Thursday, September 10, 2009

Big Surprise At Teoh's Inquest

Hantu Laut

Big surprise at Teoh Beng Hock's inquest.Whether it is relevant and can help in finding the cause of his death is not apparent yet.

A witness, one T.Sivanesan claimed he, while under interrogation, was manhandled and tortured by MACC officers.A torn underwear was exhibited as evidence.

The coroner must have good reasons to allow such witness to be brought in to share his experience at the hands of MACC officers.

The question? Is this an inquest or a trail?


eddy said...

Bro, in this inquest Gobind Singh is throwing everything at the MACC except the kitchen sink, first its the unsubstantiated ridiculous poison pen letter from unknown source, now the torn underwear witness who claimed he was abused by MACC officers. I wonder what else he will be dredging from his book of judicial dirty tricks.

I think if the Coroner continues to allow Gobind to do anything that he pleases then this inquest will turn into a DAP farce. Somebody should stop this nonsense and not allow Gobind to thoroughly hijack this inquest and delay its end.

Two very experienced forensic specialist who performed the autopsy on Teoh are of the opinion that he committed suicide, throwing out all the DAP and Pakatan conspiracy-murder allegations.

Unfortunately, Gobind who is suppose to represent the family of the deceased has changed his mandate to become DAP Chief Inquisitor determined to prove the impossible, that MACC officer murdered its own witness.

Pathetic, really pathetic show of gamesmanship by Gobind Singh and his DAP cohorts.

SM said...


Yes, maybe somebody should throw Gobind Singh out the window! The MACC have been proven to be not only Professional but most Impartial & Effective in their work.
How can they bring in witnesses that say such things about the MACC? We know they question witnesses after 5pm because they are very busy during the day & they work extra after hours for love of Bangsa & Negara.
We all know that this is a PR plot to discredit the MACC.
Right from the beginning (no need for inquests) we "knew" that Teoh committed suicide as he had nothing more to live for (I mean his girlfrend was pregnant & he was going to have to get registered to marry the next day)!
Our dear PM has promised Teoh's family he would get to the bottom of this & now that it is almost offical that Teoh committed suicide (at the bottom of the building), why continue to waste the Tax Payers money. Can't Teoh's family (& that Gobind Singh) just accept that he was Mentally disturbed & jumped out the window?!

fazilogic said...

Hantu Laut qt: "The question? Is this an inquest or a trail?"

Is it an inquest? Is it a trail? No, it's a circus...

donplaypuks® said...

It's an inquest to try and
determine the cause of TBH's death.

Some believe the MACC is not telling the whole truth. One SENIOR MACC investigating officer has testified that after the body was found, he fled the scene to Putrajaya for 4 hours to consult his bosses instead of taking charge of the situation or informing the family.

So, if it can be proven that MACC officers are habitually prone to lie, bend and brak the law, then some other cause of TBH's death, and not suicide, may be inferred or even proven.

And the High Court agrees with the coroner' decision to allow Gobind & Malik Sarwar's witness to testiy as to past abuse by MACC officers.

Anything wrong with that?

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

People actual demanded a Royal Inquiry & not an Inquest. This is not within the scope & that is out of bound so that's why an Inquest was the order of the day so that the outcome can be "ascertained"?