Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Behind the headlines

By Pein Lee

PADANG, Oct 20 — The occurrence of any prominent natural disaster often prompts the almost immediate rush to provide images of devastation, carnage, anguish, and grief.

These are the most obvious responses, and sought-after records of such events. The recent major earthquake in West Sumatra was no different.

The human condition, however, clearly extends beyond a morbid fascination with death and injury and destruction of livelihoods and homes. Hope for renewal, and an in-built optimism form crucial parts of the human coping mechanism, and as these intangibles manifest in a multitude of forms, so too do their catalysts and results.

In Padang Pariaman, a regency north of the epicentre of the September 30 earthquake, scores of kampungs (korong in the local language) were flattened either partially or completely.

While the attention of the world has been focused on Padang, the city closest to the epicentre, the people of the rice fields and coconut plantations at the foothills of twin volcanoes continue to conduct their lives, starting to rebuild and revitalise while their city cousins await the delivery of heavy machinery to clear their debris. Children continue to play, and parents carry on working. The family stays intact, except for when claimed by death.

These images were made possible through the involvement of Mercy Malaysia, who were responsible for the deployment of an emergency medical and relief team barely two days after the earthquakes.

From the Pariaman district hospital as their base and where Mercy Malaysia conducted emergency medical operations, mobile clinics were despatched to affected “kecematan” (sub-districts) and hygiene packs distributed. Read more...


SM said...


Every time there's a disaster in Indonesia, Malaysians reach out a helping hand (through Mercy Malaysia, donations, etc).
However, the Indonesians are never grateful. Just look at the recent "spat" (well it wss more like just the Indonesian Media & some of the public that do not have naything else to do!) where the "BENDERA" guys were all out to rid Indonesia of Malaysians & then they wanted to come over & invade Malaysia!
Don't forget they have burned the Jalur Gemilang on more than one occassion (to me that is intolerable & the Indonesian authorties should have apologised...I don't think they did)!
Yes, it is the humanitarian thing to lend a helping hand to those in need BUT maybe it's also "right" that they be grateful for what was given to help them!
Just watch, some small incident & they will take to the streets again crying "bloody murder to all Malaysians"!

Hantu Laut said...

You are right one should be grateful to those who gave a helping hand in time of trouble.

'Bendera' I think is just a handful of troublemakers.They probably are the equivalent of our 'Mat Rempits' Good for nothing scumbags.Should be ignored.

The writer, Pien Lee and Heng Aik Chang,an orthopedic surgeon are my good friends, they are always first at the scene when such disaster occurred. You can see more of his photos of the disaster at 'JediSavant' at Flickr.

eddy said...

Yes, does tell a lot about the goodness of Many Malaysians, help thy neighbors attitude.

Mercy Malaysia banyak mengharumkan nama negara kita. Kudos to all the Malaysian volunteers who have sacrificed much to help the unfortunate overseas.

Bendera? Ya bro, just human rubbish talk which should be thrown into the dust bin and ignored. These people are just unemployed vagrants who should be sent to boot camps and disciplined by the Indonesian Army.

SM said...


Yes, you are right. However, what riles me is that the Indonesian Government just keeps quiet!
And we all know that sometimes you can say a lot more by just keeping "mum"!
Where were the Indonesian Police or the Authorities when these scumbags were scouring the streets for Malaysians or burning the Jalur Gemilang?!

Hantu Laut said...


Indonesian brand of democracy.They have no ISA.Freedom of expression.The same, the American and European will tell you.Human rights and freedom.

Isn't that what you all wanted, the right to go on the streets.

SM said...


The right to go to the streets & protest & the right to go to the streets searching for people to beat up are two different things!
You know they are different!
You don't need the ISA for's just an excuse!
The BENDERA folks said they were searching for Malaysians to "kill" & beat up. They said they were going to go over to "invade" Malaysia...don't tell me that's the same as "peaceful" protests.
Come on you are smarter than that!