Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Plagiarist ?

Hantu Laut

Our man in Australia is not only a wannabe political scientist but he may also be a plagiarist.Read the story here and the comments here.

Most right-minded bloggers would name the source or author of the article they put on their blogs, if it is not their own.Most would link it to the original source.That is blogging etiquette.If you don't know this simple rule than you may one day get yourself into trouble.

If the man with the blurred mind didn't questioned the origin of the article it would have been solemnly his.

What say you Lim Kit Siang, he wrote about your son, he seems to know Lim Guan Eng pretty well.

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eddy said...

Bro, whatever it is I think its just another lame attempt to cover the failure of Lim Guan Eng as CM in Penang.

Let's get this straight, Guan Eng is Secretary General of DAP and CM of Penang not because of his political or administrative abilities or because he went to prison for sedition but because he is the SON of DAP life long leader Lim Kit Siang and that's nepotism for sure and some would say that it is another form of abuse of power.