Friday, September 25, 2009

Is This True of Zorro-Unmasked aka Bernard Khoo?

Hantu Laut

I am not sure whether to give credence to the article below.I have met Bernard Khoo once and had few beers with him and other bloggers when they came over here.He was friendly,unassuming and showed great determination in what he was doing.We got along well as fellow bloggers and blogrolled each other until one day when Raja Petra attacked one of my articles that I wrote against Pakatan Rakyat and in a flash my seemingly friendly blogger removed my name from his blogroll.Didn't bother me at all, it is his prerogative, but as a human being I must admit my disappointment.

I still have Zorro on my blogroll, didn't bother to remove it as I consider it too petty to do so. Friendship should not become casualty to our political affiliation.Friends taking different political paths are common all over the world but that doesn't mean they should cease to be friends.

We all have experienced school bully, there is nothing uncommon about it. I have class mates who used to bully me in school but become good friends in our adult lives.Discipline should not be mistaken as bullying.

I'll give Zorro benefit of the doubt.

Below is the unmasking of Zorro.



sunwayopal said...

Aiyoh pls lah, how to believe above??? School bully?

Easier to believe Najis and Altantuya I think.

Anonymous said...

For a senior citizen, Zorro is politically immature.

The article gave a good description of Zorro. A typical bully is one who disdain anyone who disagree with him or his idol Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

He thinks he is not racist but we can see through his closet. His appreciation of few Malays or Indians are mere token.

If you are reading, Zorro, hero worshiping RPK does not camouflage the fact that he is anti Malay.

RPK is not neither Malay nor royal. He is an outcast.

Hantu Laut said...

I am not sure the writer of the article and you got it right.Zorro may be many other things but he certainly not racist, anti-Malay or anti-Indian.From the short encounter I had with him he doesn't reflect the character in the article.I may be wrong but that's my view of the man.

SM said...


I do not know Bernard Khoo & so I can't comment on him. However, reading Raj Gopal's atricle left a bad taste in my mouth!
Let's say it's true that Bernard Khoo is a Racist & he did "terrorize" his Malay & Indian students. Then Raj Gopal should stick to "shooting" at Khoo. He however, made many "general" saying insulting the Malays were the norm of the day & that the Catholic Brothers were also generally Racists.
I studied in St. John's Institution (KL), which is a La Salle Brother's School (Najib also studied in St. John's). I never saw the brothers insult or degrade students from any Race, Religion or Financial Background. Recently Najib praised the La Salle Brothers for their contributions to Malaysia & he also praised his former teachers & the La Salle Brothers who thought him.
I think Raj Gopal had a "bad" experience with Khoo & therefore he has an axe to grind!
I too did not like one of the Brothers in school (because he had once disciplined me for making noise in class!) & it took me many years to face the fact that he just did his job!
You met Khoo, you can gauge for yourself if he is a Racist & Bigot.

SM said...


I have read a few of this Gopal's articles & I have seen his commens in elsewhere. Whenever "Church or Christinas" are mentioned, he is quick to bring up negative comments.
He accuse Khoo (& again I do not know KHoo so I can't comment on him) to be a Bigot BUT from what I see, this Gopal is pretty "Bigoted" himself. He seems to be anti-Christian from his articles & comments.

zorro said...

Gopak Raj Kumar has been baiting me for over a month. I have asked many to read for themselves. He has come in as anon with link to his blog. He can continue his crusade if his handlers bid him to. It serves no purpose exposing him although I was tempted to ask for a face to face meeting. But not yet. I have archived him and comments though.

Thank you for keeping faith with me.

Anonymous said...

I am somewhat perplexed at this business of a timid Khoo claiming to have been baited for over a month.

Yes I did post on his blogs. Yes Id did use pseudonyms and various pen names to avoid his censorship.

His unfortunate response had been to not publish my posts because .....well thats his right.

But if thats his right, then it does not extend to claiming others are corrupt without the right for them or anyone else to respond.

Corruption is undermining the integrity of a workable system. It is not about paying or receiving bribes. That includes attempting to silence those one disagrees with in a democracy.

Mr. Khoo's idea of democracy is to tie you up then bash you like he does with his blog. He ssays what he wants and allows his sychophants to do the rest. Just like he did with the young Indians and what his friend John Neo did with Malays all those years ago. One does not need to lead evidence to obtain proof from Khoo. All one needs is to allow him to expose his character as he does in his comments here.

As to the innuendo that I write at the behest of 'my controller' whatever that means is saying something of Khoo (and about who his controllers are or his lacck of independence).

Does it require a controller to be able to do what you do Khoo?? if thats the case I rest my case with you.

As to the complaints lodged against you and posted on my website, well which part of it is untrue. Or are you making those threats you have been accused of by your former students and students of your former school by suggestingg a face to face?

You have every right to respond in writing to each and every of the article about Zorro Unmasked. Gopal Raj Kumar's blog is not Zorro Unmasked or the other similar blogs that excise that which they do not agree with.

Excepting profanity and unsubstantiated claims you are free to post in defence of what you believe is unfair, untrue or unnecessary.

Your call Mr. Righteous. Playing the victim hero is the aign of an abject unmitigated looser.


Gopal Raj Kumar

ex La Sallean said...

I was one of Mr. Khoo's students, and this article is very accurate. He is not what he seems to be..

wong said...

leave that blackie aside....cancer of his tongue will keep him busy.

Anonymous said...

Dear SM

there was a maths teacher at St. Johns by the name of Chang Yet Su who used to spend half of his maths class in 1965 drumming in the virtues of Hitlers gas chambers telling the class it should be applied to Indians and Malays.

Brother Joseph McNally knew of it and a complaint was lodged. He did nothing. We lived in a different world then.

Up the Hill where young boys were being trained to be priests at BN then many were sexually abused.No one dared speak out.

It will not happen anymore. Today people retaliate. And so they should.They name and shame and sue.

Bernard Khoo and all of his kind who go around bashing individuals within and outside of government are actually Malay bashing.

Just like Lee Kuan Yew did all those years ago then claimed they were fighting to end corruption in government. To allow oneself to be intimidated is half the problem.

The betrayal from that time must never be forgotten. This is the other face of the Kuomintang.

Bernard and his like will be pursued I am sure. He is not the only one capable of archiving. We work from archives and direct interviews. I am merely a messenger and writer. The rest is not for me to pursuee. But there is worldwide movement that tracks down from within the Catholic Church those who abused and deprived many of their youth.

And through depriving people of their youth like he and his fellow Catholics did, they deprived the community of otherwise worthwile and productive citizens, familes of good fathers, husbands and brothers and wrought hell in the households these people came from.

The movements tracking and exposing Bernard Khoos of this world are mainly Catholic. I may not be one but I have no difficulty working with progressive elements within the Church.

He can threaten with his comments of I would like a "face to face" like he used to with young vulnerable men in those days, but he can't hide.

When he refused my initial posts to his website blog, I knew this was another Chinese chauvanist like Theresa Kok, Lim Kit Siang and Jeff Ooi ready to castigate everyone else as long as the other side did not fight back or the public did not question the truth of their claims. Thats what bullies are about.

His other blogger in arms Raja Petra Kamaruddin is in no secret place. His whereabouts are known. One would be suprised as to how simple it is to locate him. But thats not my job.

As long as he is free Bernard is free. Bernard is an axccomplice of this chap Petra Kamaruddin and I have no doubt the link will be made when RPK is brought to trial.They are not bloggers but vandals.

Any system can be changed with a good well articulated argument. These chaps villify peoples religions, their race and seek to deny them their rights.



Anonymous said...

A yellow man can never not give himself away. He supports someone accused of racism by reinforcing the the accusation with his 'birds of a feather' mentality by his words 'leave the blackie aside'.

This is exactly the mentality Bernards ex students have complained to us about.

In any event, it is nice of you to take the time to assist in the process of incriminating the man.


Anonymous said...

Yes reading your comments make me pretty sure you were my classmate. Yes the one who always complains that somebody stole your pencil , ruler etc and cry like a baby when told to behave. Yes you are the one but your name is definetly not Gopal.

What about the times you terroize the poor convent school girls next door by pulling their hair , lifting the skirts. Yes yes you like to cry wolf , I and some of your friends got in trouble because of you and were displined and you like a rat always hide when the teachers come to the rescue of the girls. Slimmy that is what you were. I have moved on and now have a sucessful career and heard last that you are a loud drunk arse in Pandamaran area.

sunwayopal said...

I think you have got the definition of racist all mixed up.

A racist is a person who can NEVER accept or will always REJECT a person on the basis of race alone, no matter how capable that person.

Bernard Khoo can accept a Malay PM , no issues so long as that person is honest, capable etc etc etc.

Ask yourself this, will you ever accept a chinese as PM of Malaysia?

Look at the mirror first before you mouth off whos a racist.

You dont even know the definition.