Thursday, July 23, 2009

Damned If You Do Damned If You Don't

Hantu Laut

I must congratulate the Prime Minister for making the right decision on the Teoh Beng Hock case and as I have suggested earlier to look into the internal workings of the MACC and the Police too.

The opposition must have been caught by surprise as they have secretly wished Najib would not agree to the formation of a Royal Commission which undoubtedly will make him more unpopular.He did the right thing.Their wish didn't come through.Now, look what they are trying to do.They are raving mad and accused BN of leading Teoh's family up the garden path.Read what that shit-stirrer Lim Kit Siang says here.

His headline screamed:

Teoh Beng Hock’s death – Cabinet decision on Royal Commission of Inquiry falls far short of public expectation, unsatisfactory and unacceptable

Whose expectation Kit Siang, yours and your Pakatan minions or the public ?

Still not happy, shit-stirring, stoking fire and steering the people in the wrong direction.He is venomous and dangerous.This man needs help.

Nice try Mr Lim.You are exothermic and dangerous.Your burning desire to bring UMNO and the BN down is not going to happen.
In your eyes full of hatred anything the BN do can't be right and that the extent of you madness.Damned if you and damned if you don't.

For you to suggest that Tungku Aziz Ibrahim (my ex-form teacher) of DAP be made head of the Commission is absolutely ridiculous.Members of the Commission should come from a mixture of prominent people, ordinary citizens and if necessary some from any of the commonwealth countries.All should not have any political affiliation to any political parties in Malaysia.

Eddy, a regular commentator to this blog has suggested a few names which I think is good.They are:

Royal Professor Ungku Aziz
Emeritus Professor Khoo Kay Kim
Former Judge NH Chan
Former Attorney General Abu Talib

Those are just few names.The government can cast the net wider to find the right people who are neutral and impartial.

What happened at the MACC is what the opposition have always wanted, that the anti-corruption agency be made more independent and given wider powers.This is the result of former Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi giving in to demands of the opposition, a new anti-corruption agency with wider powers to arrest, detain, interrogate and bash you up if needs be.Unfortunately, they do it under their own whim and fancy.This is what can happen when power falls into the wrong hand.Badawi must have unknowingly created a monster.

The government should pass a law making it compulsory for the MACC and Police to conduct all interrogations under camera.All interrogations must be video taped and formed as part of the evidence if called for.A law should also be passed to set the maximum length of time a person can be put under interrogation.This is to protect the innocent.The criminal minds and the hardcore will not crumple under extreme torture, it is always the innocent that succumb to such method.

Najib's next job, to reform these two agencies and make them more professionals and respected by society.


Anonymous said...

Stupid Sea ghost!
UMNO only allow commission to investigate the MACC procedures!
Not the cause of the tragedy and the guilty party!
UMNO will defend those in MACC because these monsters serve UMNO and will organise demos(started in Ampang),spin lies in the medias and use their numbers in parliament to hide the truth!

Hantu Laut said...

I shall not lower myself to your level of stupidity.

You are reading what the opposition wrote and you don't have your own mind, you are just a robot with a broken CPU, garbage in, garbage out.

Victim of the hair-splitter and shit-stirring Lim Kit Siang.

Melaka said...


if you do not understand how things work, don't comment. You'll only sound like a fool...

Anonymous said...


Go join your sodomiser and madman of Asia in hell . This is the only language that you understand .

From DAP ( Dead And Parted )

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha!
Stirred a lot of worms from the sea of shit apparently.
Usual Moronic Nitwits Obviously!

Anonymous said...

A RCI and an Inquest simultaneously ? Why the redundancy for the same case ?

Why ? what's the motive or reasoning for the duplication ? or rather the separation of functions between the team for RCI into the method of interrogations by macc and the team for Inquest into the death of TBH ? Why dun you enlighten me on this since you said that what the anonymous at 9:03am said are garbage. I did not read it from Lim Kit Siang. I read from statement by the PM.

A young man life's got snuffed out, and the authorities are already washing their hands within the day by classifying the case as sudden death ? They didn't know he is supposedly to be married that very weekend, and his wife to be is pregnant with his child. This two facts already cancel the motive of suicide ! and that left with accidental death, if to fit in the sudden death theory ! Why should they precludes other cause of death ?

Like I always says, one has to blog with his conscience; one may have an affinity, or certain opinion on any issues, but trying to conceal certain facts to strengthen one's argument is tantamount to deceive your reader.

Hantu Laut said...

Anonymous 1.27,

First, there are just too many of you anonymous, it's annoying.

The RCI first step is to establish whether there was any wrong doing on the part of MACC.If there is, the next step is to establish whether they have been responsible for his death.

An inquest is necessary if a person died under mysterious or suspicious circumstances.An inquest is an official process to discover the cause of someone's death.The government is doing the right thing to have the inquest first.

You don't simply call for royal commission on everything that the opposition drum up to politicise to their advantage which is precisely what they are doing now.

They were caught off-guard, they didn't expect Najib to agree to the RCI. So, now they created another ruckus.You and many like you are inveigle by the opposition's lies.

donplaypuks® said...

There are 41 guys sitting as various advisors to MACC who can convene a major public inquiry into the interrogation methods of MACC and to establish safe procedures and oversight committees.

We don't need a RCI for this!

So Najib's RCI is to side-step the main issue.

I am a member of the public too and if you go round the blogs you will see many are outraged by this Govt sandiwara and not just LKS. This is not shit stirring but making sure Najib and the Govt walk the talk on 1 M'sia and Macc's and PDRM's accountability to the Rakyat.

The priority is to have a transparent investigation into who or what caused TBH's death and if officers of the MACC are responsible for it in any way.

It is an indictment of the MACC, PDRM and the UMNO/BN Govt that few have confidence that the truth will emerge or that justice will be done if left only to their devices.

The no follow through on the two previous RCI's and no charge in the Kugan case are just a few of the relevant examples of cover ups.

THis RCI by Najib is a smokescreen, nothing else!!

eddy said...

Bro, Kudos to DS Najib as I think both decisions are based on the Laws of this country and has taken away whatever wind is left out of the despicable politically motivated campaign of the Pakatan Leaders and their supporters to demonise the MACC, police and by extension the Barisan Government.

The decision to conduct the inquest is a good one as referred to a Bar Council Press Statement dated 14 April 2001 on Police Investigations (extract):

"In cases where a police officer has received information that either a person has committed suicide or has been killed by another or by an animal or by machinery or by an accident or that a person has died under circumstances raising a reasonable suspicion that some other person has committed an offence or that the body of a dead person has been found and it is not known how he came by his death, or that a person has died a sudden death, such officer shall immediately proceed to the place where the body of such deceased body is and carry out investigations as to the apparent cause of death. In cases where no arrest has been effected, or where a suspect has not been charged for an offence of unlawfully causing the death of another, that case should be referred to a Magistrate who may exercise his powers under Section 333 of the Criminal Procedure Code on whether to hold an inquiry into the death of the deceased.

The Bar Council wishes to reiterate its stand that the police powers to investigate into any alleged offence should remain unfettered and the investigations must be carried out according to law. The police ought not to allow their duty to act fairly and reasonably to be affected in any way or be coloured by any extraneous and non-legal considerations. read further:

One must understand that this country cannot have an RCI for everything under the sun as the Laws of this country is adequate to deal with the kind of sudden death situation in respect to Mr Teoh's untimely demise. The RCI should only be used in matters of major concerns to the general public, and the RCI to look at MACC method of interrogation and determine whether Mr Teoh's human rights were infringed during interrogation is a very sensible decision. For note Since Merdeka we have only seen about 9 Royal Commissions, the first one in 1965 on public sector salaries and conditions of services and recently the Lingam Tape inquiry in 2007.

Bro, Pakatan Leaders like Anwar Ibrahim would not be satisfied with anything that the Government do, they set out on this political campaign to use Mr Teoh's death to demonise the MACC, Police and the BN.They are baying for blood. I think they have got more then they bargained for as the SPRM would now be relentless to uncover the truth about the alleged misuse of public fund by the 6 DAP Aduns and connection to the underworld gangs.

As far as Lim Kit Siang and Anwar's allegation on selective prosecution by the SPRM on Pakatan lawmakers, I hope the SPRM would give out a press statement soon to show statistics on the number of BN politicians being investigated and prosecuted as compared to Pakatan's. Statistics do not lie, people do. Of course this is catch 22, if there are more BN politicians, then Pakatan shit stirrers will say that BN is full of corrupt people. But if more Pakatan politicians are being investigated then they cry political persecution. Yeah bro, damn if BN do, damned if BN don't. I have full confidence in Najib to do the right thing though.

Hantu Laut said...

It is shit-stirring per se.

You are quoting something not under his premiership, certainly nothing to do with him,that was under Pak Lah's tenure.

The oppositions is bankrupt of ideas and are losing its charm especially among the Malays, that the reason for the intense dramatisation of the death of the poor chap, may he rest in peace..

The opposition have no respect for the dead and the deceased families.While the families are in grief people like Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim played up the issue to serve their own political agenda.

Najib has shown sincerity to get to the bottom of this tragedy and if you guys are humans you should give him time to unravel the mystery.

Najib is not stupid, it is in his favour to find out the truth.He has no reason to protect any guilty party at the expense of his own future.

Donplaypuks, I am sure you are smarter than what you display here.

donplaypuks® said...

"One must understand that this country cannot have an RCI for everything under the sun as the Laws of this country is adequate to deal with the kind of sudden death situation in respect to Mr Teoh's untimely demise."

Eddy, no one is asking for a RCI for everything under the sun.

But ask yourself what's happened with the last 2 RCI's on Police Commission and the Judiciary by the UMNO/BN Govt. NATO - No Actio, Talk Only!

The UMNO/BN Govt, by its total negligence, has shown it has no respect for the King. Even where witnesses have given sworn testimony at the RCI, a former CJ and Lingam have yet to be charged with corruption.

So, if the truth cannot emerge through conventional Police investigations, then the RCI is our last hope. Look at the Kugan case - covered up even when there is no dispute he died in police cudtody.

We do not expect much from the Police because their brethren in the MACC are involved. They will not leave every stone unturned. Why did they not seal MACC's office on the day TBH was killed? Why wait for 3 days?

In TBH's case, the MACC is disputing he died in their custody even when Hamdan's claim of TBH being released at 3.45 a.m. has been shown to be false (he was spotted in the MACC pantry at 6 a.m. and on the couch at 6.30 a.m.).

The police have classified it as 'sudden death' and left it at that for UMNO/BN bloggers, MSM and politicians to go to town with their nonsensical 'suicide' or Triad invovement hypothesis.

Healthy young men with good jobs and prospects waiting to get married the next day and expecting a child, DON'T commit suicide or 'die suddenly' without an external agent being involved. Nothing the MACC has said is logical or sensible.

So, Najib's RCI is a a window dressing exercise. We are not interested in MACC's procedures. We want to know who killed TBH!

DAP Triads said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


you sum it up just in one sentence, the people in the street is just about up to their nostril on all the cruelty the present government is imposing on them !

The side shows and the police unwillingness to even consider if TBH is murdered by just simply classifying the case as sudden death the very moment his body was found is all too clear to the people in general as an intention to cover up the issue.

What is the point when justice cant be served or even be seen to be served when a young man died in such mysterious circumstances, yet the agencies responsible in uncovering the truth and punish the perpetrator(s) if there is any are only playing with words !

What the people want is a straight forward RCI with a team of qualified personnel looking into TBH's death and at the same time revamp macc base on the findings, which is the second step. You do not need another magistrate who is basically unqualified in criminology, or murder investigations to make half bake judgement later on ! Or, is it too easy to make a magistrate to make doctored judgement when required ?

Some how, HL, eddy and the likes seems to think this is just a trivial issue as days go by..the comments you all make all boils down to the sides of your political affinity. How about putting aside this affinities ? Just look for the truth ? What if one day in the future, the person who are buried may be you yourself or even worse, one of your close family members , and unfortunately, under the same circumstances ?

The rot in the two vital institutions is all too clear to everyone on the street, all because of many years of abuse by the executives in power. The stench is pervasive, so do not even for one moment indulge in the thought that you are spared, just be patient, it may be your turn soon if we do not seek a correction with great urgency!

By the way, as far as i am concerned, HL, eddy, donplaypuk, etc are as anonymous as Anonymous, it is the opinions that count, your nicks means nothing to me !

Anonymous said...


when you allowed threatening comments made by DAP Triad againsts donplaypuks , it only goes to show your own weaknesses and shallowness !


eddy said...

Mr donplaypuks you are being presumptious, what evidence do you know or have that points to the deceased being murdered.

I think you generalise the Police too much, except for a few black sheeps in the force the majority of our Police Officers are honest, dedicated and dilligent people just as the ordinary majority who calls ourselves Malaysians.

Like you and everybody else we want to know how and why Mr Teoh died. What is wrong with an inquest? A blogger Lawyer Kampung put it succintly as follows:

"Why would not an inquest alone be sufficient to investigate the cause of death? Professional witnesses, medical, forensic evidences etc. will presented in that judicial investigation. Evidence will be lead in an open court. Every shred of evidence tendered will be recorded and shall be made available for the public scrutiny upon its completion. Everyone is entitled to see whatever transpires in such proceeding, it is a public inquiry. Parties will be accountable for evidence lead in such an inquest, you lie in the proceeding, you will stay pay the price. The power of the court is wide enough, even to an extent that it may allow hearsay evidence to be admitted in such proceeding, if it thinks fit. And ultimately, if there is evidence of murder and/or culpable act or omission on anyone's part leading to the death, the verdict of the court will lead to criminal prosecution. Isn't that why the brouhaha is all about? Furthermore verdicts of the inquest are revisable by the higher courts if parties are not satisfied with its findings. So, what's the fuss here?" read more:

Yeah right, so what is the fuss unless Pakatan people just want to milk Mr Teoh's death to its very last drop.

Hantu Laut said...

I don't sit all day watching the screen of my computer, I have other things to do.I just notice that nasty comment and I have deleted it and I have deleted such kind of comment before.

Anyway, thanks for reminding me.

Hantu Laut said...

Dear all Pakatan supporters,

You guys have to be fair to Najib and the government.No point in making all kinds of assumption, allegations and conspiracy .Give the investigation a chance to complete its finding before you all jump to conclusion.

Think of the bereaved family.How painful it is for them to go through the nonsense every day to hear the politicising of the death of their loved one.

Hantu Laut said...

No point arguing with donplaypuks.His mind is set.

eddy said...

Touche, bro HL.

donplaypuks® said...


I am not Ong Gua Tak Kut. I am not afraid of all these online 'triad' cowards. Sticks and bones....

And my mind is not set. I am open to logical comments and views.

An inquest is fine. But first the police investigation must be world class. When all the evidence points to suspicious circumstances surrounding TBH's death and the police classify it on day 1 as 'sudden death' and they did not seal MACC's premises until day 3, we have serious cause for concern.

The police have also given credence to the 'suicide' and
'sudden triad' hypotheses when not a single underworld character has been identified by the police or the general public as having been observed at the scene of th ecrime in Plaza Masalam.

Wee Choo Keong's allegations are what they are - unsubstantiated allegations against unnamned Councillors. But UMNO/BN supporters are going to town as though there has been a conviction in court.

I repeat. Right now we are not interested in MACC's workings. We first want to know who killed TBH and bring that person to court. We want to know which officer(s) caused Kugan's death and hundreds of others who died in the custody of various authorities over the last 5-10 years.

We want to know why successive IGP's have been let off scot free for not holding mandatory inquests!

donplaypuks® said...

Also, some things may not have occurred under Najib's premiership, but he's been in the cabinet and UMNO's top leadership long enough.

He has to take some flack for collective responsibility.

porlampah said...


go elsewhere and play , jangan main sini , ini bukan you punya playfield , stubborn idiot . go and play puk*s , lebih baik , you sudeh ade banyak enemies everywhere . Balek you puks blog and tulis ape you mau tulis ..ok paham ? si bodek , pordah !

donplaypuks® said...


My apologies. I did not know this was your blog.

And when you cannot debate, articulate or refute anything logically, the response from your kind will be typical of what you have written. Podah Myiru, to you too!

We are all of one Race, the Human Race.
That is all that's really important!

Anonymous said...

masalahnya bukan-Melayu menghadapi sindrom tak percayakan kesemua kementerian, jabatan, agensi dan suruhanjaya yg ditadbir urus oleh majoriti Melayu, terutama SPRM & PDRM...

Pada perceptions mereka kita nih Melayu (inilah hasil kerja jahat dan kotor pembangkang di Malaysia) adalah perasuah, sedangkan mereka lupa untuk melihat diri mereka sendiri bahawa pemberi rasuah majoritinya adalah bukan-Melayu..

itu sbb mereka sentiasa akan discredit apa2 yg Melayu buat, pidah kamu bukan-Melayu, aku dah hilang hormat dengan kamu semua...