Saturday, August 8, 2009

Do You Really Want Pakatan As Your Next Federal Government ?

Hantu Laut

They might just be a flash in the pan or one term wonder as bespeaks Lim Kit Siang who, nevertheless, is no less responsible for some of the flare-ups.

Suspicions and air of distrust among the coalition partners are getting worse with each passing day. The left hand and right hand not in synchronicity. The devoutly Muslims members in PAS have found great discomfort sleeping in the same bed with their pork-eating and beer-drinking ally. If beer can become a major issue what next? Will PAS want total ban of alcohol and maybe sale of pork if they won the next general elections and became the leading partner in the coalition?

PAS appears to have little control over its second tier leaders particularly those at state level.The PAS top leadership would ignominiously try to patch up the rift as and when DAP applied pressure on them to intervene. The two groups exist in a state of mutual distrust.

In Selangor selling of beer in Malay majority areas has become a contentious issue between PAS's Hassan Ali and DAP's Ronnie Liu. DAP is now accusing Hassan of acting in the interest of UMNO and Barison National.

As usual, void of any other plausible explanation for their petty squabbles, DAP would always use UMNO and the BN as their punching bag.A boo-boo to hoodwink the people and make them hate the BN more. One would think it was more a case of Hassan devoutly believing in his religion rather than acting on behalf of UMNO.

Well, it sounds very foolish of Lim or any Pakatan leaders to think that it is only their privilege to try topple the BN.Likewise, it is also UMNO and the BN job to topple them and make sure they will not become the next government.That's what democracy is all about.The best will win.

"State government leaders who openly defy party and coalition discipline and work in the interest of Umno and Barisan National must be harshly reprimanded, with stern action taken to not only ensure the continued viability of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition but also to restore public confidence in Pakatan Rakyat,” said DAP publicity secretary Tony Pua today referring to Hassan's call for Ronnie Liu to be stripped of his local government portfolio for demanding the officers of MBSA(Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam) to return the beer seized illegally.

In Penang the Islamic Forum for Muslims demanded that Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng either asks Jeff Ooi to apologise to Muslims in the country or if he refused to sack him from his position as his chief of staff for ridiculing Muslims by calling Jamaah Islah Malaysia an extremist organisation which some Muslims took offence to.

PAS Hasan Ali may be barking up the wrong tree to single out alcohol as the ultimate sin for Muslims and demanded the removal of beers being sold in Muslim majority areas.Most Muslims have self-restrained themselves and those who don't comprises just a small number and there are Sharia laws to deal with such problem. It is not a vice that have discoloured the Islamic faith to become such a hot political issue. Muslims don't need Hasan as discipline master and his presumption that it is Muslims that buy beer after midnight is annoying and has no basis.

There are bigger vice facing the Muslim community especially our youths.The biggest and more menacing problems are drugs and sadly no Muslim or PAS politicians has come out and spoke strongly against this evil or do something to try reduce the incident of youths taking this heinous and wicked substance that have destroyed the lives of thousand of kids, mostly Malays. The other even more menacing immoral behaviour is the Mat Rempit menace which also involved Malay or Muslim boys.

Greed,envy,dishonesty and lust are considered vices that society should frown upon and these are areas that leaders should be more concerned with for the greater good of society.In a multi-racial society it would be grossly unfair to impose our will on other culture.If patience is a virtue than intolerance is an unpalatable human weakness that should have no place in society.

If this can happened at state level, what chance have they got at federal level?

What's going on in Pakatan right now are reflections of their incompetence and infinite disability to govern.Do you really want this kind of government? They haven't from day one shown Malaysians the government they promised.


Rojak Man said...

bro, u should translate this article la to malay language. so the tak profesional kiPAS leader will learn something.

me oso cant write well in english, but im big fan of ur blog. ur article is simple and easy to understand xcpt for the fckng moron that wuz so jumud with party!

vinnan said...

Yes, Better than UMNO bastards who consider a second generation Indon Toyol as Malaysian while non-Malays who have been here for more than a 100 years are called 'pendatangs'


donplaypuks® said...

If you can put up with 30 years of corruption, racism, inefficiency and cronyism under UMNO/BN, I can put up with the same from Pakatan for 5 or 10 years!!

SM said...


Hahahhaha! Excellent comment!
You made my week!

eddy said...

No matter how hard they try, PAS and DAP will never find a middle political road, DAP is an extremly secular party which does not recognise the predominance of Islam and by extension the Malays who are 99% Muslims and by extension the Raja-Raja Melayu who are the guardians of Islam in Malaysia. On the other hand PAS is a Islam centric party with its own objective of ruling Malaysia according to Islamic principals and tenets and accepts the Raja-Raja Melayu as Islam's guardian in Malaysia.

I think PAS is just wasting its precious time and voting power in the loose Pakatan Coalition. PAS is only dominant in Kelantan and Kedah but makes no headway whatsoever in Penang and Selangor where the DAP is highly influential and very dominant. PAS is thoroughly taken for a ride in Selangor, where it could not make its voice heard over the Elizabeth Wong pics scandal and now the Ronnie Liu affair. I predicted earlier that DAP who sees themselves as the dominant partner in Selangor despite the MB being from PKR, would not move an inch to have Ronnie removed and shuffled to another Exco post, by noting at the way how DAP brushed PAS aside when they even mentioned the word Hudud and unity Government. Events show that my prediction is correct, in this instance PKR as usual supported DAP and left Hassan Ali and PAS Selangor high and dry. The Muslim voters in Shah Alam in particular and Selangor in General will be anxious to see PAS in Selangor have their voice heard as well in this very sensitive subject of alcohol sale in Muslim dominated areas.

However, PAS in Selangor and PAS nationally would be better of and be more influential politically on their own without having to join either BN or Pakatan. Example; With 8 ADUN seats in Selangor, PAS can easily threathen DAP and PKR that if their demands are not met they could opt out of the Pakatan loose coalition and then, not join, but support BN, and BN with PAS support will have 28 seats making a hung DUN. Therefore a pressured MB Khalid will be forced to dissolve the DUN and call for fresh statewide election where this time BN supported by PAS would have a fair chance to retake Selangor as the Khalid/DAP led Government is leading Selangor to nowhere with their highlights limited to how they badly they handled temple demolitions in Ampang, Elizabeth Wongs pics and the sudden mushrooming of illegal massage parlours and cybercafe acting as illegal gambling dens.

Strange why PAS do not use its ace and why PAS would suffer humiliation after humiliation at the hands of their own so called friends, the DAP and PKR? Even if Pakatan unlikely wins the next GE, PAS who suffer humiliation gladly will never be seriously regarded by DAP and PKR seeing how easy PAS can be bullied and controlled there is no way that a junior partner such as PAS can impose even some of their political objectives on Pakatan. I do not believe the Pakatan propoganda on win-win situation as in politics like in business there is no win -win situation only the winner takes all.

DAP showed their dominance in Selangor Pakatan when right after the week knee MB Khalid did not make any concrete decision on sale of alcohol but instead passing the buck to the vendors(seller) to decide, DAP Pua arrogantly called for Dr Hassan Ali to be disciplined.Sengaja perah limau diluka Dr Hassan Ali dan PAS Selangor.

It seems that PAS political and religious credibility are severely eroded everyday they are in the loose Pakatan coalition. They are probably heading for a split..retak menanti belah.

It will be interesting what Hassan Ali will say when he calls for a press conference tomorrow Monday 10th August. Would it be another PAS kow tow to DAP and PKR, I wonder...

Anyway, so much for PAS, I cannot put up with Pakatan bull shit and crap especially from Anwar and Kit Siang's even for 1 day, I just have to try harder with fellow like minded to assist in ensuring BN is numero uno for the forseeable future. TQ.

Anonymous said...


A more appropriate question would be " Do you really want BN as your next Federal Government ?".

PR may not be perfect, but compare with all the misdeeds done by BN people, I do not even need to ponder over it for a second !

By the way, while you are bashing MAS, ever occur to you the rots in MAs are all reflections of the ills in BN ? And, for your information, MAS do not really need to run an airline to make money, they just need to dabble in the Fuel Derivative mkt !!

eddy said...

1. Do you really want BN as the next Federal Government? After what the measly and below par performance of the states under Pakatan they cannot even solve the Kg Buah Pala problem after breast beating during last election that they will defend those poor folks to the death, God help Malaysia if Pakatan are in power in the Federal Government. Of course BN is needed to provide steady and calm hands to lead this nation.

2. Pakatan is not only imperfect they are full of contradictions and false promises, nothing and I mean nothing can weld together three different political with very different objectives into a single political force, look at the farce of the Pakatan shadow committee you will know what I mean. Can Zaid as coordinator weld Pakatan together? Fat chance, Zaid only think about himself first and formost, he was never a team player.

3. If the rot in MAS is a reflection of the BN Government, can the Pakatan Government(hypothethical questionlah) do any better to save MAS? Oh maybe they can, probably DAP ustaz Ronnie Liu can insist to have have personal spa and massage and gambling in the internet in MAS 747,777 and A330 and A320s that should make a lot of long haul customers happy and keep using MAS. he,he.

donplaymy puk* said...


hahaha coming from an idiot like you , not surprising !! lah
Better start packing and be ready to move to Indonesia . Mat Toyol has a house for you there ...Muahaha