unfair wresting for power. They do not want the their future to be taken away from them. Does not vote BN doesn't mean they are wrong (as how HL put it to be). BN just seem to be giving more reason for people to vote PR. If they are not aggressive and more patient, probably people would be more likely to follow the herd and vote for BN.

People do not vote PR because of herd instinct. You can see people lost and vote for BN out of instinct and no change. People were pushed out of their comfort zone and voted for PR and that is not because it is fashionable and something to be kiasu about. They voted PR because they do not like how BN and especially UMNO run the country and especially do not give space for people to voice their dissent.

However much you want to spin it, it only reflect back on you, HL.

Anonymous said...

Quote """Anyway UMNO and BN has more than a 30 MP majority in Parliament with the trusted support of our Sabah and Sarawak brothers. So why the hell does BN needs a unity Government with PAS or for that matter PKR and DAP also."""

Yes, pls ask Najis Razak, Mukhriz and all those UMNO donkeys asking for unity talks, why the hell indeed !!!!

For once Najiz, shut the hell up, even the great Eddy is aksing, why the hell you need unity talk among Malays, what the hell for!!!!

Hantu Laut said...

Anonymous 10.50,
I support the BN concept, not UMNO specifically.I think it's the best concept for this country if they can reduce corruptions and be fair to all races.

Pakatan is a marriage of convenience.A grouping with nothing in common.The biggest winner would be DAP and the biggest loser PAS because Malay votes would be divided with majority going to UMNO.PAS would be the weakest with DAP and PKR taking leading role if they won the next GE.

The Chinese and Indians are already united and will be a force to be reckoned with in the next elections.

Lim Kit Siang is talking cock, he knew the Chinese and Indians are already united under DAP.He is trying to sabotage Najib's 1 Malaysia to ensure that Malays are divided and other races wouldn't support BN.

I am not spinning.I am telling you the truth.