Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Najib Shall Return The Glory

Hantu Laut

The Malaysian Insider which used to be more balanced in its reporting has recently turned the table and post many anti-establishment materials.It's probably trying to compete with Malaysiakini for readership.Although, the write-up on the opinion polls on Najib is not anti-establishment the headline speaks volume of the message it's trying to send across.

It recently published a survey of Najib's popularity poll and came out with some very surprising results.

Overall only 16% of respondent are dissatisfied with Najib as PM while 45% gave him a thump-up.Even more surprising and unexpected is the results according to racial breakdown where 64% of Indians are happy with him and only 15% are not.The figure with the Chinese was a bit dismal, only 24% are happy and 23% are not and 53% did not respond which means the Chinese are mostly fence-sitters.

The Malays formed the majority of the survey and 53% are happy and 13% are not.An encouraging sign and could be improved on as time goes by.

I would have expected the Indians would rank the highest in the 'not satisfied' category.They have been the most vocal against the government since the rabble-rousing and demagogic incitement by Hindraf.The 45% 'aye' was a big shock to me.

The result for the Chinese is not a surprise at all as the Chinese have always kept their options a secret.They reserve their support according to where the wind blows.We are still a long way from the general elections, therefore, there are a lot of fence-sitters.

With an overloaded baggage and constant scathing attacks against him by the oppositions to demoralise the people against him the result of the survey did not reflect the effectiveness of the opposition's dirty campaign.

He has been less than 100 days in office, give it a year, if he can resolves the economic crisis Najib and the BN will cruise back to its former glory at the next general elections.

Read what this anti-Najib blogger says here.


Anonymous said...


You make it sound so simple, the people deserted BN is because of the economic crisis ?

Do you honestly believe in the statement you wrote ? or it is just another way of yours to pull wools over innocent eyes/minds ? What about the racialistic propaganda ? what about the corruptions ? what about the lootings of the government coffers ? what about the wayward ways of the police force ? what about the abuse of the judicial ? and many more that one can hardly find the space to quote here !

For a season blogger like you, the only conclusion I can draw from your article is you are either a young green horn, or a plain lying oldman !

Anonymous said...

aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh SHUT UP you moron hantu laut. I seem to speak crab only and you are one of the UMNO spin doctors. i guess you eat and shit from the same hole

eddy said...

Bro seems pro pakatan supporters with their usual profanities and labelling are here. Seems their affinity to the small hole is really very serious, must be something to do with their leader Anwar Ibrahim's upcoming trial for allegedly inserting his penis into Saiful's small hole. Hmm..yawn,yawn and more yawn what is new...same Pakatan diversionary tactic of making BN as boogey monsters.

Surveys such as these can be interpreted in many ways in fact Najib should be excited as after about 100 days in office, in the so called Merdeka/MI "survey" with about only 1067 participants it was found that 65% of Indians respondents are satisfied with Najib and OVERALL only 16% of the respondents are dissatisfied with Najib. But of course Pakatan would interpret it differently and some would even compare it to Chin Peng's fortune. So pathetic.

Fuckini said...

Nice of you to refer Malaysian Insider as it is , to us its PR Insider and MKini more like AnwarKini .
These two sites should have changed their names long time ago and it's currently infested with those morons from the Fuckatan Rakyat and the Deep Ass Penetration (DAP) a tribute to Anwar for the ability to perform that .

Hantu Laut said...

Anonymous 8.54,
I never said the people deserted the BN because of economic crisis.Anyway, the people didn't abandon the BN,they are still the government,only slightly weaken.

I said Najib can win the next election if he can stimulate the economy and bring back prosperity to the people.Is your English so poor you can comprehend what was written.

Corruptions,racism and all that you mentioned are not confined to this country only, they happened every where.

There were no looting of government coffers, if there were you and I would be walking bare-footed and probably begging on the roadside.

You are just a willing victim of Anwar Ibrahim's propaganda.Something,a green horn is susceptible to.

True,I am an old man, I do lie, sometimes,to save a situation but what I wrote is not a lie, it's an opinion.

Hantu Laut said...

With so much controversy and Pakatan constant attack against him 45% approval rating is an amazing result.

eddy said...

En Fuckini, I sure like your interpretation of DAP, so very succulent. I would keep it for later use.Cheers.

Fuckini said...


You are welcome to use it . Be my guest .