Monday, August 17, 2009

Pakatan's Circus Back In Town

Hantu laut

The circus is back in town.Malaysians will be really awestruck with the amazing feats of the Chinese, Indian and Malay minstrel show, a truly multi-racial and multi-faceted talents of Chinese Kung-Fu, Indian pantomime and the ultimate Malay
wayang kulit.

The Pakatan circus is here to entertain you, so tighten your belt, the first show has just started here.There will be many more.

See the guy on the ground he is part of the act.

Padang Serai parliamentarian N Gobalakrishnan is handcuffed and sitting on the ground after scuffling with police during nomination for the Permatang Pasir by-election this morning. – Picture by Jack Ooi.

He defied police order to go behind the barricade and repeatedly ignored the police's calls to move. He retaliated with physical force when the police tried to force him behind the barricade.

Padang Serai MP N. Gobalakrishnan was arrested following a scuffle with police officers in Bukit Mertajam.

All these
wayang kulit have been prepared for this occasion to make the police look bad, to make the government look bad and ultimately to make Najib look bad, and the target audience? Malaysians who are easily fooled by this bunch of desperate and shameless politicians with their equally shameless antics.They are no different from the guitar smashing maniacal pop stars.

These political desperadoes are suffering from serious bouts of ADS (Attention Deficit Syndrome) every time there is a by-election. They do all kind of things to attract attention including self-inflicted injury to prove to the people that the police is brutal and acted under the instruction of the Prime Minister. Most stupid Malaysians would believe them.

Listen to this idiot who blasted the police and said the aggression shown by the police was unwarranted.

PKR youth chief Syamsul Iskandar said “What did he (Gobalakrishnan) do? I asked the police what he is being arrested for and none answered. Shameful,” he said.

PKR information chief Latheefa Koya said the party will prepare a team of lawyers to try and resolve the matter.

What did he do? Are you idiotic? You were reportedly present at the scene. Who are you trying to fool? Didn't he ignore and disobey police order. Even worse he tried to assault the police officer and you expect the police to keep still and just let him off the hook.

By now I hope Malaysians can see through their dirty tactics and show them we are fed up with their 'sandiwara' by denying Permatang Pasir to them.

The police should arrest him, charge him for defying police order, for assaulting police officers and resisting arrest.Throw him in the slammer. This so-called kuching kurap leader is showing bad example to our younger generation by openly showing disrespect for law and order.

The government should stop being amiable to them.Just enforce the law and be done with it.Forget about what foreigners think, to hell with them.This is no more time to be on the defensive, to be the good guy and let them do as they wish.

'Tayangan Hebat' Tamil di Permatang Pasir. Starring: N.Gobalakrishnan, PKR MP for Padang Serai.

They have attacked enough.Now it's time to attack them back.

Laughter is the best medicine, if you are stressful, so they say.With this one you can laugh your heart out because Pakatan's leaders' head had become so swollen with power they can actually pass their own law.

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Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim is the law unto himself. He can pass the law without going to the state assembly or federal parliament.We all know only dictators can pass their own laws.Well, maybe, he is not a dictator, just a political upstart.

Read what YB Ronnie Liu's political aide Wong Chuan How says below.

“I was not hiding or running away. After the Teoh Boon Hock incident, the Menteri Besar’s office issued a circular stating that no Selangor State government employees should talk to MACC officers after office hours or when away from their office. We are also required to have a lawyer present during the meeting with MACC officers,” (Wong) added.(Courtesy Rocky's Bru's blog)

That sums up what Pakatan government would be like if you vote them in in the next general elections.


SM said...


They have attacked enough.Now it's time to attack them back.

Hmmm...don't worry...the Najib led UMNO Government is very good at attacking! With Chemical-laced Water Cannons, Batons, etc, etc...they even throw you out of windows (& call it suicide) & beat the "crap" out of you in jail (& say your lungs are full of water - by miracle?).

Hantu Laut said...


I think you know that not what I meant.When I said attack, I mean stratagem, not physical force.

Chill out,Bro.BN is not as bad as you imagined them to be.Don't get upset over some idiot calling non-Malays as pendatang, that's his opinion, not government policy.You must be able to 'separate the wheat from the chaff'

eddy said...

Ya bro, just a pathetic display to "meraih simpati pengundi" as if they are being oppressed by the BN using Malaysia's national institutions such as the Police or the MACC. Pakatan Leaders are so very predictable.

The photo shoot showing a well dressed Ronnie Liu standing and towering over a sorry looking PKR actor named N. Gobalakrishnan sitting handcuffed on the road tells its all, the DAP mastermind who gets the PKR and PAS members and supporters to do their dirty work to demonise the Barisan Nasional Government for them.

Ok bro, lets sit down and brew some hot coffee as we await more shows from the DAP (Dramatic Acting Proponent) inspired script live.

dap punks said...


Sae Mor in hokkien literally meaning trying to be mischievous , trying a aggravate a situation by trying to be a batu api . In English means grow pubic hair .

Why give attention to these Pakatan SM's trying to raise your blood pressure ? eh Hantu Laut ?

Just deleted his god damned comments ! At least people like us don't get infuriated .

Practise what Malaysian Insider and AnwarKini has been doing all along , barring and deleting our comments . Who cares if its one sided .

I feel very strongly you should just do it until they moderate themselves , not you moderating them .

eddy said...

Bro, just saw the video on RTM and TV3, that Gobalakrishnan actually struck a uniformed policeman with his hand. I hope the police throw the book on him and he gets maximum sentence for obstructing a police officer to perform his duty and also for assault.

Gobalaktishnan is a YB but his actions is worse than a gangster and Pakatan leaders tells people that the Police are agressive. This is one YB who deserved to be sent to jail.

ableedingmalaysian said...


You seem to have a problem with Pakatan. I wonder why. But only recently, not before.

You must be one of them who were put on the payroll of JPM to counter Pakatan, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

Well, I agree with you, the circus is on, antics will be fun, winners none, loosers shun, those who wanna a free bun bring along some nuns to this charity bazaar and have more fun, but be careful there are many out there watching with guns....wakaka.....gopala...gopala, koli kuncu gopala.....u know that song....ask some one....

donplaypoohs said...

Eddy said

I hope the police throw the book on him and he gets maximum sentence for obstructing a police officer to perform his duty and also for assault.

Just fine him 2001 ringgit and he will be disqualified as an MP . He will have to resign .

SM said...

dap punks,

I guess you must be have pubic hair in your head then?

God Damned Comments? Geeeze! People like us don't get infuriated? don't tell me that you are equating yourself with the likes of HL & Eddy (who despite their politica leanings, do have "grey matter")? Please feel free to use the dictionary as you probably can't understand what I'm saying!

The reason for this blog (unless I'm mistaken which is unlikely, due to the fact that I'm not a spastic like you!) is for an open debate on Malaysian politics & other interesting topics.
If you can't debate without "cursing", don't try then!
Who cares if it's one sided? Hahahaha! Poor retard...can't argue so he/it wants to delete...Hahahaha!

SM said...


Yes, you know that I know what you mean.
You also know me well enough by now to "decipher" my comments!
Sorry but I guess you may want to delete my comments as I seem to generate a lot of "pain" for some of your cerebrally challenged readers!

Anonymous said...

hahaha..funny we shouldnt obstruct a police from robbing our rights....i love the author of this blog..hes got such awesome time i just need a police badge to hit the crap out of you...well..since you cant defend yourself..or it would be obstructing police duty..and maybe i will break your hand in the process...and then your friend eddy will be standing and "towering" over a sorry looking hantu..hahaha.... i really didnt know it was so hard to differentiate between right and wrong